Quick Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

lunch box ideas
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It’s term time again, which means making lunchboxes for the kids. If you’re already running short on ideas, try these tips from Karina Savage, a leading Paediatric Dietitian at The Mosman Practice 393.

My daughter is at school this term, and just like that, I’ve entered the world of sticky contact. At our school orientation, my daughter’s teacher tells me “it doesn’t matter if there are bubbles” in the book coverings- but of course, I want to try my best to make my daughters first-ever school books “bubble-free”. The end result? Some books look better than others.

I liken this situation to preparing the “good old lunch box” for children. Some days they look healthier than others!

Whether it’s in a yum box, a décor or a paper bag, I feel that as mums we always need a constant supply of new ideas for things to put in the lunch box. Let’s face it, they won’t always eat it, but don’t give up, just keep mixing it up!

Lunch Box Ideas By Food Group

  • Energy food (Carbohydrate): grainy bread, wholegrain wrap, sweet potato wraps, grainy crackers eg. Ryvita’s, high fibre or wholemeal pasta, brown/black/wild rice or basmati rice, baked potatoes, sweet potato wedges, sweet potato crisps (oven dried), English muffins (wholemeal or fruit), wholemeal raisin bread, wholemeal crumpet, dry Weetbix, dry Sultana Bran /Buds or All Bran, air popped popcorn, wholemeal fruit muffins or homemade banana bread


  • Protein: cheese, boiled egg, quiche, tuna, lean meat, chicken, hommus, tofu, tin of baked beans, tinned 4 bean mix, edamame beans, baked beans, dried chickpeas or fava beans, milk, yoghurt, custard


  • Fruit and Vegetables: fresh fruit, dried fruit, tinned fruit, chopped carrot, cucumber, capsicum with dip (such as hommus, beetroot, tzatziki), frozen peas, baby corn, corn on cob, vegie patties, roasted capsicum (jar is fine), olives (try green vs black), gherkins or cornichons, cherry tomatoes, edamame, dried chickpeas or fava beans, baby spinach/rocket with dressing



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