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Advertise: E-newsletter & Facebook Packages

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Want to promote your event, special offer or new launch to thousands of local mums? Our E-newsletter and Facebook Packages are a great tactic to boost awareness and generate sales.

Advertising Packages

Premium Newsletter & Facebook Package

  • Weekly E-newsletter (12,000 subscribers): Spot in the Bulletin Board of a Weekly Newsletter
  • Facebook page (31,000 followers): Post on our Facebook page, boosted to minimum 3000 reach
  • Facebook group (40,000 members): 24-hour pinned post in the Announcements section of our Facebook group
  • Cost: $350+gst

Facebook Turbo Package

  • Facebook page (31,000 followers): Post on our Facebook page, boosted to minimum 3000 reach
  • Facebook group (40,000 members): 24-hour pinned post in the Announcements section of our Facebook group
  • Cost: $270+gst



Weekly E-newsletter: Bulletin Board

North Shore Mums emails a weekly e-newsletter to 12,000 subscribers every Thursday night, which features the latest articles, promotions and weekend event listings. The Bulletin Board is a dedicated section where businesses can advertise local events, news and special offers. Each ad includes a photographic image, catchy headline, approx. 30-35 words and three hyperlinks for more info.

Click here to view previous newsletters.

Facebook page

Facebook page posts will be boosted to ensure we deliver the minimum number of views in the newsfeed. View the North Shore Mums Facebook page here.

View live example.

Facebook group

Facebook group posts will be pinned in the Announcements section of the group for 3 days. It will be the top pinned post for minimum 12-24 hours. Join the North Shore Mums Facebook group here.

Featured Announcement in Facebook Group

Tips for an ad that gets results!

  • If you are promoting a product or service, it’s a great idea to attach some kind of special offer (e.g. free trial, discount, free delivery, value add) – to encourage clicks and response.
  • If you are seeking respondents for a survey, it’s a great idea to have a prize as an incentive for people to respond.
  • High quality photos that showcase your product or service are vital! More info below…

Image Guidelines

The image(s) required for our Newsletter & Facebook packages should be:

  • Photos of the product or service you are promoting. This image illustrate what you are promoting and will sell it in the best way possible. The power of a great photos cannot be underestimated!
  • High quality / resolution
  • Landscape in orientation (we resize the newsletter photos to 600 x 400 pixels).

We cannot used designed graphics for the newsletter. Photos only.

Through running hundreds of ads with Facebook, we know that graphics (such as designed flyers), get a very low engagement and reach with Facebook. Of course, we want our advertisers to get the best possible results from their campaign with us! You are very welcome to supply up to four good quality photos, as carousels (galleries) perform very well in Facebook posts.

Again, the image cannot be a collage, flyer, logo or an image with words over it. There is no need for you to design a graphic specifically for this campaign. Just choose your best photos that showcase your business. Trust us! We know what works and what doesn’t.

Facebook says: “Our policies previously prohibited adverts with text that covered more than 20% of an advert’s image. We’ve recently implemented a new solution that allows adverts with a text amount of greater than 20% to run, but with reduced delivery or no delivery.” So for the best reach and response, images with little or no text still perform best. Read best practices for image ads on Facebook

Want to use a video for your Facebook post?

Through running hundreds of campaigns for local businesses, we have found that ad-style videos get a lower organic reach than a carousel of photos in Facebook posts. Therefore, we recommend using photos rather than a video.

Advertising add-ons for greater reach…

Promoting an event?

  • You can add on a Featured What’s On listing, so your event will get the best visibility on our website by being top of category!
  • Cost = $70 (usually $99 if you just booked the Featured event).
  • Simply select this option in the booking form, and we will create the Featured Event listing for you. If you’ve already added it to the website, we will upgrade it to Featured.

    Facebook Boost

    Want a bigger reach than 3000? No problem! You can add an extra boost to your Facebook page post at the following rates:

    • Extra 3000 (min. 6000 total reach) = $100
    • Extra 5000 (min. 8000 total reach) = $150

    Weekly Deadline: 5pm Friday

    We recommend that you submit your booking as soon as you know you’d like to run a campaign. To be included in the next available newsletter, your ad must be submitted by 5pm Friday (the week prior).

    Based on the information you provide in the online form, we will draft your ads and email them to you for your approval the week of publication. You can nominate what Thursday night you would like to your newsletter spot to appear, and your ideal date to post on the Facebook page (and we will do our best to accommodate – book early to get your desired dates).

    You will also receive an email confirming that your ad has been received. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


    Banner advertising on the weekly-enewsletter

    Another option to get exposure on the weekly e-newsletter is booking a banner campaign! Your banner will appear at the top of the e-newsletter, giving you high brand visibility to the 12,000 subscribers. Find out more. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When do I need to book if I want to be in the e-newsletter this week? 

    Please complete the online booking form by 5pm Friday of the week prior.

    How do I know if I can get my ad in the next weekly e-newsletter?

    As long as you book before 5pm Friday, your ad can run in the Bulletin Board the next week.

    When will my Facebook page post run?

    When completing the online booking form, you can choose the date that you would like your Facebook post to run. Please allow at least 3 business days from the date you have submitted the ad.

    If your Facebook post is urgent and last-minute, and you need your Facebook post live within 24 hours, you can pay an additional $50 for a priority fee. Your booking will be marked as urgent to our editorial team, so it will be prioritised over other bookings.

    To ensure no last-minute panics (and this extra fee), it’s best to be as organised as possible and submit your ad as early as you can. Generally speaking, our Editor will get your ads to you for approval within 3 business days.

    When will my Facebook group post run?

    As we only have a maximum of two pinned posts per day, it’s best to book at least 1-2 weeks prior to your preferred date. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the exact date you want! If not available, we will offer the next most suitable date for your message.

    When will I see my ads for approval?

    Our Editor will draft your ads and email them to you for approval by 12pm Tuesday of the Thursday newsletter publication at the latest (though often you will get them earlier than this!). For example, if the newsletter date is for the 16th, you’ll get the ads by the 12pm on the 14th (at the latest).

    How can I pay?

    You can pay instantly online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or PayPal. If you prefer to be invoiced, please select that option.

    How long will my Featured What’s On listing be live?

    Your Featured event listing will be live for a maximum of 3 months. Your event listing will automatically expire once the event has finished. So… the earlier you book your package, the longer you will have in the Featured event spot in What’s On!

    Can I choose when my Facebook post will be published on your page or pinned in the Facebook group?

    • Facebook Page: We do our absolute best to ensure your post happens on the day you request. If we are at maximum capacity for that day, we will give you the closest timing. The earlier you book your package, the more likely we’ll be able to get it on your chosen day.
    • Facebook Group: We allow a maximum of two pinned posts in the Announcements section within a 24 hour period. We aim to have just one pinned in the #1 position, but sometimes this is a shared spot.

    How long is my Facebook post boosted for?

    To ensure a good return, we typically boost posts for 4 days. However, for time sensitive ads that need to be completed before a certain event, we adjust the time frame accordingly.

    Will my Facebook posts be deleted after they have run?

    No, we do not delete ads after they have run. They stay on our page and group indefinitely. This is particularly useful for Facebook groups, where users actively use the ‘search’ function to search for local businesses – meaning that your post will be seen in the future by local mums!

    How many words do I need to supply in the ‘description’ field?

    Our Editor will re-write your ads based on the information supplied – provide as much information as you need to get your message across, and we will edit it according to each spot.

    All ads will be edited to be in the North Shore Mums voice, and in the third person (e.g. XX is offering this deal, XX is launching a brand new xx).

    • Newsletter Bulletin Board: The template allows for a one-line Title (approx. 7-8 words or 38 characters) and 5-line description (approx. 35 words or 210 characters). Don’t worry, our Editor will edit your description to fit all the key points.
    • Facebook post: We have more flexibility with the Facebook post, and these can range from 50-150 words, again depending on the content of the ad. Again, our Editor will edit your description to ensure it’s written in a ‘click-worthy’ way.

    Will we receive a report so we can see how the campaign performed?

    Yes! As soon as the campaign is complete, we will email you a report with the impressions & click statistics for the e-newsletter & Facebook posts.

    What is the average open and click through rate for the North Shore Mums weekly e-newsletter? 

    The North Shore Mums weekly e-newsletter performs very well compared to similar businesses in the Media & Publishing industry, targeting women where 65% are over 35 years old.
    • Subscribers: 12,000
    • Open Rate: 40% (vs. 23% industry benchmark)
    • Click Rate: 6.7% (vs. 4% industry benchmark)
    Source: MailChimp Campaign Benchmark Report


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