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North Shore Martial Arts Classes Guide

Black Belt Martial Arts (Hornsby)
Black Belt Martial Arts (Hornsby)

Looking for martial arts classes for your child (or yourself) around Sydney’s North Shore? Whether you’re interested in Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Kung Fu, Muay Thai or Hapkido, there are lots of fabulous martial arts schools to choose from. This guide is your key to exploring the variety of martial arts classes available across the North Shore, tailored for all ages and skill levels.

Unlocking the potential of martial arts is more than just learning how to throw a punch or master a kick. It’s about building confidence, improving discipline, and enhancing physical fitness in a supportive community environment.

To find a Martial Arts class around the North Shore for your child, take a look at the Quicklinks below. Mention North Shore Mums when you enquire for special deals!

        GKR Karate (Artarmon, Lane Cove, Hornsby, Mosman and more)

        North Shore Mums offer: 50% off joining fee + FREE uniform.

        GKR Karate is a family-oriented club that has been established for 40 years. Their classes welcome students of all age groups and genders, ranging from young children (5 yrs +), teens, adults and families. They also have specialised introductory classes for 3-4 year olds.

        All of their techniques are founded in self-defence, and all their classes are run in an atmosphere of respect, discipline, and fun. Aside from the confidence gained when learning self-defence, karate training can have a positive impact on children’s focus, coordination, physical well-being and overall behaviour.

        • Location: Artarmon, Asquith, Berowra, Concord, Frenchs Forest, Hornsby, Lane Cove North, Mosman, Northbridge, Pymble
        • Suitable for: 3+ years
        • Cost: Training fees from $24.50 per week. Family discounts available.
        • Website: gkrkarate.com
        • Active Kids Vouchers accepted

        Martial Arts Classes on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

        Training Grounds (St Leonards)

        North Shore Mums offer: In addition to their standard one week free trial, North Shore Mum’s receive a bonus WEEK of free training. You will also receive 10% off our retail gear (Gi’s, Muay Thai gloves etc).

        Training Grounds Kids Academy (St Leonards)

        Training Grounds Kids Academy is first and foremost about kids having fun and feeling part of a group, whilst learning new skills.

        They offer Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (3.5 years +), Muay Thai (6 years +), and private or small group self-defence sessions for teen girls from 13 years +.

        Their classes are run by experienced instructors, and all classes emphasise the importance of teamwork, improve listening and social skills, and give kids a sense of achievement.

        Kids are surrounded by positive role models and, of course, they make lots of new friends along the way.

        • Location: 4/460 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards
        • Suitable for: 3.5 years – teens
        • Cost: Choose from a variety of membership options, with classes starting from just $16 a session.
        • Website: traininggrounds.com.au

        Philotimo Jujitsu (Hunters Hill & Gladesville)

        North Shore Mums offer: Free trial class, PLUS mums train free with enrolled children!

        At Philotimo, you will learn and practice traditional, Japanese Jujitsu.

        Strikes, throws, kicks, rolling and breakfalling, weapons and sparring.

        Japanese Jujitsu is a well-rounded form of self-defence and one of the most practical styles for women and girls.

        Their classes focus on realistic and immediate self-defence skills and are tailored specifically for women and girls.

        • Location: Gladesville, Hunters Hill and Inner West
        • Suited for: 3+ years
        • Website: philotimojujitsu.com

            White Wolf Dojo (Castle Cove)

            North Shore Mums offer: Free trial class + White Wolf Dojo baseball cap for all new members

            White Wolf Dojo offers martial arts classes for all ages. They use martial arts as a vehicle to inspire each student to become the best possible version of themselves.

            Learning physical confidence carries through to all other aspects of our lives. Classes are fun, safe and challenging for each age group. They learn Japanese Jujutsu, kickboxing and Aikido.

            • Locations: 1 Denawen Avenue, Castle Cove
            • Suitable for: 4+ years
            • Cost: $30 per class
            • Website: whitewolfdojo.com.au

            Foundations Kung Fu (Chatswood)

            North Shore Mums offer: Free trial class + 10% discount on first package sign-ups

            Foundations SD run martial arts classes that teach children to train their minds, emotions and bodies – leading them on the correct path of self-development.

            Through the self-defence practice of Wing Chun Kung-Fu, students will be challenged to develop their focus, discipline and strength while working as a team, helping their fellow classmates, becoming leaders and always doing their best!

            Foundations SD classes will bring out the best in your child and help them in all aspects of their lives; family, school and social.

            • Location: Ground Floor, Tower A, 799 Pacific Highway (corner, Thomas St) Chatswood 
            • Suitable for: 3-70 years
            • Cost:
              • 1 month – 1 class per week – $165 | Unlimited classes – $242 per month
              • 3 months – 1 class per week – $154 | Unlimited classes – $220 per month
              • 6 months – 1 class per week – $143 | Unlimited classes – $198 per month
            • Website: foundations-sd.com

            Martial Arts Classes on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

            Personal Strength (Gordon)

            North Shore Mums Offer: Free trial class.

            Personal Strength (Gordon)

            Martial Arts is what happens when bad situations get worse and things get physical. Self-defence is the skill of learning what situations going bad looks like, and avoiding, defusing or escaping it.

            Personal Strength offers classes for kids and teens that teach both self-defence and martial arts. This includes situational awareness, avoidance strategies, mental preparation and verbal dissuasion, including age-appropriate discussions of boundaries and respect.

            Additionally, effective physical techniques and principles are taught, providing young people with skills to protect them for life.

            • Location: 1/786 Pacific Highway, Gordon (Entry is at the back, via Moree St) 
            • Suitable for: 5-8, 8-12 & 12-17 years
            • Cost: $32 per class, payable by term (pro rata)
            • Website: personalstrength.com.au
            • Active Kids Vouchers accepted

            Black Belt Martial Arts (Hornsby)

            North Shore Mums offer: Free trial class. Free Karate uniform on enrolment when you mention ‘North Shore Mums’.

            Black Belt Martial Arts (BBMA) in Hornsby teaches traditional karate, incorporating self-defence, anti-bullying, mindfulness and ‘whole of life’ skills.

            BBMA Kids develop their physical skills – dynamic movement, coordination, agility, strength & balance in a fun, safe and age-appropriate Karate programs. Kids build confidence, focus & concentration, learning about BBMA Black Belt values (like courtesy & respect) and the traditional Karate ‘way’ – leading a life of kindness & non-violence.

            At BBMA Hornsby you’ll find a non-judgy safe space, professional (Karate Australia accredited) staff & a welcoming community.

            • Location: Suite 8 (upstairs on level 1), 6-18 Bridge Road, Hornsby
            • Suited for: 3+ years  
            • Cost: Ongoing tuition fee start at $49 per fortnight
            • Website: bbmahornsby.com.au
            • Email: [email protected]
            • Active Kids vouchers accepted. Family discounts provided.

            SKM Martial Arts (Hornsby)

            North Shore Mums offer: Free one-week free trial. Sign up during the trial week and receive $50 off! 

            SKM Martial Arts (Hornsby)

            SKM Martial Arts offers classes for kindy, kids and teens. Enjoy practical, fun and safe classes of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

            Why choose their classes?

            • Learn Self-Defence: Gain confidence knowing how to protect yourself in any situation.
            • Build Discipline: Develop focus, respect, and self-control through structured training.
            • Stay Active: Get fit while learning cool moves and techniques.
            • Make Friends: Connect with other kids in a safe and supportive environment

            But most of all, have fun and enjoy energetic classes that make learning martial arts an adventure!

            • Locations: 2/1 Leighton Place, Hornsby
            • Suitable for: 4+ years
            • Cost: $25 – 1 class per week | $39 – 2 classes per week | $49 – 3 classes per week
            • Website: skmmartialarts.com.au
            • Active Kids Vouchers accepted

            Absolute Self Defence (Mount Ku-ring-gai)

            North Shore Mums offer: First 10 North Shore Mums members to register their children at Absolute Self Defence from 1 July 2024 will receive a kick/punch paddle target to aid in practicing at home. North Shore Mums also get a 10% discount for ongoing training plans for the first 6 months. 

            At Absolute Self Defence, their martial arts classes are in age groups relevant to the physical, emotional and social development of children.

            They focus on gross motor, social, and development skills for ages 3-5 as part of school preparation. Self defence, personal safety, overall development skills for ages 6-9. Martial arts, physical self defence, safety awareness skills and fitness for ages 9-13.

            Many teenage members train in their complete martial arts program, Kwan Nyom Hapkido, building lifelong connections along the way. Training helps teens stay on track with their academic progress and keep them fit.  Classes run during the week and on Saturdays.

            • Location: Unit 16, 12-14 Beaumont Road, Mount Ku-ring-gai
            • Suitable for:Any age from 3 years to adults
            • Cost: *$50 to $85 per fortnight, depending on training plans. They offer ongoing, casual and prepaid training options.
            • Website: absoluteselfdefence.com

              Movement Martial Arts (Macquarie Park)

              North Shore Mums offer: Two weeks free trial for North Shore Mums.

              Movement Martial Arts offers classes for kids in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Each class caters to kids ages 5-14 years old.

              Their classes are specifically tailored and designed for a child’s developing mind and body with activities, which teach real-life techniques in a fun and engaging way.

              Through their syllabus your child will develop discipline, respect, grit and self-confidence in a fun, clean, and most importantly safe environment. The skills they will learn will give them the confidence and the ability to defend themselves in difficult situations.

              • Locations: 35 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park
              • Suitable for: 5-14  years old
              • Cost: $68-$80 per fortnight
              • Website: movementmartialarts.com.au
              • Active Kids Vouchers accepted





              TUTOR & COACHING GUIDE




              What are the different types of Martial Arts?

              Martial arts encompass a broad range of practices and styles from around the world, each with its own unique techniques, philosophies, and cultural origins. The most popular types of martial arts, which have garnered significant followings globally, include:

              1. Karate

              • Origin: Japan
              • Focus: Striking, punching, kicking, and open-hand techniques.
              • Styles: Shotokan, Goju-Ryu, Shito-Ryu, Wado-Ryu.
              • Notable Aspect: Emphasis on discipline and kata (formalized sequences of movements).

              2. Taekwondo

              • Origin: Korea
              • Focus: High, fast kicks and jumping/spinning kicks.
              • Styles: ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation), WTF (World Taekwondo Federation).
              • Notable Aspect: Olympic sport, known for its dynamic kicking techniques.

              3. Judo

              • Origin: Japan
              • Focus: Grappling, throws, joint locks, and pins.
              • Styles: Kodokan Judo.
              • Notable Aspect: Olympic sport, emphasis on using an opponent’s force against them.

              4. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

              • Origin: Brazil
              • Focus: Ground fighting, submissions, chokes, and joint locks.
              • Styles: Gi and No-Gi BJJ.
              • Notable Aspect: Highly popular in mixed martial arts (MMA) for its effective grappling techniques.

              5. Kung Fu

              • Origin: China
              • Focus: Diverse techniques including strikes, kicks, throws, joint manipulation, and traditional weapons.
              • Styles: Shaolin, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Wushu.
              • Notable Aspect: Emphasis on fluid movements and philosophical teachings.

              6. Muay Thai

              • Origin: Thailand
              • Focus: Striking using fists, elbows, knees, and shins.
              • Styles: Traditional Muay Thai and modern Muay Thai.
              • Notable Aspect: Known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” for its comprehensive striking techniques.

              7. Boxing

              • Origin: Global, with ancient roots in Greece and Rome.
              • Focus: Punching, footwork, head movement.
              • Styles: Professional boxing, amateur boxing.
              • Notable Aspect: Olympic sport and popular in both competitive and fitness contexts.

              8. Krav Maga

              • Origin: Israel
              • Focus: Practical self-defence, combining techniques from various martial arts.
              • Styles: Military Krav Maga, civilian Krav Maga.
              • Notable Aspect: Emphasis on real-world self-defence scenarios and quick, effective responses.

              9. Aikido

              • Origin: Japan
              • Focus: Joint locks, throws, blending with an opponent’s movement.
              • Styles: Traditional Aikido, Yoshinkan Aikido.
              • Notable Aspect: Focus on harmony and redirecting an opponent’s energy.

              10. Hapkido

              • Origin: Korea
              • Focus: Joint locks, grappling, throwing, striking and the use of pressure points.
              • Notable Aspect: It’s known for its fluidity, versatility, and adaptability in various combat scenarios.

              11. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

              • Origin: Modern sport combining techniques from various martial arts.
              • Focus: Striking, grappling, and submissions from disciplines like BJJ, wrestling, boxing, and Muay Thai.
              • Notable Aspect: Popularised through organisations like the UFC, known for its versatility and effectiveness in combat sports.

              12. Capoeira

              • Origin: Brazil
              • Focus: Combining dance, acrobatics, and martial arts.
              • Notable Aspect: Known for its fluid, dance-like movements and rhythmic, musical elements.

              13. Wrestling

              • Origin: Ancient, with various traditional forms worldwide.
              • Focus: Grappling, throws, pins, and holds.
              • Styles: Freestyle, Greco-Roman, folkstyle.
              • Notable Aspect: Olympic sport, fundamental in MMA for its grappling techniques.

              These martial arts are popular not only for their combat effectiveness but also for their contributions to physical fitness, mental discipline, cultural heritage, and personal development. Each offers unique benefits and experiences, making them appealing to diverse audiences worldwide.

              What are the benefit of children doing Martial Arts class?

              Learning martial arts can be very beneficial for children in various aspects of their development. Here are some reasons why it’s good for kids to learn martial arts:

              1. Physical Fitness

              • Improves Overall Health: Martial arts provide a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and coordination.
              • Encourages Regular Exercise: Engages children in consistent physical activity, promoting a healthy lifestyle and combating childhood obesity.

              2. Self-Discipline and Focus

              • Enhances Concentration: The practice of martial arts requires focus on techniques, movements, and discipline, which can improve a child’s ability to concentrate in other areas of life, such as schoolwork.
              • Promotes Self-Control: Learning to control one’s movements and reactions is central to martial arts, helping children develop patience and self-discipline.

              3. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

              • Builds Self-Esteem: Achieving new belts, mastering techniques, and overcoming challenges in martial arts boost a child’s self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.
              • Empowers Through Skill Development: Knowing they can defend themselves and handle challenging situations empowers children and builds self-assurance.

              4. Respect and Discipline

              • Teaches Respect for Others: Martial arts often emphasise respect for instructors, peers, and the practice itself, instilling good manners and mutual respect.
              • Instills Discipline: The structured environment of martial arts classes helps children understand and follow rules and guidelines, fostering a disciplined approach to tasks and goals.

              5. Self-Defence Skills

              • Practical Safety Skills: Martial arts teach children how to protect themselves and respond to threats, which can be vital in unsafe situations.
              • Boosts Awareness: Kids learn situational awareness and how to avoid dangerous situations, promoting personal safety.

              6. Mental and Emotional Resilience

              • Copes with Stress: The mental discipline of martial arts helps children manage stress and anxiety, providing a healthy outlet for emotions.
              • Encourages Perseverance: Overcoming challenges and setbacks in martial arts training fosters resilience and the ability to persist through difficulties.

              7. Social Skills and Teamwork

              • Fosters Friendships: Martial arts classes provide a social environment where children can interact with peers, build friendships, and learn teamwork.
              • Teaches Communication: Working with partners and participating in group activities enhances communication skills and empathy.

              8. Improves Academic Performance

              • Enhances Cognitive Skills: The focus, discipline, and problem-solving skills developed in martial arts can translate to better performance in school.
              • Boosts Concentration: Improved attention span and focus from martial arts training can lead to better study habits and academic success.

              9. Promotes Healthy Competition

              • Teaches Fair Play: Competitions and sparring in martial arts teach children about healthy competition, sportsmanship, and respecting opponents.
              • Builds Competitive Spirit: Encourages a sense of achievement and motivation to improve, while understanding the value of effort and persistence.

              10. Encourages a Growth Mindset

              • Focuses on Continuous Improvement: Martial arts emphasise that skill development is a gradual process, encouraging children to adopt a growth mindset and a willingness to learn and grow.
              • Celebrates Progress: Regular assessments and promotions recognise progress and improvement, reinforcing the value of effort and dedication.

              11. Cultural Awareness

              • Introduces Different Cultures: Martial arts often come with a cultural component, introducing children to new customs, traditions, and languages, fostering cultural appreciation and open-mindedness.

              12. Fun and Engaging Activity

              • Provides Enjoyment: Martial arts classes are often engaging and enjoyable, combining physical activity with games and drills that keep children motivated and interested.
              • Offers a Positive Outlet: Provides a positive and structured environment for kids to release energy and have fun in a productive way.

              Overall, martial arts offer a holistic approach to a child’s development, encompassing physical, mental, and social growth. They provide valuable life skills that extend far beyond the dojo or gym, contributing to well-rounded, confident, and capable individuals.



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