Mother’s Day Special: Celebrating amazing North Shore Mums!

Nina babysat Yvette's children so she could bake a bi
Nina babysat Yvette's children so she could bake a bi

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we wanted to share some of your stories about the incredible mum friends who are more than happy to lend a helping hand in a time of need (and let’s face it, we all need a few friends like that). Motherhood can be a really hard gig, and it’s friends like these that help to keep us sane. 

We teamed up with Micro Scooters, who generously offered two major prize packs – rewarding both the mum who nominates and the mum who has been nominated. So that’s four North Shore Mums who have each won a Micro Classic Black scooter worth $299.95 each!

Yes adults can scoot too, and it’s heaps of fun! Join in on the scooting around your neighbourhood on in the local parks with your children.

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The Winners

We were inundated with heartwarming stories of incredible women who are more than happy to go out of their way to help a fellow mum in need, so it was a very difficult decision to choose just two major prize winners. But we’re sure you’ll agree, that the mums nominated below sound pretty special! Both the mum who nominated, and the awesome mum will each receive a Micro Scooter. Congratulations!

Winner #1: Kate Fritsch (Naremburn) nominates her friend Elise McDonald (Naremburn)

‘Elise and I met in New York City in 2014 working together at an investment bank. In 2015, I left the company after having my first daughter and Elise returned to Australia. I didn’t expect that our paths would cross again.Fast forward to 2017, my husband is given an opportunity to manage the Sydney office and I am pregnant. Elise is the only person I know in all of Australia. When I reached out to her (with no less than a million questions), she was beyond helpful. Elise gave me recommendations on everything: where to live (North Shore of course!), which obstetrician to use, which supermarket to go to, schools, kids activities, what sunscreen is Aussie sun safe, how great Kmart is, how to find a babysitter and the list goes on. We arrived in Sydney in January 2018 and although Elise had a newborn, she continued to go out of her way to help me – giving me rides before we had a car and introducing me to friends. When I had my second daughter, Elise was the only visitor we had in the hospital and she stocked up my hospital room with Carman’s oat bars and Mint Slices. I’ve said many times that I don’t know how we would have made the transition to Australia without Elise’s help and I sincerely mean it. We have become great friends, our kids adore each other and coincidentally we now live walking distance from one another. I am so grateful to have her as a friend and happy I have a public way to formally thank her.’ – Kate.

Elise with her children

Elise & Kate

Winner #2: Amanda Train (Asquith) nominates Karen Bray (Mt Colah)

‘We got married in 2006, our daughter arrived in 2007, a son in 2009 and another son in 2011. We decided to stop at three children and I was looking forward to going back to work. My period was two weeks late and  I thought it was impossible for me to be pregnant again, as I had tubal ligation done two years before! I decided to do a pregnancy test just to put my mind at rest that I wasn’t pregnant, in fact I was dreading it being positive. I did the test and it came up positive. I was in absolute shock. The first person I told was my friend Kaz, and she came came straight over. We went to the Dr and organised for an ultrasound because a positive test can also be caused by other serious conditions. The ultrasound showed a gestation sac and everything was where it was supposed to be. Kaz was there for me when I had the Doctors appointment and ultrasound and then spent the day with me and listened to me talk and cry. I wouldn’t have known what do without Kaz, she was a rock when I needed one.  My daughter was born Valentine’s Day 2015, and Kaz is still there for a chat and a laugh.’ – Amanda.

The supportive & wonderful Kaz

Favourite entries

There were so many other lovely stories of amazing women, that we wanted to publicly shine some light on these wonderful mums. Remember, it’s the little things that you can do, that can have a massive impact on other people’s lives. So go on, do that random act of kindness for a friend today!

Sue Kim (East Killara) nominates Jacqueline Lee (Killara)

‘After the birth of my first child, I really wanted to breastfeed but was struggling with bouts of mastitis which eventually turned into a breast abscess and the GP suggested I check myself into emergency. I called my husband and packed my bags, and in sadness I called Jacqueline about feeling defeated and she popped round with a tin of formula and a big hug to tell me it’s OK. I ended up persisting with breastfeeding but was eternally grateful for her kind actions.’ – Sue.

Michelle Cini (Wahroonga) nominates Sarah Collison (Turramurra)

‘I would love to nominate my good mate Sarah who bought me beautiful blue flowers after very extreme three day blues (to put it nicely) after the birth of my firstborn! It really helped, and still makes me smile when I recall it! And she is a kick ass mama bear and business owner!” – Michelle.

Sarah Chow (West Pymble) nominates Su Mon Hlaing (Killara)

‘Thank you for coming to the rescue when I had no idea how to bottle feed my bubba! This incredible lady picked up her bubby, headed to the shops and bought me a rescue starter kit ❤️’ – Sarah


Julia Montgomery (Berowra Heights) nominates Madeleine Cottrell (Berowra Heights)

‘Mads is not only my cousin but one of my dearest mum friends. She has been there constantly throughout the past two years alongside my daughter, hubby and I. Cooking us dinners, comforting a tired bubba (and mumma) offering words of wisdom and wine. She has helped me through mothering one bubba and two miscarriages, working full time and studying part time!’ – Julia.

Sophie Burnett (West Pymble) nominates Susan Pulvers (Roseville)

‘It’s hard to sum it up in a paragraph, but if I ever become half the mum my mum is, it would be a miracle. She is a true quiet achiever. She never asks for anything yet does everything for everyone. She will iron my work clothes even though I didn’t even notice they needed it, she will make me a cake if I’m having guests over to help… the list just goes on. Thank you mum for inspiring me and showing me the way to being a good mum to my almost one year old baby.’ – Sophie.

Yvette Self (Warriewood) nominates Nina Reynolds (Warriewood)

‘Nina saved the day by babysitting my almost one year old so I could decorate two birthday cakes in peace for a double up birthday fiesta for him and his big sister!’ – Yvette.

Nina with her own mum and kids. Nina babysat Yvette’s children so could bake a birthday cake.

Nicole Roberts (Berowra) nominates Natasha Murrell (Berowra)

“Natasha is my school mum ‘wingman’ and an amazing friend, She is always there to help out and keep me updated with what is happening at school and has helped me many times with school drop off and pick up when I am unwell. Natasha is the most generous, kind and helpful person I know who is always there for others and puts other people first. Over the last 12 months she has juggled looking after her beautiful family, working as a nurse, building a new home and is always happy to help others.” – Nicole.

Veronika Chalasova (Manly Vale) nominates Ivana Macdonald (Manly)

‘No questions asked” when it comes down to an emergency call outs for kindy pick ups… “are you ok” weekly message check ups… the best, toughest sparring partner for parenting juggle! and she wakes every morning before sunrise to get sunrise surf or swim… who (the heck) does that (is capable of) with a toddler in the house and job to go to?!’ – Veronika.

Hannah Garcia (Macquarie Park) nominates Sarah Lichtenstein (Marsfield)

‘Our children go to after school care and a few times she has called me as she has picked up her daughter to see how far away I was so that she could sign my two boys out and bring them to my car so I didn’t have to get my three year old boy out to go in and pick my other two boys up. She does this without asking, she is just so kind hearted and purely thinks about others. She is an amazing friend and mum.’ – Hannah.

Rebecca Sanders (Ryde) nominates Laura Robson (Ryde)

‘Laura has saved my day, by just listening to my vent after a day from hell with my three kids.’ – Rebecca.

Kelly Loh (Pyrmont) nominates her sister Bonnie Heng (Denistone East)

‘My sister is a god-send & my lifesaver! My two year old was suddenly feverish at childcare and needed to be picked up immediately. I was at work in North Sydney in the middle of an important deliverable! Although she had severe sleep deprivation and a newborn in tow, she jumped to the rescue and picked up my boy for me til I could pick him up from her place. These small acts of kindness mean the world to a working mumma. Love you sis!’ – Kelly.

Kelly and her sister

Katie Ockenden (Westleigh) nominates Edwina Scott (Pennant Hills)

‘Edwina is so generous with her time to her friends. A standout was when I forgot to collect the keys to the hall I’d hired for my daughters birthday party. There was no way I’d make it to the council in time at the time that I realised. No worries for Ed, who took her two kids over and collected them for me. If it wasn’t for her, I would have had to cancel the party!’ – Katie.

Stephanie Lawson (North Turramurra) nominates Juliette Green (North Turramurra)

‘Juliette is a superstar Mum of four gorgeous kids under 7 years old. She was over for a playdate when my hubby came home with some chicken kebabs….he’d accidentally picked up the spicy ones. It was 5pm, we had nothing else for dinner and my three kids were getting cranky and hungry. Without a second thought she said “nevermind come to ours”! She cooked dinner at hers for all seven kids and even gave me a doggy bag to take home for hubby. I was sinking with a baby and she saved us big time that day. She truly is a super star Mum!’ – Stephanie.

Melissa Pepper (Mosman) nominates Silvia Roberts (Mosman)

‘I met Silvia at playgroup when I was two months pregnant with my second child. Both of us had recently moved to Australia and were living half a world from our families. Fast forward seven months and I was ready to give birth. With no family other than my 4 year old & my husband here in Australia. Silvia offered to watch my son so my husband could be with me at the birth. She kept him at her house for two nights and took care of preparing him lunch & doing preschool pick-up & drop-off (even while having two children of her own). I am forever grateful for her kindness. She’s an awesome mum & an awesome friend.’ – Melissa

Sinead nominates Cassie

Cassie is an amazing nurse, works full time, has three beautiful girls, including one disabled daughter. In Christmas 2018 I became homeless with my own three children. It was an awful time and I had nobody to turn to as my family lives overseas. Cassie offered up her home for us, and helped me get back on my feet! I’ll never be able to repay her or thank her enough! But she definitely deserves this prize!’ – Sinead.

Nicola Branch (Berowra) nominates Mel Rivart (Berowra)

‘I’d like to nominate Mel Rivart for picking me up from the mechanics after I drop my car off for a service! We even have a mechanic date planned soon, where we will be dealing with extra car seats and children. She didn’t hesitate to agree to help when I was trying to find someone who would be able to pick my child and I up. This is just one ordinary moment of many… there’s plenty of extraordinary ones too she’s a world of support for this mumma! Thanks Mel and Happy Mothers Day. ‘

Mum friends Nicola & Mel

Rebecca de Beer (Hornsby Heights) nominates Hannah Edwards (Thornleigh)

‘Hannah saves me most days, our unedited hilarious lives get exchanged at our regular catch ups whilst our kids run wild and we sit back and debrief our daily life to each other. Not sure I could cope without our chats. Parenting is hard and can be so isolating, and this moment is so rare because whenever I feel like this it’s usually because we’re due for a catch up. Dads are great and all but boy are mum friends what makes life doable.’ – Rebecca

Rebecca & Hannah in their third trimester!

Hayley Coates (Kincumber) nominates Katie Smith (Terrigal)

‘After having my newborn baby girl three weeks ago, Katie and her wife arrived at our house with coffees, babycinos for the kids and toasties from my favourite cafe. Meanwhile- Katie had her own 21month old toddler and four week old baby in tow. Both wondermum and wonderfriend.’ – Hayley

Risham Zaigham (Turramurra) nominates Winnie Tam (Lane Cove)

‘Winnie is the most helpful friend I have. You can ask her the stupidest questions and she will give you the most detailed explanation, without patronising. She has literally the best suggestions and recommendations ever. She’s basically awesome.’ – Risham

Emma Brown (Mosman) nominates Laura Moss (Naremburn)

I’d like to nominate Laura Moss who made my life that much easier on play dates by looking out for my little boy Sam (and her own) and helping get my little one in the pram when I couldn’t chase after him due to a SCAD heart attack I had when Sam was 8.5mths old. She lifted and carried him to the car so I didn’t have to and was super supportive whilst I recovered. Thanks Laura!

Allison Brak (Turramurra) nominates Linda Denver (Wahroonga)

Not only is she my mum, but she is my best friend. She helps me all the time from the last minute school pick-ups and drop-offs of my kids when I’ve been called in to casual teach, to being my constant support through life’s hiccups. We have a great time hanging out and she is a constant inspiration, always trying new things and having a positive attitude. Who says you can’t learn how to play netball at 64?!? She is an amazing North Shore Mum!

Allison with her mum Linda and daughters Lexi & Charlotte

Vanessa Kelso (Lindfield) nominates Monique Condon (North Ryde)

‘She’s a wonderful single mum and small business owner who spends more time making everyone look amazing. She works hard and needs some fun in her life!’ – Vanessa.

Monique with her daughters Taylor & Lilly

Teneale Lavender (Killara) nominates Katelyn Hynes (St Ives)

‘I met Katelyn when I was new to the area, with a young baby. Our sons are close in age. Struggling with juggling life as a newly SAM, we quickly became close friends and a lifeline for each other, especially in the early, and sometimes, dark days. She encouraged me to go back to university when I was doubting myself and my ability to do so after suffering PND. One day I couldn’t find a babysitter, so she took him for the day as well as her own little boy! She is a fine example of women empowering women and I want her to know how special and valued she is to me.’ – Teneale

Thank you to our awesome partner Micro Scooters, who gave away four Micro Classic Black scooter worth $299.95 each to our two major winners. 

Yes adults can scoot too, and it’s heaps of fun! Join in on the scooting around your neighbourhood on in the local parks with your children. Don’t know where to scoot? We list our favourite local scooter paths here.



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