Off-Leash Dog Parks on the North Shore (our faves!)

Off leash dog parks
Try some of these special spots to play with your pup!

We love off-leash dog parks, and the North Shore is full of fabulous places for your furry friend to explore, from the bushland to the beach! Here are three of our fave off-leash dog spots in Lindfield, Mosman and South Turramurra, plus plenty more to try. 

Best off-leash dog parks on the North Shore

1. Lindfield Soldiers Memorial Park

Newly opened Lindfield Soldiers Memorial Park has an offleash dog area (when there is no sport)

There’s a sturdy Combination Play Unit for when you have your kids with you and need a break!


The park hosts an electric barbecue and several picnic spots so bring a Bento Box or some snags!

The bushland surrounds provide some great areas to explore but pet owners love the free flowing water for pups and the dog off-leash area! Not only does this park boast new and inviting equipment and an off-leash dog area, in the space where the ovals sits (and available when there are no games booked), it also hosts an electric barbecue and several picnic spots so bring a Bento Box or some snags for the barbecue and make a morning of it.

There are toilets a little further down the track (behind the oval) which is hugely convenient for those urgent moments! If you  supervising solo, or have multiple kids with you, you may want to take everyone to the toilet at once as they’re not in view of the playground. Pet owners might want to consider how they manage using the faccilities!

Essential Details: Lindfield Soldiers Memorial Park

  • Address: Tryon Road, East Lindfield
  • Getting there: Parking on site is available (with spaces directly at park)
  • Facilities: Behind the Oval
  • Nearest coffee: 10 minutes walk away (2 minutes drive)
  • What to bring: Picnic or snags for the BBQ and a change of clothes if your little one likes water play!
  • Review: Lindfield Soldiers Memorial Park

2. Sirius Cove, Mosman 

From the moment you set foot in Sirius Cove, you’re surrounded by nature. Tall gum trees stretch toward the sky, lush grass surrounds you and for the complete bush experience, you can take the whole family (with fur baby) and set up a BBQ picnic. That’s because Sirius Cove in Mosman is the perfect place for you and your dog to be social while having the time of your lives, running digging and swimming (the dog, not you!).

Inside the park, which has a small car park and lots of surrounding street parking, the landscape slowly changes from bushland to a beachside paradise with golden sand, small waves washing gently to the shore and one of the most amazing views you will find in Sydney, where your fur baby will be met by many other dogs and together they can have their own adventure, jumping over the small waves splashing about, swimming, running along the sand, playing fetch and digging as many holes as their heart desires.

Dog parek sirius cove

Inside the park, the landscape changes from bushland to a beachside paradise with golden sand

Dogs at play

Your fur baby can have their own adventures by the beach!

Dog running on beach

A playful pup romping on the shoreline at Sirius Cove, Mosman

Essential Details: Sirius Cove, Mosman

3. South Turramurra Dog Oval

Off leash dog park

Dogs can cool down on hot days with the fresh water available at South Turramurra Dog Oval

Dog park Turramurra

If you have furry friends, you’re always looking for a dog-friendly destination with off-leash areas

South Turramurra Dog park

For your non-furry babies, there is a play area for children to entertain themselves on equipment

If you have furry friends, you’re always looking for a dog-friendly destination or simply an off-leash area where they can roam free and enjoy everything nature has to offer. We found the perfect place at South Turramurra Dog Oval! Going anywhere with excited dogs is an adventure in itself, but South Turramurra makes it easy to wrangle the pups as there’s a big carpark with ample parking close to the entrance (less risky the more excitable dogs will do a runner!). For non-furry babies, there is a play area for children to entertain themselves (if they’ve had enough of walking the dog or throwing the ball for fetch!). There’s a slippery dip, a wooden horse on a spring, plus an oversized wooden bridge for fun and games.

Essential Details: South Turramurra Dog Oval

  • Address: Kissing Point Village Green Crn Vernon Street & Kissing Point Road
  • Contact: Ku-Ring-Gai Council Website
  • Nearest coffee stop: Golden Bakehouse, 219C Kissing Point Rd, South Turramurra (2 mins away)
  • Facilities: On-site bathroom, fully fenced playground, children’s play equipment, off-leash area for dogs, fresh tap water available. You must obey park rules and don’t forget to scoop the poop!
  • Our review: Off-leash play at South Turramurra Dog Park

Rules in off-leash dog parks

  • Dogs must be under the effective control of a competent person at all times
  • Clean up after your dog and dispose of dog litter in bins provided.  Failure to remove dog poo immediately is a $275 fine.
  • Dogs are not permitted off-leash on ovals during organised sports and games, and are not permitted off-leash in the surrounding parks/reserves at any time
  • Dogs must be put on-leash when leaving the off-leash area
  • Keep dogs 10 metres away from playgrounds and food areas
  • Dogs are only allowed in some bushland reserves if they are on-leash and under their handler’s control. Dogs are not allowed in wildlife protection areas
  • No dogs are allowed at Fiddens Wharf Sportsground
  • Failure to comply with notices displayed at Council ovals, parks and reserves is an offence under Section 632 of the Local Government Act 1993
  • Penalties apply under the Companion Animals Act 1998

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