Digital decluttering: Get your tech sorted (the simple way!)

digital decluttering

If you’ve embraced the KonMari trend, and found yourself clearing out bag after bag of clutter from your place, you’ll know the mental clarity that comes with achieving a lovely, streamlined space. But one area most people need a little help ‘cleaning up’ is their mess of tech! From syncing to securing your ‘cloud’, unused subscriptions and constantly being locked out of accounts because you’ve forgotten your password, or worst of all, you just keep bulking up your cloud after every ‘storage full’ message…this system is the easy way to get your tech sorted.

Marie Kondo’s methods have helped people across the globe ‘spark joy’ in their living spaces with her clever approach to decluttering. But no matter how tidy our house is now (thanks Marie!), many of us still have one very messy secret lurking in our bedroom drawer or briefcase, spoiling that lovely ‘clean’ feeling…and the secret is the mess in our laptop or mobile phone!

When you’re juggling the school run, a day at work, squeezing in the gym or whatever one hundred and one other demands you have in your day, setting up your phone or laptop properly becomes a very low priority.

But technology is at the core of our family life, whether that means paying for a new app to keep the kids entertained in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or keeping all the family photos in one place. With so many precious things stored on our laptops, phones and devices, when they stop working you can plunge straight into a nightmare of losing everything.

Empower yourself or simply get some help getting your tech life in order with Setup Sync & Learn – here’s what they do and why it’s a 100% must-try service for anyone who wants to finally safeguard their precious baby pictures or improve password security.

Protect those precious photos and memories

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times: “If there was a house fire, the first thing I’d grab is my photo albums!” Well, these days, most of our precious images, documents and even treasured recipes are stored not in dusty albums, but on your iPhone, tablet or laptop. And in the modern day, there’s hundreds more ways you can lose those irreplaceable pictures and videos forever – just ask the last person who dropped their phone in the bath or left it on a train, or faced off against the dreaded ‘storage full’ message flashing up on their phone.

If that’s something you’ve experienced (or if you live in fear of it one day happening) you’ll know first-hand the pain of losing a huge chunk of your your family history that could easily have been saved if you’d just set up, backed up and synced your devices properly before you broke or lost them.

Pictures and videos of your children, your fur babies or those candid snaps from day-to-day life aren’t something you can get back once they’re gone. Just ask the mum whose phone unexpectedly went on the fritz (out of nowhere) when her first child, a daughter, was eight months. Suddenly, she had zero pictures of those incredible first eight months of her daughter rolling, making go-go noises and having her first messy taste of banana- memories that were lost forever, that could have been saved by a simple computer backup or sync.

digital decluttering

Get absolutely up-to-date with a proper digital declutter – sort out all those old subscriptions, your storage space, passwords and photos!

Sort out and secure your accounts

Many of us know the risks that come with re-using the same passwords across loads of accounts, or we do mix up our passwords only to forget the new one and find ourselves locked out.  So why don’t we routinely make sure our devices are properly secured, in working order, and correctly synced with strong privacy settings? As overworked parents, expectant mums, or just modern women with busy schedules, when everything has been working fine for a while all too often we’re lulled into a false sense of security and eventually find ourselves tangled in a maze of forgotten passwords, outdated logins, spam emails, and overdue Apple Store accounts or expired credit cards.

Well, the good news is, if you are a bit of a luddite when it comes to keeping your digital life in spick-and-span condition, there’s a service that can help you- before it’s too late. And what’s more, it’s a personalised, trusted service that sends an expert to your door so you don’t have to haul the kids into a store or try and find space in your schedule to make the trip to see an expert!

How Setup Sync & Learn Can Help:

If you choose Setup Sync & Learn you can save yourself a world of pain. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • There’s setup for ALL your Apple products, which means streamlining your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Airport products, Apple TV and Apple Watch
  • The experts solve your login or payment problems with troubleshooting
  • The experts speak in your language, so you can understand every step easily
  • The service comes to you (no struggling to stick the pram in the car, or find a park!)
  • Setup your devices to synchronise information
  • Unravel the confusion of your Apple ID on other people’s devices
  • Learn in a private or group setting, with time to ask the questions that are haunting you about your Apple ID!
  • The tailored service is suitable for beginners to more experienced users
  • Host a “TechAware Party”- learn about technology with a group of friends
  • Onsite workshops tailored for your business
  • Training for transitions from Windows to Mac, and mobile devices to Apple iPhone/iPad


Setup Sync & Learn specialises in all Apple devices for setup, troubleshooting, and teaching technology in everyday language. One on one, or small group tailored training in the comfort of your own home or office. Available in Sydney NSW and Perth WA. Visit Setup Sync & Learn for more.


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    Thank you for this great content! Digital decluttering is very important for you to do so that you can organize and sort your files very well. Not only on your digital files, might as well consider decluttering your files on your desk and sweep off your dusty floor. If you have no time on doing those, there are professional office cleaners whom you can hire to do such things.

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