Frame it! The stylish and practical way to display your child’s school photos


Looking for a simple yet stylish way to display your child’s school photos? We’ve found the solution! School Years Photo Frames come in a huge range of sizes & layouts, and the frames are high quality timber – available in black, white or solid Australian oak. Find out what our three North Shore Mums reviewers thought of them… and don’t miss our special 10% off code! 

Sharon, Wahroonga – Two daughters (19 and 16 years)

When your first-born starts kindy, it’s an exciting and emotional time for everyone. My mother always said “the school years with fly by” – well I certainly did my share of complaining about how short the school day was, but it is only now that I truly understand, appreciate and totally agree with my mum.

I remember so clearly my eldest daughter’s first day at Kindy. That was 13 years ago!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to finally display all my daughters’ school photos in specifically designed frames for these small photos. My children are now 19 years and 16 years old.

Like many busy families, the school photos would sit on our kitchen bench for a day or so, then thrown into a storage box.

The storage box that contained all the school photos

School Year Photo Frames have identified a need and supplies beautiful quality frames to display photos from each year of your kids schooling.

The variety on offer is fantastic and their website easy to navigate and responsive.

Upon delivery, I found my frames were very well packaged to protect them.

Trying to find 13 years of school photos proved to be challenging. Some years we had only purchased the class photo, not individual package. Also, depending on the photographer/pack, some photos weren’t the correct size and therefore didn’t fit particularly well.

Sorting through the years of school photos

My 19 year old Uni student daughter said “Oh I was so cute. I really miss school. Great photos, amazing memories!”

These school photo frames are brilliant, and such a lovely way to see your child group up. But I’d highly recommend buying them when your child starts school, as adding photos each year would have been far easier than doing it retrospectively!

Getting ready to display the photos in the frame

Sharon chose the ‘Large School Years Frame Landscape’ in White, which are $89. Buy online

Melissa, Asquith – Two sons (7 and 9 years old)

Traditionally I have not been very good at cataloging my children’s school photos. I’m excellent at buying them and putting them away ‘somewhere safe’ with the view that I’ll ‘get to it later’. Predictably, later is always sometime in the future. It was with interest that I looked at the School Years Photo Frames; was this the push I needed to get my act together about storing photos? Naturally I had to retrieve the photos from the ‘safe place’ first before I could do anything.

I chose the Primary School Years Frame, where there are seven slots for individual photos. The photo size is the one larger than passport size (I had incorrectly assumed that they would be passport size, so was pleasantly surprised to see that they were the larger ones!).

They are of excellent quality and I like that each larger space in the frame has a quote from Dr Seuss’ ‘Oh the places you’ll go’. That’s a nice touch to fill the expanse until the child reaches Year 6.

I had the two frames done within 30 minutes and am really happy with how they look. We all spent some time looking at how the children had changed from Kindy to their current ages and noting some subtle and not so subtle changes. I’m actually looking forward to this year’s photos so that I can add them to the frames! These are definitely things to keep and would also make great presents for Grandparents.

Melissa chose the ‘Primary School Years Frame’ in Black, which are $59. Buy online

Nicole, Pymble – Three daughters (16, 15 & 10 years old)

My daughters and I had wonderful time creating the photo frame as it allowed us to reflect on many memories over their schooling lives and observe how quickly their years of school have passed.

We bought their school photos each year and left on them on the bookshelf, rarely looking at them but seeing the photos across the years presented in the beautiful frame, makes you appreciate their development over their years of school. We can now share the school life of our beautiful children with our family and friends and reflect on the wonderful experience school has been and will continue to be for our children.

The frames from School Years are beautifully made and provide a fantastic way to show their school photos which would otherwise sit in their original packaging. We have grandparents who live outside of Sydney and the frames are a perfect gift as they allow them to follow the school journey with us. Now we can look back over the years and see the change in our daughters, from young children starting in Kindy to now being in high school. I cannot wait to continue the school journey with my children and complete the frame.

Nicole chose the ‘Triple School Years Frame’ in White, which are $209. Buy online

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School Years Photo Frames are available in 16 different size and layout options. Their timber frames are available in Black, White and a beautiful solid Australian Oak. They have sourced the best quality materials to ensure that they stand the test of time – and they are Australian made. Click here to view the full range!


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