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Advertise in the North Shore Mums business directory to make it easy for local customers to find you, fast.

(Without wasting your marketing budget on big publications or websites that give you little or no return...)


If you’re a North Shore business owner, you know how powerful local recommendations are...

You might have already tried Google AdWords, flyers, newspaper, radio or even TV advertising, but it’s just not getting the results you want.  

Maybe you’ve tried promoting your business on Facebook or Instagram but you’re getting next to no traction.  

Or maybe you’ve just started your business and you’re looking for a way to reach local mums without spending your whole first month’s revenue. 

You know your ideal customers are out there, waiting for you… They just need a trusted voice to point the way! 

What if there was a simple, easy way to get amazing leads and incredible results, without spending a bucketload? 

Jane Simpson Brows

“I have been advertising with North Shore Mums since 2015. It was the first advertising decision I made when I launched my business, and one of the best. I have an amazing profile and ROI via the website, Facebook page and referrals amongst the readers. Four years on, I am still advertising with North Shore Mums and I shall continue to do so. The team are fabulous to work with and I can only recommend investing your advertising dollars with them..”

- Jane Simpson, Jane Simpson Brows 

Reach local families by listing your business in our trusted…

North Shore Mums Directory

A cost-effective, long-term advertising option for local businesses who want to be found by parents and carers who are searching for services around Sydney’s North Shore.

Park phone mum

With over 100,000 unique visitors to the North Shore Mums website every month – your business will be found where local parents are searching.  

And, we get results like these: 

“North Shore Mums was the catalyst that helped launch my business. I'm forever grateful for the impact of simply listing my business in the Directory. Now that I'm established North Shore Mums is now the only place I advertise. The traffic and enquiries from the listing continues!” 

- Julie Attwood, Chartered Accountant

Your listing in North Shore Mums Directory

Isn’t just a generic advertising listing – it’s a way to build trust with personal, local recommendations.

Yes, you'll be able to create a dedicated page for your business in the North Shore Mums Directory, but more importantly, each directory listing gets its own testimonials section, so your customers can tell other North Shore Mums how wonderful you are.  

These days, social proof is essential! Personal recommendations are one of the most influential factors in choosing a new business. 

“After starting Joey Jig Music in 2012, one of my customers recommended listing my business in the North Shore Mums Directory, and I’ve never looked back! Rachel and her team are great to deal with and very professional in helping promote my small business, and I will continue to advertise with North Shore Mums as Joey Jig Music continues its journey.” 

- Alicia Wolfe, Joey Jig Music

We pride ourselves on being a local website, and highlighting all the amazing things our area has to offer local families.


When you create your directory listing, you can choose a Silver or Gold listing.

North Shore Mums Directory Listing Types

What’s included in a Silver Listing

  • All your contact details  
  • Your website
  • Social links  
  • Up to five images  
  • A short description of up to 1000 characters 

What’s included in a Gold Listing

  • All your contact details 
  • Your website
  • Social links 
  • Up to 10 images 
  • A longer description of up to 2000 characters 

With a Gold Listing you’re also able to:

  • Include a special offer 
  • Include a video to showcase your business 
  • Be found in up to three relevant categories for even wider reach 

Upgrading to Featured Status

Featured listings are top of category, and will be the first businesses that North Shore Mums see when they are looking for a service.

Featured listings are also selected at random to appear on the homepage!

To make sure your business is supported every step of the way, you'll also get access to:

BONUS: Business Hour in the North Shore Mums Facebook Group

If you're a member of our Facebook group (or you have a colleague, friend or family member who is), you can post a free ad in our group during Business Hour (8pm-9pm, 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month). This gives you regular exposure to thousands of local mums!

BONUS: You can suggest your business on recommendations posts

To give our advertisers extra support, you're able to suggest your business in response to relevant recommendation posts in our Facebook group. This is a special privilege for advertisers only!  

AND you can update your listing whenever you like!

When you have a listing in the North Shore Mums Directory, you’re in control. You can update your listing with new images, information, offers or details whenever you need. 

Shannon Johnson Living for Style

“North Shore Mums has been an amazing place where I get 95% of my clients. I would highly recommend you advertise with North Shore Mums if your target market are mums on the North Shore. It truly delivers immediate client enquiries and greater brand awareness."

- Shannon Johnson, Living for Style

Your Investment

North Shore Mums Directory Rate Card
Our business directory payment system is 100% secure

Want to know more about why you should choose North Shore Mums?

North Shore Mums team

As the biggest media platform for families on Sydney’s North Shore, North Shore Mums provides highly targeted and cost effective advertising options to reach local families.

Since launching in 2012, North Shore Mums has firmly established itself as the most popular online source of information, inspiration and ideas for local parents. Packed full of practical information, our website features the latest news, reviews, parenting tips, event guides, local business directory, job board, as well as exclusive offers. 

Run by a professional team of passionate women, our mission is to help other mums get the most out of living on the North Shore with kids, whilst navigating parenthood from pregnancy through to the teen years.

With over 100,000 visitors per month, it’s no surprise that North Shore Mums has become the first stop – and the last word – for mums across the North Shore.  

“North Shore Mums has made (and continues to make) parenting easier. It’s the first place I turn to for recommendations for absolutely anything and everything. It has yet to disappoint. When I’m having those days when I just want to drown myself in wine (and whine), going on the page makes me feel that I’m not alone and parenting is hard but infinitely easier when you know you’ve got a whole network of mums that have your back. It’s awesome."

- Maria, Artarmon

“North Shore Mums has helped me get out of the house with my kids and discover new places. Your reviews always seem genuine and so accurate. There is never a day in our house where we are stuck with what to do or where to go, I just jump on your website and straight away I have all these amazing ideas popping into my head. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything!"

- Pia, Lindfield

“I moved to the North Shore as an adult, but North Shore Mums told me all its secrets. Walking trails, instagrammable babycinos, and rainy day activities. Now I parent like a local!"

- Amelia, Wollstonecraft

Imagine what your business would be like if you could… 

  • Have a low cost, high-impact marketing strategy that’s attracting great local leads 24/7
  • Get your business in front of thousands of local mums using the Directory and Facebook group each month 
  • Get amazing referrals and recommendations to grow your business even further
  • Showcase your latest offers and be able to easily and simply update your listing whenever you want 

That’s what’s possible when you list your business with North Shore Mums.

Kylie Clift

“I’ve been in business for 14 years and have tried many different forms of advertising over this time. Advertising with North Shore Mums has by far been the most successful medium I have used. Perfectly targeted to my market and we received a high number of enquiries by email and phone. An affordable advertising option for small businesses on the North Shore.” 

- Kylie Clift, Jim Jam Music

Have peace of mind with no locked-in contracts!

We want to make it easy for you to start seeing amazing results from your advertising investment. 

You can choose either a monthly or annual auto-renewal listing. If you’re not seeing a strong return from your listing, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions business owners like you ask before saying “yes, please” to listing in North Shore Mums Business Directory.

How do I create my listing in the Directory?

It’s super simple, and you can do it all online. Simply click the ‘List Now’ button to register a profile. Once registered, you then select your subscription package, complete the online form with your business details and then pay online. The listing will go live as soon as payment is processed! 

Should I choose an Annual or Monthly auto-renewal plan?

We recommend choosing an Annual plan rather than a monthly plan. It's works out much cheaper in the long run, but also really gives you the chance to trial the Directory as a marketing option for your business.

Here's how much you'll save:

  • Silver: $19 monthly auto-renewal or $169 annual auto-renewal (which works out at $14.08 per month)
  • Gold: $24 monthly auto-renewal or $209 annual auto-renewal (which works out at $18.25 per month)
  • Featured Silver: $29 monthly auto-renewal or $299 annual auto-renewal (which works out at $24.91 per month)
  • Featured Gold: $34 monthly auto-renewal or $349 annual auto-renewal (which works out at $29.08 per month)

We would only suggest choosing a monthly listing if:

  • Your product or service is seasonal, so you only need it up for a few months
  • You're just starting out and it's better to spread out your marketing budget on a monthly basis.

Is it worth upgrading to Featured status?

Absolutely! Listings that are Featured are placed top in their category, in alphabetical order, giving businesses much higher visibility.  

In addition, Featured listings are also selected to appear on other pages of the website, giving extra exposure beyond the Directory.  

Give your business the best chance of being found by upgrading to Featured status!

I'm thinking of choosing a Gold listing so my business can appear in three different categories. Can I have different descriptions in each category?

With a Gold listing, it’s the ONE ad that appears in up to three different relevant categories (selected by you).  

You have up to 2000 characters for your description, which gives you plenty of space to highlight the different services your company offers. We suggest that you use headings to make it easy for readers to scan the page to the relevant information.

Can I update my listing if I want to change or add something?

Yes. You can update your listing at any time - whether you need to update contact details, refresh your images, update your description or add a new offer!  

To update, simply login, go to your account, select the listing and click the 'EDIT' button. We also have an easy-to-follow video tuturial in the ‘Update your listing’ page of our website.

What happens if I subscribe to an auto-renewal listing and want to cancel it?

No problem! You can cancel at any time via logging into your PayPal account (where you set up the auto-renewal) or by contacting our team.

How do I get testimonials or customer reviews on my listing?

Testimonials or reviews on your listing are so important, and all you have to do is ask!

When it comes to asking for testimonials for your listing in the Directory, make it as easy as possible for your customers by providing them with a direct link to your listing. 

According to a recent North Shore Mums Reader Survey, 88% of our readers agreed with the statement: “I’m more likely to choose a business in the North Shore Mums Directory if the listing include customer reviews”.  

How can I promote my listing in the Directory?

We’ve got a range of graphics that you are welcome to use on your website or social media channels to let people know to find you in the Directory, and to encourage reviews. Search 'marketing graphics' to find them.

Tell me more about Business Hour!

Business Hour is a bonus opportunity for website advertisers to promote their business to the thousands of members in our Facebook group. It is held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 8-9pm. Early posts are accepted from 4pm, and they are approved by our moderators during the dedicated hour.

Michie Haley

Advertising our home ventilation business on North Shore Mums over the past six years has been invaluable. Rachel and her team are wonderful to deal with, always on hand to answer any questions we have, always advocating or supporting our business and have been integral in helping us to grow our business locally. Along the way we have met some wonderful North Shore Mums and love the fact we have helped them bring their homes back to optimum health - mould, damp and condensation free! The Directory is easy to use and I highly recommend advertising with North Shore Mums."  

- Michie Haley, General Manager, Xchange Air

If you’re ready to grow your business with an influx of amazing local leads – create your listing today!

Our business directory payment system is 100% secure