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Author: Karina Savage

Karina Savage

Karina Savage

12 Fun Food Games that promote healthy eating for kids

Do you face the daily battle of trying to get some healthy fruit and veg into the kids? Kids are known to be fussy, and their tastes can change from one day to the next.… Read more…

Is it colic, reflux or an allergy? How to help an unsettled baby

We all know how distressing it is holding an unsettled baby in your arms, hearing heart-wrenching cries that just don’t stop. Read more…

Reduce the daily dinner grind! 7 Tips for Meal Planning

In our crazy busy lives as parents, how do we consistently put good, wholesome food on the table, day in and day out? Meal planning can sound overwhelming and time consuming, but once you get… Read more…

Which bread is REALLY the healthiest choice?

Between low-carb, keto, paleo and zero carb diets, simply buying a loaf of bread can turn into a confusing choice! Karina Savage breaks down the benefits (and drawbacks) of the different types of bread so… Read more…

Starting solids: When is the right time?

Starting your baby on solids is an important milestone – for everyone involved. It can however, also be an incredibly stressful time as a parent as you try to work out the best approach. Read more…

Quick Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

It’s term time again, which means making lunchboxes for the kids. If you’re already running short on ideas, try these tips from Karina Savage, a leading Paediatric Dietitian at The Mosman Practice 393. Read more…