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North Shore Preschool Guide

Gowrie NSW Shirley Road Preschool, Crows Nest
Gowrie NSW Shirley Road Preschool, Crows Nest

If you’re looking for a wonderful preschool for your child on the North Shore, our North Shore Preschool Guide is a great place to start your search! It showcases a range of amazing preschools across the North Shore, all with different philosophies and values. Read on for key information about each preschool, with details of how you can book a tour to explore further.

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    Lower North Shore Preschools

    Redlands Preschool

    About Redlands Preschool

    Redlands Preschool (Redlands House) provides a richly stimulating, innovative and caring environment which fosters students’ natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. It offers a purposeful education that establishes in each child a love of learning and a strong sense of self.

    It is one of the very few preschools in Australia to have received a perfect rating of Exceeding Quality Standard in all seven quality areas by ACECQA, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority. The two-year program, for children aged 3-5 years, incorporates the very best early childhood teaching theories and practices from around the world.

    The Redlands House curriculum reflects a strong commitment to the concept of developmentally appropriate practice for young children. Additionally, the teachers value the unique talents, strengths and passions that the children bring with them to preschool. Therefore, they develop teaching programs after attentively observing and listening to each child. Children are seen as active contributors in the learning process.

    Key curriculum areas include literacy, numeracy, science, french, arts & crafts, library, music & physical education. 

    Click here to book a school tour.

    • Ages: 3-5 years
    • Meals: Bring your own recess & lunchbox
    • Hours: 8am-6pm
    • Fees: Junior (2 Day Program): $10,240 | Senior (3 Day Program): $15,360 | Transition: $25,600

    Contact Redlands Preschool

    Willoughby Community Preschool, Naremburn

    Willoughby Community Preschool

    About Willoughby Community Preschool

    Willoughby Community Preschool Inc. is a long-standing institution within the Willoughby/Naremburn community, providing education and care for children aged three to five years for nearly half a century.  This North Shore Preschool is a community based, not-for-profit, long-day care preschool, which requires and highly values the involvement of its parent community. The Preschool has been assessed as “Exceeding” according to the National Quality Standard.

    The Preschool prides itself in being a Little Scientists House. This award acknowledges their commitment to inquiry-based STEM learning and daily scientific research with the children, documenting the progress and attending ongoing professional development programs with Little Scientists Australia. They participate in the Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) programme for four-year-old children (year before school), integrating the Japanese language learning and technology.

    Languages spoken by educators: English, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese and Korean. Their educators are highly skilled and passionate about learning and share their special interests of music – teaching the children the ukulele; fine arts, and nature including sustainability, gardening, growing vegetables and tending to their native bees.

    Want to know more? Access their Virtual Tour here. Contact their Director to book a tour in person.

    • Ages: 3-5 years
    • Meals: Bring your own recess & lunchbox
    • Hours: 8am-4pm
    • Fees: 3-day group (Mon, Tues, & Wed) or 2-day group (Thurs & Fri). 9am-3pm, $84 per day, or 8am-4pm $106 per day.

    Contact Willoughby Community Preschool

    Gowrie NSW Shirley Road Preschool, Crows Nest

    Gowrie NSW Shirley Road Preschool

    About Gowrie NSW Shirley Road Preschool

    Shirley Road Preschool is Gowrie NSW’s first preschool service, and is a quality, not-for-profit preschool located in Crows Nest Uniting Church on Shirley Road.

    Shirley Road Preschool has a long-standing history within the Crows Nest community, opening on the 1 February 1972. Today, over 40 years later and under the Gowrie NSW umbrella, Shirley Road Preschool is flourishing, with a reputation for excellence. They cater for over 45 families, their children aged 3 – 5 years. They believe that every child brings with them unique strengths, capabilities, culture, interests, knowledge, ideas and experiences…and that every day is filled with possibility and chances for discovery.

    Want to know more? Book a tour.

    • Ages: 3-6 years
    • Meals: Bring your own recess & lunchbox
    • Hours: 8.15am-3.45pm
    • Fees: Attending 2 days (3-4 year olds) Free | Unfunded Fee (day 3) $87.00 | Unfunded Fee (day 4) $83.00 | Unfunded Fee (day 5) $77.00

    Contact Gowrie NSW Shirley Road Preschool

    Upper North Shore Preschools

    East Lindfield Community Preschool, East Lindfield

    About East Lindfield Community Preschool

    East Lindfield Community Preschool has been part of East Lindfield for over 50 years – with former students now Parents at the Preschool.  Every year we welcome families from many different cultures and background, and host various social events throughout the year to encourage connections between our children and their families.

    East Lindfield Community Preschool is conveniently located next door to Lindfield East Public School and a short walk to East Lindfield shops and Dukes Green playground. Their team has formed strong connections with many of the local Primary Schools, and work together to ensure children are supported in their transition to Primary School.

    Their dedicated long-serving Teachers and Educators inspire the children to develop a strong sense of identity, learning and a feeling of belonging in their group. Each classroom of up to 19 children, has a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and an additional two experienced qualified Educators.

    ELCP also is committed to the equitable inclusion of all children and welcomes children with additional health or learning needs. We work with family’s allied health teams, KU Inclusion Support and the classroom team to ensure all children have the opportunity to a quality Preschool education.

    • Ages: 3-5 years
    • Meals: Bring your own recess & lunchbox
    • Hours: 7:30am-3pm
    • Fees: 3 years old  = $79/day | 4 years old = $74/day (age as at 31 July 2023)

    Contact East Lindfield Community Preschool

    Sydney Grammar School St Ives Preparatory

    St Ives Preparatory

    About Sydney Grammar School St Ives Preparatory

    Sydney Grammar School St Ives Preparatory offers a unique five-day Preschool programme for deeply curious boys who are driven by special interest and a thirst for understanding.

    Their Preschool provides opportunities for richer learning, where boys will make discoveries and develop theories, while they build competencies in literacy, music, creative arts, science, physical education, and numeracy.

    Their programme connects the pedagogical practices of the first years of formal schooling with holistic play-based learning, supporting the development of learning dispositions including curiosity, creativity, commitment, cooperation, confidence, enthusiasm, imagination, reflexivity and persistence. These will become the foundations for education at Grammar.

    Come and visit the Preschool at St Ives Preparatory.  To make a booking, or to find out more, call 8302 5200.

    • Ages: 4-5 years
    • Meals: Bring your own recess & lunchbox
    • Hours: 8.00am/8.40am – 2.30pm, Monday – Friday
    • Fees: $29,643 per annum

    Contact Sydney Grammar School St Ives Preparatory

    Sydney Grammar School logo

    Uniting Preschool Turramurra – Turratots

    Uniting has been a part of the local community for over 30 years, teaching young children the crucial skill of learning that will ease their transition to ‘big school’, and far beyond.

    Their warm and welcoming service operates during school terms and provides stimulating indoor and outdoor environments. Their programs are designed to inspire your child’s desire to learn, embracing purposeful play and group activities that encourage their curiosity, confidence, creativity and self-expression. They welcome each child as an individual, with programs that celebrate their unique interests, ideas, personality and learning style, and that pave the way for ongoing literacy, numeracy, problem-solving and language development.

    Their qualified educators ensure your child feels secure, valued, comfortable and connected to those around them. Through their interactions and activities with educators and their peers, your child will learn how to meaningfully connect with others, enhancing their emotional intelligence and the social and communication skills that will carry them confidently into the future.

    Your child is also encouraged to develop positive, proactive attitudes towards the natural world, through learning about the environment and sustainable practices that inspire wonder, respect and a love for nature.

    Uniting believe that every child deserves access to early learning opportunities, so they are offering 2 free days of preschool each week of 2024. Book your tour today.

    • Ages: 3-6 years
    • Meal: Bring your own recess & lunchbox
    • Hours: 8am – 4pm
    • Fees: 2 free days per week, $103 for additional days if you opt into Start Strong Government Funding.

    Contact Turratots

    Blue Gum Community School, Hornsby

    Positioned within the stunning and historic homes and gardens of Mount Errington, Blue Gum Community Preschool is for children from 3 to 5 years of age.

    Their setting inspires wonder and adventure for all members of the community and their approach is informed by best practices in Australia and around the world.

    The Blue Gum approach ensures that learning is always meaningful, contextualised and marked by joy – so important in a time of uncertainty triggering high levels of anxiety.

    Small by design, Blue Gum’s high teacher-to-child ratios ensure high-quality relationships can be established with each child and their family. Working closely alongside the children, their teachers partner with children in the learning process – co-collaborators in their pursuit of understanding, lending their competencies, skills, and support to equip them to discover and take an active role in finding their own answers.

    Underlying Blue Gum’s educational approach is our empowering image of the child as competent, capable, creative, responsible, resourceful, and resilient, rather than an empty vessel to be filled.

    They represent a new and hopeful option for families, in and around Hornsby, looking to re-imagine education and find joy as they enrol their child in a school that places rich learning encounters, creativity, exploration, collaboration, relationships and joy at the centre of every day.

    Would you like to know more? Complete a waitlist application here. You will then be invited to attend a tour conducted monthly to experience the wonder and adventure at Blue Gum.

    • Ages: 3-5 years
    • Meal: Morning and afternoon tea provided. Children bring their own lunch.
    • Hours: Full Day: 8.00am – 6.00pm | Regular Day: 8.30am – 3.30pm | Short Day: 9.00am – 3.00pm
    • Fees: Childcare subsidy available, if eligible. Full Day: $144 | Regular Day: $112 | Short Day: $96

    Contact Blue Gum Community School



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