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If you’re responsible for recruiting talented people to join your company, you know how important it is to get a solid number of high quality applicants.

You might have already tried some of the bigger job seeking websites, classifeds, Facebook or word of mouth, but still can’t find the right person. 

You know the job would be ideal for a local mum, but you just need to reach them!  

What if there was a cost-effective way of getting amazing applicants without spending a fortune?

Henny Stier

“As any business owner can attest, finding the right people to match your organisation is the most important yet challenging task. As a fast growing small business, we have had to recruit staff on several occasions. Each time, we have turned straight to North Shore Mums and didn’t even bother with the larger media outlets to advertise our job openings. North Shore Mum readers offer the ideal demographic for our recruitment and also has great word-of-mouth reach via the mum’s network – which is highly valuable! Each time we have advertised on the Job Board, we receive a lot of quality applications. More importantly, we have been successful in recruiting terrific employees by advertising purely on North Shore Mums. For the amount that an ad on the Job Board costs, it is a no-brainer for any business really!”

-Henny Stier, OH Property 


Reach talented, experienced & dedicated local mums by listing in our trusted…

North Shore Mums Job Board

It’s a cost-effective advertising option for local businesses who want to be found by mums searching for employment around Sydney’s North Shore

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With over 100,000 visitors to the North Shore Mums website every month (96% of whom are local North Shore Mums) – your Job Vacancy will be found where local mums are searching for employment options.  

And, we get results like these: 

“I wanted to let you know that we filled this role with an applicant from North Shore Mums. The applicant couldn’t be a better fit for the position and started with us last week, so we’re very happy. Thanks again and I hope we can continue to be involved with North Shore Mums!”  

- Lachlan Rothheudt, Vocal Networks


When you create your job listing, you can choose the duration (2 weeks or 4 weeks) and whether you want it to have Featured status (top of category & homepage listing).

All Job Board ads include a detailed job description, all your contact details PLUS the option for candidates to apply for the role online. 

Upgrading to Featured Status

Boost your visibility! Featured listings are top of category, and will be the first job listing that North Shore Mums see when they are looking at the Job Board. 

BONUS: Free post in North Shore Mums Facebook Group

As soon as the listing is published in the Job Board, you are welcome to share the Job Board link as a post in the North Shore Mums Facebook Group. Our online community has thousands of members, so is a great way of getting additional exposure for your role.

BONUS: Business Hour in the North Shore Mums Facebook Group

For even more reach, all businesses with a listing in the Job Board are invited to post a free ad in the North Shore Mums Facebook Group during Business Hour, which is held from 8pm-9pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. 

AND you can update your listing whenever you like!

When you have a listing in the North Shore Mums Job Board, you’re in control. You can update your Job Board listing whenever you like. 

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North Shore Mums

North Shore Mums is a local parenting website that provides answers, inspiration and ideas about how to raise, entertain and enjoy your children, right here on Sydney’s North Shore.

Since launching in 2012, North Shore Mums has become the premier online destination for local mums and families. 

Our Facebook group, with more than 40,000 members, is a vibrant and positive place where women can ask questions, seek advice, find recommendations and share challenges, wherever they are on their parenting journey. 

Our website features articles written by local mums, an up-to-the-minute events guide, a directory brimming with fabulous local businesses, a job board, as well as exclusive offers and competitions. 

With over 100,000 website visitors per month, it’s no surprise that North Shore Mums has become the first stop – and the last word – for mums across the North Shore.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my listing in the Job Board?

It’s super simple, and you can do it all online. Just click the ‘List Now’ button below to create an account.

Then you can choose package, complete the online form with all the job details and finally pay via PayPal to make your listing go live.

Can I update my Job Listing if I want to change or add something?

Absolutely. You can login at any time to update your ad. We have easy-to-follow instructions & video in our Help Centre.

How can people apply for the Job Role?

Applicants can apply directly through the North Shore Mums Job Board Application Form, or you can ask them to email your application.

We recommend you include specific instructions at the bottom of the Job Role description outlining how you would like people to apply.

For example: To apply, either email your Resume to [email protected] or complete the online application form below.