15 easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

10582400 - three very, very scary spooks - kids dressed as ghosts - on halloween or for carnival or a costume party
10582400 - three very, very scary spooks - kids dressed as ghosts - on halloween or for carnival or a costume party

Looking for a super-easy yet super-spooky costume for Halloween this year? We’ve got heaps of great ideas! Perfect for kids who love to plan their costume weeks in advance, but also a life-saver for mums who need to sort something out at the last minute. Save the day with these low-budget, low-skill, DIY emergency Halloween costume ideas. Here’s some easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get those costumes sorted. Looking for a little inspiration? Here’s 15 easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

1. Grape Escape

The costume: A bunch of grapes

You will need: One packet of green balloons, green clothes and face paint (optional), sticky tape or similar to attach balloons

Directions: Blow up balloons and attach them to your clothes (green clothes work best).

You’ll have a ‘fruitful’ Halloween in this outfit!

2. Mummy

The costume: A mummy

You will need: Rolls of (new) loo paper or paper towels. Bandages are another option that work well and are more durable. You can also use white clothing underneath.

Directions: Wrap toilet paper around torso and limbs (and head if you wish, being sure to leave eye holes for seeing!).

It’s easy to grab some bandages or white clothes for this one! Source: www.polkadotchair.com

3. Selfie!

The costume: A self-portrait painting or Instagram ‘selfie’

You will need: Cardboard and string, paint optional

Directions: Cut the centre out of the cardboard, leaving the border intact, so it forms a frame. Thread string through two corners so the frame can be word around the neck (the string allows them to wear it without having to hold it all night!). When your child holds the frame up to their face they are ‘a self portrait’ or a ‘selfie’.

If you can’t manage the Insta frame, a plain black border would work too

4. Easy Halloween costumes to DIY: Spooky Ghost

The costume: A traditional spook

You will need: One old, white sheet

Directions: Cut eye holes in the sheet and drape it over your child’s head. Be extremely careful to allow airflow and cut extra holes if necessary. Never secure the sheet around a child’s face or head and never restrict air flow. If you’re looking for easy Halloween costumes to DIY, this is it!

Easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

It REALLY doesn’t get much easier than this costume!

5. Emoji!

The costume: A human version of a phone emoji

You will need: Various

Directions: Take a look through your phone at the emojis and see if you have the materials to create a costume. Eg for the Dancing Girl you need black cardboard to make a headpiece plus black leotards and a black top, or for the Flamenco Dancer a flouncy red dress and red heels. So easy

There are plenty of emojis to choose from

6. I’m Not From Around Here

The costume: A tourist

You will need: Cap, bum-bag, map, any other props such as binoculars

Directions: Dress your child in the cap and bum-bag with any other props such as daggy shorts, binoculars a map. They are a tourist and will have loads of fun asking people for pretend directions or pretending to speak another language.

Easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

A colourful shirt and you’re all set as a Tourist!

7. Creepy Child!

The costume: Chucky

You will need: Overalls, colourful top, face paint & hair spray

Directions: What toddler doesn’t already own a pair of overalls and a colour top? This costume is easy enough to pull off with a little face paint (and fake blood) and some hair spray. Voila! That’s one creepy Chucky for Halloween.

Little bit of face paint and you’re good to go!

8. Easy Halloween costumes to DIY: Superhero to the rescue!

The costume: Any Superhero you have lying at home

You will need: to raid your dress-up box!

Directions: Kids love dressing up and have probably accumulated a number of great costumes. Who doesn’t love dressing up as Spiderman or Batman? They can come and save the day on Halloween and you don’t even have to think about it! It’s an easy parenting win (and happy kids too).

Easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

An easy one win! Grab a costume you already have.

9. Naughty or Nice?

The costume: Devil & Angel

You will need: white clothes, black clothes, 2 headbands, red cardboard, coat hanger, feathers, glue, scissors

Directions: Sort out two for one with this great costume idea. Simply put one person in all black and the other in all white. Cut two red triangles out of cardboard and glue them to a headband for the devil horns. Bend a coat hanger into a circle shape, wrap with feathers and attach to a headband for an angel. Done!

Naughty or nice? Let your kids decide who is who!

10. Frankenstein!

The costume: Frankenstein

You will need: black clothes, cardboard boxes, black marker

Directions: you can tick off the entire family with this great choice! Find some boxes you already have lying around, pop them on each person’s head and mark where the eyes need to be. Take the boxes off and get cutting! The rest is up to your imagination. Get crafty with a black marker and everyone can create their own cardboard Frankenstein.

Easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

All you need is a couple of boxes and some black markers!

11. Witches

The costume: a good, old scary witch

You will need: black clothes, witches hat, broom

Directions: don’t overthink Halloween this year. Go back to basics with a fabulous witches outfit. Kids can dress up together, and you can even get a little crafty with some face paint if you want. Hand them the kitchen broom and you’re good to go (might even be able to get some sweeping out of them beforehand).

Easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

Simple and classic, can’t go wrong with this one

12. Cats in the Wild

The costume: Leopard

You will need: leopard print clothes, eyeliner

Directions: it doesn’t get much easier than this. Raid your closest for those leopard print clothes you already know you have stored in there, and take some eyeliner to your face to turn yourself into a big cat! Too easy, and looks great too.

Easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

Bring out your inner animal…

13. Bat girl!

The costume: Bat

You will need: black clothes, black cardboard, scissors, headband, glue

Directions: get cutting! Cut out a bat shape and glue it onto the headband. It’s as simple as that. You can add a little face paint to make yourself as scary as you like!

So easy to pull off and the kids will love it

14. The circus is here!

The costume: Lion in a cage

You will need: orange clothes, red, yellow and orange streamers, headband, face paint, box, black paint

Directions: got a little one who isn’t walking yet? This one is for you! Dress them up in orange and get crating a main for them. Tie red, yellow and orange streamers to a headband, and keep going until the whole thing is covered. Grab a cardboard box and cut off one side. Then cut out ‘cage’ bars from the remaining three sides. Get painting! Voila, place the cage over the stroller and there you have it.

Easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

It’s a great sibling costume idea!

15. Creepy face!

The costume: Scary short

You will need: any T-shirt, black contact

Directions: still stuck for ideas? Grab some black contact and create any scary face you like! This is one easy Halloween costume to DIY. You can do a different one for each of the kids. It’s simple, easy and effective. BOO!

Easy Halloween costumes to DIY!

Create any face you like!

More fun ideas for Halloween?


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