Tips for looking stylish on busy days!

Dresses are super easy and don't require matching! Image: Tiered linen dress from Seed Heritage
Dresses are super easy and don't require matching! Image: Tiered linen dress from Seed Heritage

We all want to look half-decent every day, but have no time to focus on your own needs in the morning? Between getting the kids out of bed, dressed and fed, preparing lunch boxes, signing permission slips and maybe a quick shower, there isn’t much time for choosing an outfit that makes you look (and feel) good. But with these easy tips for looking stylish from a local fashion stylist, you can look put-together every day.

The beginning of the year can be extremely busy getting the kids back into routine of school. Not to mention, all the extra curricular activities! I know as a mum myself, anything that can help my busy mornings be less stressful is worth its weight in gold. As a personal fashion stylist, my passion is helping busy mums look and feel amazing. I’m a mum of three, so I understand that mum life is really busy, and you need quick and easy style fix that fit around your day.

I started my business Living for Style in 2012 after I had my first little boy. My body and my lifestyle changed, and suddenly nothing in my wardrobe worked for me anymore. I remember talking to other mums who all told me the same thing – they had a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear! If they did have the chance to get to the shops, it was overwhelming and disappointing. Shopping for a new body shape, and a new way of life is hard. I decided to use my background as an international fashion buyer to lend other mums my expert eye and help them find their everyday style – and enjoy their clothes again.

So ladies to help you get started, here are my top tips for helping you get dressed Monday through to Friday within the chaos that may surround you.

Tips for looking stylish on busy days

1. Wear dresses

Dresses are your friends. Anything that you can chuck on and not worry about matching with anything is your go to with kids. Keep your favourite casual and smart/casual dresses at the front of your wardrobe so they are easy to grab!

2. Ensure you have the basics in your wardrobe

Make sure you have the basics. If you’re not sure what these are check out my Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist.

3. Embrace knitwear

Knitwear is a great option. If you know me, you know that I am a massive fan of knitwear. The main reason being that you don’t have to iron it (my ironing days are long gone ;-)) and that I love the different textures you can get with knits.

4. Have two pairs of sandals!

Tan and black comfy sandals are essential in your summer wardrobe. The tan sandals will go with all your lighter colour options and the black with your darker colour options.

5. Pack sunglasses!

A quick fix to look stylish on busy days? Remember some fun sunnies! I love accessories but I know it’s not always an easy option for mums running out the door, so accessorise with your sunnies. You can really have some fun with colours and styles. Plus, they can cover your eyes if you haven’t had the chance to pop on any makeup.

Top buys for looking stylish this season

If you’re looking for some on trend items to update your wardrobe and look stylish on busy days, here are my Top 5 Buys for this season:

1. Assembly Label Denim Shorts, $70

Tips for looking stylish on busy days

Assembly Label Denim Shorts, $70 are comfy and stylish

2. Seed Stripe Midi Dress, $149.95

Seed Stripe Midi Dress, $149.95

Tips for looking stylish: Seed Stripe Midi Dress, $149.95

3. H&M Knit Tank, $14.99

Tips for looking stylish on busy days

H&M Knit Tank, $14.99 will be comfortable and stylish

4. Szade Eyewear Sunglasses

Szade Eyewear Sunglasses, $70

5. Assembly Label Linen dress, $90

Assembly Label Linen dress

Assembly Label Linen Dress, $90

Book a FREE 15-minute Video Style Consult

If you’re still looking in your wardrobe and think you have nothing to wear, or dread going shopping, then get in touch with Shannon from Living for Style!

By working with you one-on-one or online, she can show you how to accentuate your best features, find the colours that really suit you, and help you shop your own wardrobe so you can put outfits together in no time, with no stress. Book a FREE 15 minute video Style consult.



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