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Banner Creative Brief


Need us to design a banner for your upcoming banner campaign on the North Shore Mums website? No problem! We have a talented designer who creates lots of banner ads for our advertising clients.

To help our designer create your banner ad, we need to provide a very clear brief so we can create exactly what you have in mind. In order to do this, we’ve created a Banner Creative Brief so you can let us know as much as you can about the banner you’d like us to design.

Tips for a banner

Banner ads need to be bold & eye catching.

They need to have one single clear message on them. Don’t try to cram too many words on the slide. The goal is to attract your ideal customer, and to provide them with a reason to click.

The banner will click through to a URL that you specify. It could be the main homepage on your website, a specific page or your Facebook or Instagram page.

Banner design rates

  • Static Jpeg (single image) = $200+gst
  • 3-flash gif file = $300+gst

Examples of banners

Mega Leaderboards

3-flash gif

Static jpegs


Static jpegs

Rotating gif

Banner creative brief form

To help us create your banner ad, please complete as much of this form as you can. If you’re not sure, you can just leave it blank.

Payment isn’t required now. The cost of the banner artwork will be included on your invoice for the whole campaign.

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