Creating a great study space (that grows with your kids!)

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As parents, we all know the struggle of trying to get our kids to do their homework! After a long day of school, the last thing most kids want to do is sit down and work on an assignment or study for an exam. So how can we make homework time more fun and less frustrating? By creating an inviting an relaxing study space that makes the study session feel like less of a chore. Here are some tips for creating a comfortable, creative and great study space for kids.

Children learn better when they are comfortable, which means children’s health and ergonomics are paramount when designing a study space where they’ll be happy to spend time. The experts at moll have spent over 90 years designing the perfect learning environment for kids, supplying everything from chairs which adjust to individual bodies to desks that have tilting desk tops to ensure good posture and work habits from the start. Plus, the bright (and interchangeable!) accent colour schemes give kids a playful, inviting place to spend their study time.

Here are five fun and easy ways to create a great study space:

1. Location, location, location!

It can be tempting to park your kids at the kitchen bench or on the lounge to do their homework so that you can keep an eye on them. But these communal areas are often too busy and distracting to let kids concentrate on their work effectively. Choose a place in your home which can be turned into a designated study space, whether this is a separate room or a nook under the stairs. Not only will this help limit distractions, but a designated study space can be decorated to reflect what your kids like and are interested in, creating a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere.

2. Let there be light

One of the most important features of any study is adequate lighting. Natural light has been proven to improve concentration, performance and positive thinking by working with our bodies’ circadian rhythms. Make sure that you position their desk near or facing a window to allow natural light into the study space. You could also invest in a quality LED desk lamp which imitates sunlight, such as the innovative moll Flexlight. The Flexlight is glare-reducing, preventing eye strain and headaches, and includes a built-in USB interface for charging laptops and mobile devices.

study space for kids

Natural light has been proven to improve concentration, performance and positive thinking

3. Protect their growing bodies

As back pain becomes more common in primary school age children, it is essential for kids to develop good posture and study habits early. At moll, their philosophy has always been to create furniture that will instill these habits into children at a young age for the rest of their working lives. The ideal study space should have furniture which is flexible, functional, comfortable and ergonomic in design, fitting your child’s needs now and as they grow. That is why the moll range of German engineered study chairs are fully adjustable in seat height, depth and backrest height, while our study desks can be tilted and adjusted to fit children ranging from preschool to university.

It is essential for kids to develop good posture and study habits early

4. Contain the clutter

Anyone with kids knows how quickly their homework desks can disappear beneath assignments, arts and crafts, stationery supplies and power cords. The more cluttered your child’s desk becomes, the harder it is for them to work and concentrate. This is where mobile storage comes in handy – storage containers on rollers which can be conveniently moved around and neatly tucked away in the corner. Not only will this teach your kids about keeping tidy and organised, but the moll range of mobile storage also have automatic self-closing drawers to prevent crushed fingers, interchangeable decorative panels, and are large enough to fit A3 paper and other belongings.

study space for kids

Mobile storage containers on rollers can be moved around and neatly tucked away

5. Give them ownership with a splash of colour or favourite items

The final tip for creating a great study space is to involve your kids in the design of the space. The more personalised their learning environment is, the more motivated your child will be to get in there and do their homework every day.

You can give them ownership of their study space in several ways, including:

  • Displaying crafts or framing artwork made by your kids
  • Decorating with their favourite characters from books, TV, movies or games
  • Painting the walls in calming blue, inspiring green or energising red to improve their concentration
  • Adding (unlit!) candles or diffusers with their favourite scents
  • Choosing furniture in a colour and style  your child loves, with interchangeable elements that reflect their changing tastes and interests as they get older (so they never outgrow their space!)

However you end up decorating the space, getting your kids involved in the design is sure to make homework and study time more inspiring, productive and fun.

study space for kids

Interchangeable elements and furniture can reflect changing tastes and interests as kids grow

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