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North Shore Tutor & Coaching Guide


Looking for a quality tutor or coach on the North Shore? Whether your child needs a helping hand in a particular subject, or you’re looking to boost their confidence and support their education journey, we are spoilt for choice with so many fantastic tutoring and coaching options nearby. Browse our guide and find the right support for your child. There’s plenty of special offers for North Shore Mums!

What is a tutor?

Whether your child is falling behind in a particular subject, or you want to give them an extra push (especially in those HSC years), a tutor is the ideal solution. Tutoring focuses on teaching specific subject areas, such as maths, science or English. Tutors can help students prepare for exams and gain a deeper understanding on certain subjects.

Types of tutors

  • Private tutors: offer one-on-one tutoring services in a particular subject area. These sessions can be held on site, in your home or online.
  • Small group sessions: these usually cater for between 2 and 5 children, offering targeted help in a particular subject area. These sessions are generally held on site, or online.
  • Large group tutoring: these sessions cater for larger groups of students, working through a general learning program togethter. These sessions are generally held on site.

What is a coach?

Academic coaches work with students to develop study skills, time management techniques, and overall academic goals. It’s often used by high school and university students looking to improve their academic performance in a specific area or overall. Academic coaching can help students develop self-awareness and accountability, which can lead to better academic outcomes.

Finding the right tutor or coach

Finding the right academic tutor or coach can make a significant difference in your child’s academic performance. With so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Tutor’s experience and qualifications.
  • Teaching style and approach.
  • Additional offerings, such as exam preparation or homework help.

Our North Shore Tutor & Coaching Guide takes you through all the amazing tutor and coaching options we have right here on our doorstep, to help you find the best fit for your child.

To find a Tutor or Coach around the North Shore for your child, take a look at the Quicklinks below to check out the options when it comes to tutors and coaches on the North Shore. Mention North Shore Mums when you enquire for special deals!

Location Home Online
3SN Education Hornsby ✔️
A2 Tutors ✔️ ✔️
Alchemy Tuition ✔️ ✔️
Art of Smart Education Multiple locations ✔️ ✔️
Chatswood Pre-Uni New College Chatswood ✔️
Clever Fox Education ✔️
Dymocks Tutoring Multiple locations ✔️
Evolutionary Tutors ✔️ ✔️
Global Education Academy Multiple locations
JS Maths Gordon
Kalibrate-Ed North Shore ✔️
Multiple locations
Modedu ✔️ ✔️
Modern Education ✔️
NumberWorks’nWords St Ives
No Nonsense Tutoring ✔️
Project Academy Chatswood ✔️
Reach my ATAR ✔️
Speaking Schools Australasia Multiple locations ✔️
Talent 100
TE-Ducation Australia Pty Ltd
Chatswood & more
Tutero ✔️
YK Education St Leonards ✔️






North Shore Tutoring & Coaching Locations

Art of Smart Education (Multiple North Shore locations)

North Shore Mums Offer: Year 11-12: Book into their HSC Success Program and receive up to 4 bonus 1-on-1 tutoring sessions for the term!

At Art of Smart, they provide award-winning holistic tutoring & mentoring for primary & high school students across the North Shore – this involves providing syllabus-driven tuition as well as mentoring students on post-school options and study & exam skills based on 8 years of research we’ve conducted with Australia’s top students.

At-Home, Online & On-Campus Support for K-12: They tailor support for individual student’s needs, with both 1-on-1, small group, in-home, online and on-campus [50m from Hornsby station] support available across:

  • K-6 for English, Maths and NAPLAN
  • Year 7-12, focusing on English (up to Extension 2), Maths (up to Extension 2), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Modern & Ancient History.

Experienced Tutoring Team & Comprehensive Resources: Their team of trained tutors, including 95+ ATAR scorers and pre-service & qualified teachers, are backed by comprehensive NSW curriculum resources (online and print resources delivered to your door to complement tutoring) to deliver a great learning experience.

Proven Track Record with Students: Over the last decade, they’ve supported 8,000+ students, and on average, students they support improve their marks by 20%, with 9 in 10 experiencing improvements in confidence.

  • Location: Chatswood, Lane Cove, Neutral Bay, Killara, Turramurra, St Ives, Hornsby, Asquith & more
  • Suitable for: Kindergarten – Year 12
  • Cost: 1-on-1: from $75 per hour | Small group: from $30 per hour
  • Website: artofsmart.com.au

JS Maths (Gordon)

North Shore Mums Offer: Free Consultation and a trial lesson.

Thomas Moon is a passionate and dedicated private maths tutor with over 20 years of experience in education. At JS Maths, he focuses on providing a personalised and supportive learning environment from his home, just a minute’s walk from Gordon station.

Understanding that each student’s journey is unique, Thomas tailors his teaching methods to match individual learning styles and goals. His approach is built on a foundation of patience, trust and respect, ensuring that every session is not only educational but also comforting.

As a parent to two secondary school children, Thomas deeply values education and personal growth, striving to inspire his students just as he encourages his own kids. Thomas specialises in one-on-one tutoring, which allows him to give undivided attention and adapt his methods to suit each student’s needs.

Feel free to reach out. Let’s make learning an enjoyable and enriching experience together!

  • Location: Gordon
  • Suitable for: Year 7 – Year 12
  • Cost: $120 per 80-minute lesson
  • Website: jsmaths.com.au

Global Education Academy (Turramurra & Kogarah)

North Shore Mums Offer: 50% off all assessments for North Shore Mums. Normally $150 now $75.

Global Education Academy is a national multi-award-winning tutoring/coaching centre. We specialise in evidence-based learning.

Over the last 15 years we have worked with thousands of students and parents and we were able to identify the problems and help them achieve results. We guarantee improvement.

We specialise in unlocking the potential of every student. We partner with parents to gain clarity and understanding of their children’s ability and level of performance at school. As a result of what we do, students become independent learners and their self-esteem and self-confidence are boosted, in and outside the classroom.

Our tutors are highly qualified teachers, experienced and passionate about education. We offer small group tutoring classes from Kindy to Y12 through face-to-face or live online classes. We are well known for our high success rate through our specialised preparation courses for OC, Selective and Scholarship placement tests.

NumberWorks’nWords (St Ives)

North Shore Mums Offer: Free assessments in maths and English. 

NumberWorks'nWords (St Ives)

NumberWorks’nWords (St Ives)

NumberWorks’nWords in St Ives provides expert tuition, tailored to meet the learning needs of your child, building their confidence and improving their maths and English results.

Their tuition programs are designed to be both effective and enjoyable. Based on success, every child feels more confident about themselves as a learner. Skilled tutors maintain positive interactions with each student, providing constant feedback on progress and awarding certificates for their achievements.

It’s amazing how quickly their results – and their attitudes – change when they enjoy the learning experience!

  • Location: 164a Mona Vale Road, St Ives
  • Suitable for: Kindergarten to Year 10
  • Cost: $62 per one-hour lesson for either Maths or English
  • Website: numberworksnwords.com
  • Creative Kids vouchers accepted

Kumon (Multiple North Shore locations)


North Shore Mums Offer: Free Trial during May 2023. Have your child experience Kumon’s maths or English programmes, obligation free. Availability is limited and T & Cs apply. 

Kumon goes beyond tuition. They empower students to learn for themselves, rather than prepare for a particular test or assessment. Kumon students work towards building self-learning ability, meaning they will not be dependent on the skills and knowledge of others.

At Kumon, students begin their study at a level that allows them to build confidence from day one. Students progress through the programme based on their ability rather than their age. Over time, students are able to study advanced material with independence and confidence.

Kumon Maths and English develop:

  • Calculation ability and reading ability
  • Concentration
  • A daily study and reading habit
  • The confidence to learn independently.

Contact your local Kumon Centre to hear how they can support your child’s learning for a bright future!

  • Location: Chatswood, Crows Nest, Gordon, Gladesville, Hornsby, Lane Cove, Neutral Bay, North Ryde, Willoughby, Waitara
  • Suitable for: 3+ years
  • Cost: $140 per month, per subject + initial enrolment fee: $100
  • Check with individual centres to see whether they accept Creative Kids Vouchers
  • Website: au.kumonglobal.com

YK Education (St Leonards)

North Shore Mums Offer: enjoy a free consultation. Join with a friend from the same school/grade and get $50 off for the first term or the school holiday program.

YK Education

YK Education provides individualised and structured tutoring for Year 9-12 Maths, English, and Japanese. Led by Yuna, an NSW-qualified High School Teacher passionate about putting students at the centre of their learning, the unconventional YK program combines the best features of private and group lessons. Flexible onsite and online hybrid arrangement.

After teaching students in a large classroom, she developed the YK Method which differentiates programs for individual students and schools. The team uses evidence-based teaching strategies to assess your child’s knowledge gaps to create a tailored program. The program is two hours per week and includes an individualised curriculum and exam-style questions.

Here’s what one of their Year 12 Maths students from Arden Anglican School had to say: “Since going to YK, my math grades…going from a low C/high D to a borderline A within only a few months.”

  • Location: St Leonards (5 minute walk from station)
  • Suitable for: Year 9 – Year 12
  • Cost: $1430 for 10 weeks (2 hours per week + individualised program + exam-style question)
  • Website: ykeducation.com.au

North Shore Locations & Online Tutoring

Chatswood Pre-Uni New College (Chatswood & Online)

Chatswood Pre-Uni New College

Chatswood Pre-Uni New College

Educating students in the Chatswood area for over 22 years, they provide original teaching materials and course structure to ensure classes are engaging and effective for their students and teachers. They provide after-school and weekend sessions during school term, and all-day classes during school holidays:

Combined Writing, English, Maths and Thinking Skills course: Building core skills and knowledge to best prepare for high performance.

Selective high schools & Opportunity Class (OC) placement trial tests and review: Over 4,000 questions are available under exam conditions, followed by guided review. The most relevant questions are developed by our professionals to reflect recent trends and feedback from teachers and our top achieving students. Computer-based trial tests are provided to prepare for NAPLAN tests.

Writing course: Supporting development of technical and creative writing skills, providing ideal preparation to excel at written tasks at school and formal tests.

  • Location: Chatswood & Online
  • Suitable for: Kindergarten – Year 12
  • Cost: During school term: $50 – $82 per session (2.5 hours – 4 hours) | School holidays: $82 per day (6 hours per day) & $140 per day (Trial tests, 7 hours per day)
  • Website: newcollegechatswood.com.au

Dymocks Tutoring (Chatswood, Burwood, Parramatta, Hurstville, Online)

North Shore Mums offer: Receive a FREE trial for each subject you would like to receive tutoring in. In addition, as an exclusive offer you can enjoy a further 15% offer with the code NSMUM15 

Dymocks Tutoring is a part of one of Australia’s most trusted and long-standing businesses – the Dymocks Group which runs Australia’s oldest bookseller, Dymocks.

With Dymocks Tutoring you have an Australian family-owned and operated business that is focussed on delivering value to parents and students. Being part of the fabric of Australian history we’re uniquely placed to help students secure their academic future through well well-developed curriculum mapped to the school program and a unique instructional approach which blends direct instruction with significant practice for students to achieve mastery.

  • Location: Chatswood, Burwood, Parramatta, Hurstville & Online
  • Suitable for: Year 3 – Year 12
  • Cost: Small group tutoring is paid on a term basis. Cost is at an hourly rate of: $27 per hour for Primary Tuition (Grades 3 – 6) | $33 per hour for Junior High Tuition (Grades 7 – 10) | $37 per hour for Senior High Tuition (Grades 11 and 12) | One to One Tutoring starts from $68 per hours and depends on the seniority of the tutor
  • Website: dymockstutoring.edu.au

Speaking Schools Australasia (North Sydney, Chatswood, Gordon, Wahroonga, Ryde & Online)

North Shore Mums offer: Receive a FREE trial for each subject you would like to receive tutoring in. In addition, as an exclusive offer you can enjoy a further 15% offer with the code NSMUM15 

Dymocks Tutoring is a part of one of Australia’s most trusted and long-standing businesses – the Dymocks Group which runs Australia’s oldest bookseller, Dymocks.

With Dymocks Tutoring you have an Australian family-owned and operated business that is focussed on delivering value to parents and students. Being part of the fabric of Australian history we’re uniquely placed to help students secure their academic future through well well-developed curriculum mapped to the school program and a unique instructional approach which blends direct instruction with significant practice for students to achieve mastery.

  • Location: North Sydney, Chatswood, Gordon, Wahroonga, Ryde & Online
  • Suitable for: Kindergarten to Year 10
  • Cost: Prices start at $27.50 per hour for 1-hour online sessions via Zoom. Bookings are made for a whole term, so this cost typically comes to $275 for a full 10-week term. Online 2-hour sessions cost $50 per session, and total up to $500 for the 10-week term.
    In-person sessions range in price but start from $32 per 1-hour in-person session. Bookings are also made for the whole term, which range from 8-10 weeks depending on the venue.
  • Website: speakingschools.com.au
  • Creative Kids Vouchers Accepted

Talent 100 (Chatswood, Epping, Burwood, Hurstville, Online)

North Shore Mums Offer: All new students are welcome to take a 1-week obligation-free trial (cooling off period) in the subject of their choice. Family discount for 2+ students. Free diagnostics and consultations for Year 3 – Year 10.

Talent 100

Talent 100

Talent 100 is one of Sydney’s most established and reputable coaching colleges, helping thousands of students ace the HSC since 2008. With inspirational learning centres in Chatswood, Epping, Burwood and Hurstville (all 2 min from train) their holistic programs don’t just teach, but provide all the learning support (textbooks, practice papers, digital resources) to ensure students build the confidence they need for school success.

Their team is led by Head of Maths David Sadler (Cambridge text author, ex Head of Maths Sydney Grammar School) and Head of English Dr Jenny Wells (ex Kambala, Ascham, PLC) with a group of some of the brightest young minds who recently completed the HSC. But the proof is really in the experience, reach out today for an obligation-free trial, 1 week cooling off to try before you pay. See what thousands of students have said about their programs today.

  • Location: Chatswood, Epping, Burwood, Hurstville & Online (Live)
  • Suitable for: Year 3 – Year 12
  • Cost: Starts from $31-$37 per hour. Pay by term, small group classes supplemented by private tutorials.
    Physical textbook, practice papers, video lessons, digital resources included.
    Obligation free 1 week cooling off period – trial before you pay.
    Sibling discounts apply.
  • Website: talent-100.com.au
  • Creative Kids vouchers accepted

TE-Ducation Australia

As a dedicated group of educators who have come together to better serve students throughout NSW and remotely around the country and the world, TE-Ducation Australia is making a real difference.

Through their in-class and online academic programs, they offer a variety of learning opportunities that help students reach the next level in their educational journey.

With National and International Champions as debating coaches and HSC markers, and English teachers at private schools, they have the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to prepare students for short-term and long-term success.

They have been attending the Harvard Model United Nations Conference in Boston every year and achieved a top 1% ranking out of 3500 delegates across the world. Their students and families appreciate the chance to work with their Qualified Oxbridge admission tutor and their teachers who graduated from Oxford and Harvard.

  • Location: Turramurra and Online (Live)
  • Suitable for: Year 3 – Year 12
  • Website: te-ducation.com.au

      Project Academy (Chatswood & Online)

      Project Academy is one of the most personalised and highest performing centres specialising in Y9 – 12 education. In recent years, they have produced the duxes of Knox Grammar, North Sydney Boys, North Sydney Girls, SHORE, Loreto Kirribilli, and many more.
      Known for their highly personalised programs, each student is assigned two teachers to ensure the most holistic support possible:

      1. Weekly class: A teacher who covers new content
      2. Weekly personalised tutorials: A tutor who reinforces knowledge and helps with school work

      In addition, students receive:

      • Unlimited tutorial bookings
      • Weekly homework and in-depth marking
      • Daily live homework help sessions
      • Daily access to world class study spaces
      • An Apple iPad packed with custom apps and online access to tutors

      Highly popular amongst students, P.A. is well known for their Google-like culture. They have a strong emphasis on caring for students, which greatly enriches their already world class program. Learn more about their 3-week-trial.

      • Location: Chatswood, Hornsby & online
      • Suitable for: Year 9 – Year 12
      • Cost: Year 12: From $34/hr | Year 11: From $30/hr | Year 10: $28/hr | Year 9: $21/hr
      • Website: projectacademy.nsw.edu.au

        3SN Education (Hornsby & Online)

        North Shore Mums offer: Enjoy a free trial class!

        3SN Education (Hornsby & Online)

        3SN Education (Hornsby & Online)

        3SN Education caters to students from Year 7 to 12 for Mathematics, Science and English. Classes are offered both live, online via live streaming and are recorded enabling flexibility in learning. Students receive:

        • Quality and motivational teaching through interactive learning
        • Targeted advanced study material for success at school and in the HSC
        • Weekly quizzes and exams to enhance learning
        • Outstanding results – High number of band sixes in all subjects
        • Detailed feedback to students and parents
        • Free one-on-one homework help

        Sid teaches all years for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. This allows for personalised student-centered learning with continuity of teaching across the high school years. With more than 15 years of experience, Sid has taught and guided thousands of students to achieve their personal best.

        Vedika teaches English for all years. She is very passionate about the importance of critical thinking, questioning and interrogating ideas through reading and writing.

        • Location: Hornsby & Online
        • Suitable for: Year 7 – Year 12
        • Cost: Years 11 & 12 (Maths 4U, 3U, 2U, Physics, Chemistry): $50 for 1.5-hour session | Years 7 to 10: $50 for 2-hour session (Maths & Science) | $45 for 1.5-hour session (English)
        • Website: 3sn.com.au

        Kalibrate-Ed (North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Online & Home)

        North Shore Mums Offer: enjoy a complimentary in-depth Roadmap Discovery session (60 mins) for your child with a Senior Education Strategist. Click here to redeem.

        Kalibrate-Ed helps parents of Year 7-12 students optimise their child’s academic performance and unlock their highest potential for life through tailored education strategies tailored to your child’s unique learning needs. These passionate educators specialise provide the roadmap and steps to bridge the gap between where your child is right now and where they could be.

        They take a strategic, personalised approach to help students:

        • Better plan and manage time to become proactive and organised for school.
        • Implement effective study skills and exam technique for higher marks.
        • Get confident and motivated for exams and university.
        • Manage learning with anxiety, ADHD, depression and dyslexia.

        They optimise your child’s performance across all their subjects, going beyond what’s possible when restricted to individual subject content at school or tutoring. Their students gain the extra edge to achieve higher rankings with less time, effort and stress. Last year, 100% of Kalibrate-Ed’s Year 12 students got into their first preference of university courses, with two-thirds of these students receiving early offers before HSC trials.

        • Location: North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, online & home (by special request)
        • Suitable for: Year 7 – Year 12 (and Year 6 high school preparation)
        • Cost: Each program is custom-tailored, so your child receives a personalised strategy with unique pricing. Fees are based on the exact outcomes you want your child to achieve, rather than time-based fees that don’t guarantee a result. Claim a loyalty reward discount on ongoing programs. 
        • Website: kalibrate-ed.com.au

        In-home & Online Tutoring

          A2 Tutors (Home & Online)

          North Shore Mums Offer: Mention North Shore Mums and receive their new eBook: ‘The 12 Pillars To Thriving Throughout Year 12’ FREE!

          A² Tutors is a one-on-one tutoring service, supporting students from ages 4-18 in their journey through school. At A² Tutors, their mission is to instil confidence in their students, and change the path of their lives. They strive to inspire all students to love to learn again, gain their confidence back and achieve academic success. They believe that each student is different and aim to teach and educate them in a way that suits their individual needs.

          The A² Tutors don’t just teach content, they teach their students skills that will benefit them throughout their adult lives. Yes, preparing for exams is important, but implementing healthy habits around study plans, schedules and self-care tops the cake for them. At A² Tutors, their team builds connections with their students, allowing them to really get to know them, how they work and how they learn best – which sets the student up for success.

          Get an A² Tutor to improve your child’s confidence, and in turn, their academic performance.

          • Location: In your home & online
          • Suitable for: Kindergarten – Year 12
          • Cost: Contract-free and pay-as-you-go options with lessons starting from $71.50 per hour
          • Website: a2tutors.com.au

          Alchemy Tuition (Home & Online)

          North Shore Mums Offer: Love your first lesson or it’s free!

          Alchemy Tuition

          Alchemy Tuition

          Alchemy Tuition is Australia’s highest rated in-home and online tutoring for K-12 students. More than 5000 5-star reviews and more than 15 years of experience. Offering one-on-one tutoring for all K-12 subjects, you will see your child grow in confidence, do better at school and gain a lifelong love of learning.

          Alchemy Tuition specialises in in-home and online tutoring across the North Shore, with hundreds of tutors ready to support your child in the HSC and IB, entry exams (selective school, OC and NAPLAN) and general support in all subjects. Their tutors offer so much more than just better marks; their tutors are role-models and mentors for their students and your child will look forward to every lesson!

          Get in touch today or book your first lesson online with an Alchemy tutor in under 3 minutes. No contracts, prepayments or minimum commitments – they work around your busy schedule!

          • Location: Home & Online
          • Suitable for: Kindergarten – Year 12
          • Cost: Entirely contract-free and pay-as-you-go with online lessons starting at $59 per hour
          • Website: alchemytuition.com.au

          Evolutionary Tutors (Home & Online)

          North Shore Mums offer: Save up to $500! Use code ‘NSMUMS’ for 20% off Harvard Weekend Academies + Future-Ready Coaching Program. Applies to the first 20 applicants.

          Evolutionary Tutors (Home & Online)

          Evolutionary Tutors

          Evolutionary Tutors empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and tools to adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing educational landscape. Every student has the potential to achieve their personal and professional goals, and they are committed to guiding students to excel by making informed decisions about their futures. They offer:

          1-on-1 Private Tutoring: Students are matched with handpicked tutors in just 24 hours. With over 100 5-star Google Reviews, they are trusted by 1000+ parents across Sydney and Melbourne and have completed 16,000+ hours of lessons since 2017.

          Harvard Weekend Academies: Exclusive access to pre-professional business and coding programs for high-school students, taught by Harvard students.

          1-on-1 Future-Ready Coaching: Their 12-week signature program is designed to help students build confidence in navigating their future. The curriculum covers principles for a changing world, self-mastery, life-planning, skills in-demand, understanding money and networking – all essential for success in the modern world.

          • Location: At home & Online
          • Suitable for: Tutoring: Year 7 – 12 | Harvard Weekend Academies: Year 9 – 12 | Coaching: 16 – 25 years
          • Cost: Private Tutoring: Pay-As-You-Go: $65/hour OR Discounted bundle: $600 (10 lessons at $60/hour) | Harvard Weekend Academies: 2-day program: $450 OR 4-day program: $750 | 12-week Future-Ready Program: $2479
          • Website: evolutionarytutors.com.au

          Modedu (Home & Online)

          North Shore Mums offer: Sign up to their website and receive 1 week of unlimited 1-1 lessons for $40 per hour!

          Modedu is a Sydney-based startup looking to provide À la carte educational experience for Year 6 – HSC students with their unique blend of personalised support and tutoring community.

          • 24/7 support on their platform: Students can get support around the clock for homework, assignments and exams. All they need to do is post their questions on the Modedu forum, and their Sydney-based tutors will answer!
          • Personalised & flexible lessons: Students are supported by a team of trained tutors, most of which are 97+ ATAR and have the ability to book 1hr 1-1 lessons for any subject, with any tutor at any time!
          • Yr 7 – 12 for English & Maths (up to Ex 2), Phys, Chem, Bio, Legal, Anc & Mod History, Engineering, CAFS, SOR, Software.
          • Yr 6 – English, Maths and Science
          • Accountability Based Learning: Tutors at Modedu ensure that parents are in the loop regarding their child’s performance and that their students are improving each lesson!

          Check out their website for a free trial.

          • Location: At home & Online
          • Suitable for: Year  6 – Year 12
          • Cost: Private Tutoring: from $60 per hour
          • Website: modedu.com.au

              Online Tutoring & Coaching

              No Nonsense Tutoring (Online)

              North Shore Mums Offer: Mention ‘North Shore Mums’ to receive a 20% discount on your first 4 sessions (T&Cs apply).

              No Nonsense Tutoring

              Get expert help and personalised learning programs with No Nonsense Tutoring – a 5-star Australian-owned and operated online tutoring service. No Nonsense Tutoring is revolutionising how students are tutored across Australia with their learning programs unique to every student. No Nonsense Tutoring specialises in providing outstanding one-on-one support and guidance to K-12 students in English, mathematics, and physics.

              No Nonsense Tutoring’s tutors are experienced, enthusiastic, and professional and are a combination of high ATAR achievers, university graduates and skilled educators. Each tutor has a proven history of student success and holds a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC).

              Contact No Nonsense Tutoring today to secure your personalised lessons with an experienced tutor. With no lock-in contracts or hidden fees, No Nonsense Tutoring offers flexible lesson scheduling options – choose a time and day that best integrates with your lifestyle.

              • Location: Online
              • Suitable for: Kindergarten – Year 12
              • Cost: Pay-as-you-go with online lessons starting from $63 per hour | No lock-in contracts or hidden fees.
              • Website: nononsensetutoring.com.au

              Tutero (Online)

              North Shore Mums Offer: Money Back Guarantee

              Boost your child’s academic potential with Tutero, Australia’s premier online tutoring service. Tutero connects your child with the top 2% of tutors nationwide, delivering customised lessons for students from Prep to Year 12, in line with the Australian curriculum.

              Tutero meticulously matches each student with a tutor who is best suited to their needs and provide lessons tailored to each subject.

              After each lesson, parents receive comprehensive reports detailing their child’s progress. With a total of 20,000+ hours of tutoring delivered each year, we have made a significant impact on the learning journeys of over a thousand students across the country. Find out more.

              Tutuero understands that that choosing the right tutor is a significant decision for your child’s academic journey. They want to make this choice as easy and risk-free as possible for you. As an exclusive offer for the North Shore Mums community, they are excited to introduce a Money Back Guarantee on your first lesson. If, after the first lesson, you are not completely satisfied with our service, the quality of our tutors, or the value we offer, we will refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

              • Location: Online via Zoom
              • Suitable for: Kindy – Year 12
              • Cost: $65 per hour
              • Website: tutero.com.au

              Clever Fox Education (Online)

              Clever Fox Education

              Clever Fox Education

              Primary and high school students can get a head start in their education and take part in expert selective, scholarship, NAPLAN, ICAS writing, and English tutoring via Zoom. Classes are designed and taught by Amber Fox, a teacher with 28 years of experience who has written and reviewed NAPLAN and UNSW ICAS tests.

              Fun facts about Clever Fox Education

              • $5 000 000 in scholarships to private schools across Australia
              • 90% of students gain entry to top selective schools across Australia
              • 90% of students score in the top triangle or top band in NAPLAN Writing, English and Language Conventions
              • 95% of students earn High Distinctions or Distinctions in ICAS Writing and English

              Writing Tutoring: Years 2-10 expert, specialist writing tutoring for primary and high school. Clever Fox students have obtained full scholarships to prestigious private schools across Australia, gained entry to selective high schools, scored in the top triangle for NAPLAN, been awarded ICAS medals and won national and international writing competitions! Our handcrafted course material by Amber Fox and Graham Sims features 100+ page booklets per 10-week term. Parents also receive a bonus 150+ page Support Booklet, meticulously crafted with expert tips and tricks to enhance children’s writing abilities and to achieve exceptional results in exams.

              English Tutoring: Years 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 7/8 group English classes focusing on comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and editing. Class materials are curated by CEO, Amber Fox, who has written/reviewed NAPLAN and ICAS tests. Classes are taught by Helen Cassar, an experienced, current Assistant Principal.

              Holiday Courses: Intensive holiday courses designed to prepare students for selective, scholarship, NAPLAN and ICAS exams.

              Reach my ATAR (Online)

              North Shore Mums Offer: Mention North Shore Mums and get one week free coaching from our packages. Save up to $85!

              Reach my ATAR (Online)

              Reach my ATAR (Online)

              Reach my ATAR is a tutoring agency founded by Christine Girgis, a highly experienced HSC teacher and marker with over 15 years of teaching experience. Christine has helped 37 students achieve a 90+ ATAR using Reach my ATAR’s HSC Accelerator Course and ATAR Academy.
              The coaching program focuses on the three pillars of HSC success: syllabus mastery, band 6 writing skills, and round-the-clock support. Students learn key statistics and case studies, band 6 writing techniques, and receive 24/7 access to a HSC marker for feedback on their work.
              Reach my ATAR teaches goal setting, time management, and stress management to help students develop the essential skills needed for success in the HSC and beyond.

              • Location: Online
              • Suitable for: Year 7 – Year 12
              • Cost: varying costs for 1-on-1, small group (up to 5 students) and medium group (6-10 students)
              • Website: reachmyatar.kartra.com

              Modern Education (Online)

              North Shore Mums offer: enjoy a free education consultation with Jaz (Founder or Victor (Co-Founder) & a free trial session!

              At Modern Education, they offer state-of-the-art online learning services through one-on-one coaching and group seminars for high school students in New South Wales. Their subject offerings include Mathematics and English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Economics, Business Studies and Engineering, with a focus on personalised, adaptable learning.

              Their successful seminars provide a crash-course environment for revision, exam preparation, and syllabus Q&A. The founders of Modern Education are massive technology and education enthusiasts! With that in mind, they have created a seamless education community that brings on their unique platform for students and tutors to communicate, share questions and/or insight. That way your child is being supported outside tutoring times, whether that’s the day before an exam or even on unscheduled lesson times. They’ve also collated a share drive of exam past papers, textbooks and resources for your child to use at any moment.

              • Location: Online
              • Suitable for: Year 7 – Year 12
              • Cost: $70 per hour, per subject (discounts for multiple sessions)
              • Website: modern-education.com.au






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