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Playground Review: Golden Jubilee, Wahroonga

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Junior Jubes
Junior Jubes

We love discovering new playgrounds, so have been keen to check out the brand new playground at Golden Jubilee Fields in Wahroonga since it opened a few weeks ago.


This playground is tucked in the back streets of North Wahroonga, and you’d probably only know about it if you lived locally, did Saturday sport or were a keen mountain bike rider (as it has some awesome tracks for the bigger kids too). It’s located at Esk Street, North Wahroonga.


The playground has just been finished, and looks great! It’s got a fabulous Junior Jubes zone which is like a little mini city of tracks and cubby houses, perfect for lots of pretend play. There’s also a toddler swing, larger spider web swing and a ‘wibbly wobbler’ seat that fits four.

For the older kids, there’s a tall climbing spider web tower, with a steep metal slide – not ideal for the little ones, and most certainly not ideal on a hot day.

The playground is also surrounded by a lovely circular scooter track, perfect for little kids.

It’s not an enclosed playground, but it’s in a very quiet residential street with hardly any traffic.


There are no shade cloths, which mean it could get quite hot on a summer’s day. There seems to be lots of new trees that have been planted around the edge of the playground, so perhaps in a few years time they will provide more natural coverage. In the meantime, remember to slip, slop and slap!

There are lots of trees next to the playground which provide a shady area for a rug on the grass and picnic.


The toilets are located on the other side of the oval – quite a hike for little legs, but good to know there are facilities available if required.


During the week, there is lots of free street parking available, which is right by the playground. Might be more difficult at the weekend when sports are on!


Sadly for sleep-deprived caffeine-addicted mums, no cafes nearby! You’d be best to pick up a coffee from Wahroonga or Eastern Road in Turramurra before you arrive (or BYO).

Our verdict

Well worth a visit if you’ve got toddlers or pre-schoolers. Older kids will like the slide, oval to run around and nearby bike tracks. Go to the loo before you arrive and pick up a take-away coffee en route!

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  1. Maggie

    Just to add, there is coffee at the bakery on Hampton street which is on the way to the park, and a ten minute walk from the park

    July 5, 2017 at 5:41 pm Reply
  2. Rich

    Yet another park without adequate shade… what a pity.

    With regards to the play equipment, it’s great for 1-3r olds in that “town” but the jungle gym and slide is probably appropriate for 5/6+ so it’s not great for that in-between toddler age.

    No gates to secure those escape artists either.

    I’d give it a 5/10

    May 8, 2017 at 9:23 pm Reply

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