Paradise Calling! Outdoors at Sirius Cove

Siriu Cove water view
The sun and sky high above Sirius Cove and the people gathered to enjoy the weather

Discoverer Katey Chesterton had seen a lot of cool videos and websites about parks made especially for dogs, but they all seemed to be overseas! So she thought, well, there has to be something just for dogs in Sydney. She went on a hunt and here’s what she found, the fabulous Sirius Cove.

From the moment you set foot in Sirius Cove, you’re surrounded by nature. Tall gum trees stretch toward the sky, lush grass surrounds you and for the complete bush experience, you can take the whole family (with fur baby) and set up a BBQ picnic. That’s because Sirius Cove in Mosman is the perfect place for you and your dog to be social while having the time of your lives, running digging and swimming (the dog, not you!).

Inside the park, which has a small car park and lots of surrounding street parking, the landscape slowly changes from bushland to a beachside paradise with golden sand, small waves washing gently to the shore and one of the most amazing views you will find in Sydney, their your fur baby will be met by many other dogs and together they can have their own adventure, jumping over the small waves splashing about, swimming, running along the sand, playing fetch and digging as many holes as their heart desires.

Beachside setting

The curved beach creates a natural cove with gentle waves where swimmers of all ages can play

The beach is accessed by two points, a set stairs and a ramp, and there’s also a grassed area to sit and watch your family or pups enjoying themselves. I loved watching my dog Essie jumping through the waves and running up and down the beach playing chase with the other dogs. She was having so much fun.

Dog running on beach

A playful pup romping on the shoreline at Sirius Cove, Mosman

Dogs playing at Sirius

Three canine creatures enjoying fun in the water at Sirius Cove

People picnicking

The green space is perfect for sunny afternoon picnics and people watching

Another attraction at the park is a fenced playground, which like the playground at Clifton Gardens, is built on sand for safe rough-and-tumble play. To keep your children cool, the playground is covered with a shade cloth so they can play without having to worry about the sun. The play equipment includes swings, slippery slides and lots of areas for climbing. There is also a water station close by for you and your pups. 

A yellow playground bouncer

The pay equipment is classic and sturdy and has an assortment of swings and climbing areas

Mosman playground play equipment

The playground is set on soft sand for safe and toddler-friendly play and has lots of equipment

Sirius Cove is the starting point for many hiking trails that range across Mosman Bay to Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head, Chowder Bay, Cremorne Point and many many more. But hiker or not, there is so much beauty around Sirius Cove you can be perfectly happy just sitting, relaxing taking in the ocean air, basking in the glorious sunshine and enjoying one of nature’s finest landscapes.

Features & Faccilities:

  • On-site parking
  • Accessible beach (ramped entrance)
  • Accessible toilets
  • Shaded fenced playground
  • Water bubbler
  • BBQ area
  • Picnic table and seats
  • Fishing
  • Walking TracksPublic Jetty

Essential Details

  • What: Sirius Cove, Mosman
  • Website: Mosman Council
  • Where: Sirius Cove Road, Mosman

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