Quick cooking ideas for busy families

cooking ideas for busy families
Cooking for the family can be as easy as walking away with smart cookware

Busy families swear by quick cooking ideas to make those hectic weeks a little simpler. But there’s an easier way than recycling the same three recipes, or defrosting something, or spending a whole weekend batch cooking! The secret? Smart cookware that does the hard work for you.

If you’re like most mums, the daily demands of dishing up your family’s food usually ends up with you repeating the same old spag bol, or even blowing the budget ordering in when you don’t have the energy to fossick through the freezer. But there’s a new, easier way to breeze through three meals a day, using Zega- a smart, app-enabled, walkaway cookware that does the cooking for you.

Imagine how much easier your evening routine will be when you can simply turn on the stove, add ingredients and when the required temperature is reached, switch off the stove and walk away. No hovering over the stovetop stirring, no checking the oven constantly between kids showers and homework or storytime. The food continues to cook without the need for gas or electricity, and then stays hot for hours – so you can even get dinner started in the morning, and further streamline your day.

Zega cookware

Using clever cookware allows you to go about your day, knowing dinner will be ready – and tasty!

Quick cooking for families: How does Zega Work?

Something like a Thermos bottle, the cookware’s secret is its double wall construction, which sandwiches a thermodynamic layer of air between 2 sheets of 18-10 stainless steel.

This traps heat and moisture inside the pan, so you can heat it for just minutes and it goes on cooking for hours, all by itself, off the stove – no stirring, no tending.

Simply add the ingredients, heat to the required temperature, then turn off the stove and walk away. Your food continues to self cook while you get on with your day.

cooking and dinner ideas for busy families

Simply add ingredients, heat to the required temperature, then turn off the stove and walk away!

The smart part: The Zega cooking app

With the Zega App, you can choose from delicious, healthy recipes prepared by expert chefs who have done all the thinking for you. It’s a personal dinner planner that cuts cooking time and thinking time, while adding hidden nutrition to every meal. Plus, when the food is cooking, the Zega App remotely monitors the progress and notifies you when your food is cooked.

Zega smart cookware

Smart cookware means you simply have to ‘set and forget’ for delicious dinners

Quick cooking at home: What can I make?

The cookware comes with a steamer that doubles as a slicer and grater, plus a meat rack allowing you to cook complete meals at once and offering versatility.

  • Cook hearty soups, stews or your favourite pot roast
  • Steam a basket of healthy, nutritious vegetables
  • Grate fresh parmesan cheese over your favourite pasta
Healthy family dinner idea

You can make a huge range of delicious dinners but spend far less time in the kitchen than before

What are the advantages of smart cookware?

  • Food stays at the ideal eating temperature for hours without reheating
  • Zega cooks without direct heat so it’s impossible to burn your meals
  • The self-basting lid keeps food moist and succulent, locking in more flavour
  • The self-cooking process means your food retains nutrients and is always cooked perfectly

The company behind Zega have spent over two years perfecting and testing every aspect to ensure it meets the highest standard of design and manufacture as well as looking great in your kitchen- and should be the best conventional cookware you will ever own!

So, now’s the time! Combine timeless cooking principles with the latest technology, and stop slaving away in your kitchen. Get smart, and let Zega walkaway cookware do the cooking for you.


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