North Shore Photographer Clare Oliver: Her special story

North Shore Photographer Clare Oliver has been fortunate enough to photograph people all over the world and from all walks of life

North Shore Photographer Clare Oliver is a living example of an artist with a passion for photography… it’s in her DNA!

As a North Shore photographer, Clare Oliver wakes up every morning with an adrenaline rush that spurs her on to capture that next perfect moment. And her story is a special one- the local mum inherited her passion from her father, David Oliver, who ran a business out of his studio on Pennant Hills Rd for over 35 years.”

north shore photographer

North Shore Photographer Clare Oliver captures extraordinary moments for families and more

Family shoot

Clare has worked on shoots all over the world, from NYC to Ireland, Canada and Australia

“I learned everything I know from my dad,” Clare says, “Right from when I was a small girl annoying him in his darkroom.

“Dad is one of the best photographers in Australia, and the world, and I’m not just saying that as his daughter!

“Anyone who knows anything about photography knows he is a legend and people freak out when they meet him!”

Fortunately for Clare, throughout her life she was able to travel extensively with her father, and these days she has built her own impressive body of work with local clients and international contacts, who have flown her around the world on commissions to photograph in NYC, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada as well as around Australia.

She is skilled at printing and displaying fine art wall portraits, and works with many artists

Her incredible range of skills have seen her teach photography, including running workshops on Hamilton Island for 13 years, work as a lecturer for professional photographers on behalf of Nikon and Epson, and win many awards including being one of the youngest Australians to be awarded the title Master of Photography. She is also skilled at printing, displaying and archiving fine art wall portraits and as an Epson ambassador has used her skills to help Australia’s top photographers win National and International awards.

Clare Oliver Photos

Clare has built her own impressive body of work with local clients and international contacts

norh shore photographer clare oliver

Clare’s range of work has won her many impressive awards

A talented North Shore Photographer, Clare Oliver is skilled in many settings and environments

But while her background is impressive, Clare says it’s still the love of satisfying her subjects that drives her.

“My reward is really seeing my clients being blown away!” she says, “That’s my favourite part – when they see themselves captured in a photo they love, when they thought it was impossible because they were camera shy or self conscious.”

While Clare’s dad is now retired from the studio and running workshops in the Hunter Valley, Clare herself runs her own business Clare Oliver Photographer from her North Turramurra studio.

“I have been so lucky to have this shared passion with him,” Clare says. “A lot of people are starting to compliment me on being a photographer and following dad and being just as good as he is. It brings a tear to my eye because I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as him but it’s a lovely compliment and sentiment all the same!”

North Shore photos

While her background is impressive, Clare says her real love is the joy of satisfying her subjects

See some footage of Clare and her work here:

Clare is one of the youngest Australians to be awarded the title Master of Photography

Clare’s business is Clare Oliver Photographer, and you can see more of her work and contact her through her website or Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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