Easy, healthy dinners! We tried Go! Kidz meal delivery service

Go! Kidz

Looking for a quick, easy and affordable way to provide your kids with a nutritious meal each night? North Shore Mum Felicity Frankish trialed Go! Kidz, a meal-delivery service for kids of all ages. Here’s what she thought…

As a busy mum of three, there honestly never seems to be enough hours in the day. My three kids, Cassie (4.5), Vivi (2.5) and Elliot (14 months), are in daycare three days a week, and while I have the best intentions to cook them a nutritious and delicious meal to come home to, I tend to get lost in the work, lose track of time and find myself resorting to tinned spaghetti (am I even allowed to admit this out loud?). We were very excited to try out Go! Kidz. Who wouldn’t love a night off from cooking?

For those who don’t know, Go! Kidz make healthy, ready-to-eat kids’ meals that are affordable and are designed to be a big hit with all kids, even very fussy eaters. They’re suitable for kids of all ages – from 2 – 18 years! They are 100% Australian made from 100% fresh Australian ingredients.

Go! Kidz

Girls loving their meals.

After ordering online, they were delivered to us the next day. They come in environmentally friendly packaging, complete with ice blocks to keep them frozen, and they offered to wait for me to unload the dinners and to take the packaging back with them. Easy! Cassie was straight into it having a great sticky beak at the meals and straight away began picking out her favourites – starting with the brownies of course!

Here’s what we loved about Go! Kidz…

1. Choice of nutritious, delicious meals

One of the best parts about having a freezer full of yummy, nutritious foods that are ready to go is giving my kids the choice. Normally, dinner is whatever I manage to whip up that day, no questions asked. Now, I let Cassie and Vivi take it in turns to pick out their dinners. This makes them so much more excited to eat them – they picked them out after all, and saves me from listening the standard moans and groans that come after they usually ask me what’s for dinner.

Go! Kidz

Freezer full of yummy food!

2. Delicious taste

We started off with the veggie loaded mac n cheese, as pasta is Vivi’s favourite. The kids devoured it. It is packed full of veggies, but hidden so they aren’t visible to a discerning child’s eye. I love that the kids can’t tell the difference and are happy to eat away!

3. Easy to cook

The instructions are very easy to follow and the meals are ready in a matter of minutes. I simply heated it up in the microwave and then left it to cool a bit before serving to the kids.

Cooking Go! Kidz

Easy instructions for cooking

4. Huge time saver

Cooking fresh meals for the kids can be soooo time consuming, but this saves me a good 15-30 minutes every night. Simply heat and serve! It’s just one less thing to have to do…

5. Healthy Desserts

We don’t offer dessert every night in our home. Often if they are still hungry they go for another piece of fruit, or some yoghurt. On the occasion we treat them to the good stuff: ice cream, custard and chocolate. This is an even better option… yummy dessert choices that are healthy too! The kids couldn’t taste the hidden veggies at all and enjoyed getting different desserts after dinner.

Some of the Go! Kidz meals we tried

Mac ‘n cheese

My kids love mac n cheese, so I was excited for them to try this one out. It was gone in seconds, and so much healthier than the version I make! It has a corn-based sauce, sweet potato, zucchini and high fibre pasta.

Sweet potato brownies

I’m not going to lie, I was hesitant about how the kids would go with these. Surely they were going to see through the brownie façade and only taste the sweet potato. But, no! They scoffed these down and asked for more. Naturally, I had to try a bit too, and they were good. I’m pretty sure my husband finished off the rest…

Sweet potato brownie Go! Kidz

Sweet potato brownie

Cottage pie

Cassie picked this one out for dinner, not knowing what it was. Cottage pie isn’t something we have had before! It was one of the easiest meals to get into all of them. They love spaghetti and told me it tasted just like that. Little did they know it was packed with eight types of vegetables that were too small for them to pick out!


Chicken nuggets

These aren’t your regular chicken nuggets, they are made from free-range, hormone-free chicken breast, rolled in a crumb made from quinoa, couscous, chia seeds and breadcrumbs. I have to admit, my kids are chicken nugget fiends. Elliot devoured his, but the girls were a little more hesitant. They are used to the processed variety I resort to on those nights I don’t manage to cook. They did eat them still, but just weren’t as keen about it. I think it will be a bit of transition, weaning them off some of those other foods!

Fish Pie

My kids just love fish. I think it’s because it is much easier to chew than meat alternatives, plus it just tastes great. This fish pie was no exception. Even if your kids don’t like fish, they won’t know they are eating it. The fish is combined with leek and carrots in a tasty creamy sauce, topped with fluffy mashed potato and parmesan cheese.

Sticky Date Pudding

Another fabulous dessert option the girls couldn’t get enough off. Either could I, I’m a huge fan of sticky date pudding and this one is good! It’s made with dates, carrot, apple and honey drizzled with a raw-sugar caramel sauce. They devoured this one in one sitting, and Elliot had some too. There was no stopping them!

Creating a meal plan

One of the great things about Go! Kidz is you can create a meal plan and then you don’t have to think about it! Every order is available for regular delivery every 1-4 weeks. You simply add the meals you want to your cart, choose the meal plan option and then select how frequently you want them delivered. It’s perfect, as it gives me no excuses not to have meals ready for the kids, and I don’t even have to think about it!

Go! Kidz delivery to the Sydney metro area is free and 7 meals are available for $45.

Go! Kidz NSM offer: one free meal!

North Shore Mums readers receive a one-time bonus meal with their Go! Kidz order. Simply enter partner code ‘NSMUMS’ in the cart on the Go! Kidz website to receive a bonus meal with your next order. Visit Go! Kidz


Essential Details: Go! Kidz

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