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Are you interested in boosting your credibility in your industry? Want to write about relevant topics to educate North Shore Mums, and position yourself as a position of authority? Becoming a Contributor for North Shore Mums is an excellent way to do just that!

    Who can become a professional contributor?

    Benefits of becoming a contributor with North Shore Mums

    • The article will remain on the website indefinitely and will be optimised for search engines. It can include one backlink to your website, boosting your credibility with google.
    • After publication, the article will be promoted on the weekly newsletter and a facebook post.
    • You get a Writer Profile at the bottom of all the articles you write – which include a headshot, bio and links to your website and social media pages.

    What should the article be about?

    Tips for writing a great article

    • Length: 600-1000 words
    • Style: conversational, easy to read
    • Format: Rather than long sections of text, the article should be broken up into sections for easy reading. Think along the lines of paragraphs that have sub-headings, bullet points, and so on.
    • All articles will be edited by North Shore Mums prior to publication.

    Apply now! 

    If you’re keen to join our team of contributors, please complete the application form below:

    • Contributor Details

    • Application

    • If writing for professional reasons, please us about your job or business and why you want to write for North Shore Mums.
    • Pitch an article heading(s) that you would like to write
    • Please provide a link to an article you've had published online
    What are you searching for?
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