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Meet the North Shore Mums Team

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The North Shore Mums website is brought to you by four local mums. With babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-age children between us, we have invaluable insight into the needs and issues facing the community. It really is the site for local Mums, by local Mums.

Rachel Chappell (Founder & Publisher)

Rachel with her three daughters (from left): Zara (7), Ella (3) and Scarlett (9).

‘Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that North Shore Mums started on a whim. After moving to Wahroonga in 2012 with my young family (baby, toddler & husband), I was desperate for local advice and recommendations to help me find my feet, but I couldn’t find anything to connect local mums. So, I decided to create my own Facebook group. The group grew quickly, indicating a huge need for a platform to provide information for parents. With a background in magazines and marketing, I decided to register the domain name and after a year of development and planning, I launched the website. I never wanted the website to take away from the group, but to complement it – with articles covering the most talked about questions, an events guide, a directory to provide an simple way to find local services and a job board to help businesses find awesome North Shore Mums for roles. Life is busy! North Shore Mums is my business now (and I proudly employ other local mums!), and I love the fact that I can work around my family schedule. I have a supportive and patient husband and three beautiful daughters (Scarlett, 9, and Zara, 7, and Ella, 4), and lots of ideas to make North Shore Mums even bigger and better!’

Lucy Chesterton (Editor)

Lucy with her two children (from left): Leo (10 months) and Frankie (3 years)

‘It’s hard to know where I would be without the support and wisdom of the North Shore Mums. In a world that’s increasingly disconnected, a place like North Shore Mums is the new way of finding the proverbial village to help you raise your child. The site and the Facebook group have always been my first port of call for everything from what you can eat during pregnancy, which power company has the best deal, and where to find a present for the hard-to-buy-for relative. So it was perhaps inevitable that I find my way on to the team! With a background in magazines, TV and radio, plus digital experience in a fast-paced newsroom, I feel I’ve found my perfect match in terms of skills, and also found the perfect way to give back to a place that has given me so much. And with my husband Matt and I recently welcoming our first daughter, Frankie, and now expecting another, I find myself needing the advice and knowledge of North Shore Mums more than ever as we try to navigate parenthood together!’

Bianka Ford (Advertising Manager)


Bianka with her two kids: Layla (3 years) and Jimi (9 years)’I remember when I first heard about North Shore Mums. I had just moved to the area and was at a local playgroup. I was telling the other mums about how much trouble I had finding local advice, trade recommendations and a social outlet. I think three of them suggested ‘North Shore Mums’ at the same time! Since then it has been the first port of call for all my questions. An unexpected bonus is the amount of close friendships I have made through the group.

Since moving to the area with my husband Luke and cheeky monkey Jimi (now 9), we have completed our family with Layla (3). We love living here – there is nothing better than having a thriving community with leafy beauty at our doorstep.

I’ve always believed in doing work that mirrors my passions. My first love is music and after a long time in the music industry, I’m turning to my biggest love – family. Working with the North Shore Mums team is incredible, as are all of our wonderful clients. All of the amazing products and services available to mums shouldn’t be a secret so I’m hoping to make sure that all of our mums get the best experience on our website while getting the latest info on all that our amazing area has to offer.’

Felicity Frankish (Digital & Promotions Manager)

‘Being a mum is hard. Being a mum in this digital age comes with its own set of problems, and it can be so hard to know where to turn to for help, advice and to connect with other mums. This is what North Shore Mums has been for me. From finding doctors in the area, to parks to take the kids for a play and other fun activities, not a day goes by that I am not on the NSM Facebook page.

I grew up on the North Shore and always knew I wanted to raise my own children here as well. We moved to Wahroonga four years ago, and now have Cassandra (4), Vivienne (2) and Elliot (10 months).

My passions have always been writing and working with kids, so it was only natural that I combine the two of them. Being a part of the North Shore Mum’s team is a dream job that gives me the perfect creative outlet, keeps me up to date on everything going on and allows me to work around my kids. I love being able to bring you the latest events and things to do on the North Shore and to be a part of such a valuable community.’

Images: Naomi Reiter Photography

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