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Banner advertising positions on the new North Shore Mums website

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North Shore Mums has a new website! After months of planning and development, we launched a new website in November 2019  – with a slicker design, better functionality, easier navigation and more interactivity. The new website also means we’re able to provide some fabulous new advertising spots, which will give even stronger exposure and higher impact to our valued advertisers.

Have a tour

North Shore Mums Founder Rachel Chappell talks you through the banner spots on the new website in a short 2-minute video. Watch below:

Banner locations

Top Mega Leaderboard

This is our brand new and most premium advertising spot. It will have huge impact at the top of the North Shore Mums website & appear on every single page.


Medium Rectangle (MREC)

The MREC is a very popular choice for excellent exposure across the whole website – and appears on every page from the homepage to the Directory, What’s On, Job Board & Offers.

Article Mega Leaderboard

The Article Mega Leaderboard also has huge impact due to its mega size! This banner unit is lower in cost that the same one that appears at the top of the website, due to positioning within website content. It appears on the homepage amongst the content, and also at the bottom of all articles (below the Author Profile).

Bottom Billboard

This is another huge ad that delivers a big impact. It’s positioned at the bottom of every page of the website, so it’s a more budget-friendly option but still stands out due to it’s large size.

Banner Rate Card

2 weeks4 weeks6 weeks8 weeks6 months12 months
Top Mega Leaderboard728 x 180$550$990$1,375$1,700
Medium Rectangle300 x 250$385$660$880$1,100
Article Mega Leaderboard728 x 180$330$550$770$990
Footer Billboard970 x 250$330$550$770$990
Supporter Board Tile125 x 125$825$1,320

Don’t have a designer? No problem!

If you’d love to try banner advertising but don’t have designer to create the banner, don’t worry! We have an talented designer to whom we outsource banners. The cost is

  • Static Jpeg (single image) = $150 inc. gst
  • 3-flash gif file = $300 inc. gst
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