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Gumboot Guide! The best women’s rain boots for wet weather


A good pair of gumboots is a ‘must’ for any wardrobe. No matter what the season, it rains a lot in Sydney, so having a pair of gum boots to keep your feet dry is essential. Our Gumboot Guide showcases some of the best women’s rain boots for wet weather.

Whether you’re standing on the side of that soccer game and cheering the kids on in the mud, or trying to make your way to school pick up while avoiding puddles, here’s your guide to the best women’s gumboots.

How to choose your gumboots

So, what exactly should you be looking for when it comes to choosing the best women’s gumboots?

Waterproof: Of course, it’s a given for gumboots to be waterproof, but the fact is, some boots do a much better job of keep the rain off from others. Things to consider include how high up the gumboots come and what material they are made from.

Design: When it comes to choosing the perfect gumboot, we can’t overlook the design. You want something that goes with your outfit, or makes the perfect statement. Those will be different for everyone, depending on your style.

Quality: Unlike our kids, one thing’s for sure – our foot is done with growing. This makes investing in a good-quality pair even more worthwhile. You will get years – and many muddy puddles – with them. It all comes down to the tiniest details of the gumboots, such as stitching and the tread of the soles.

Size: As with choosing the right shoes, you just need to carefully select the right gumboots – not too tight or too loose – you will end up with squished toes or falling off your feet as you run.

Top Picks: Best Women’s Gumboots

Looking for the best gumboots? Thanks to some amazing recommendations in the North Shore Mums Facebook group, we’ve rounded up the favourite women’s gumboots, so you can pick and choose your favourite.

If you’re looking to buy gumboots, this is the place to start!

1. Merry People

Merry People Bobbi Boots

Merry People Bobbi Boots in Mustard and Beetroot

Ready to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe? Put Merry People on the top of your list! Both stylish and functional, you’ll find a colour to suit every mood. Made from natural rubber with a neoprene lining, these boots deliver on comfort while keeping you dry no matter where you are. From mustard and black to beetroot and light pink and orange and pomegranate, you can well and truly shop the rainbow.

Merry People gumboots come highly recommended by members of the North Shore Mums Facebook group too…

“Merry People gumboots are fantastic. They are just above the ankle so easier to walk in.” – Kalinka


“I’ve recently upgraded to Merry People, and they are much more comfortable. Thoroughly tested on the sports field yesterday and they were faultless.” – Victoria


“Love my Merry People boots!” – Jennifer


“Definitely Merry People! Very comfy and durable.” – Kayla


“Another vote for Merry People! So comfortable, and such good colourways.” – Shey


“Love Merry People. I’ve pretty much worn them every day on the school walk, no blisters, can wear with regular socks and will be warm for winter too.” – Kelly


“Merry People more than worth it. They’re so comfy and stylish. I love them.” – Lisa



Bogs Patch Boot, $89.95

Bogs Patch Boot, $89.95

Do you want gumboots that really reflect your style? Say hello to the Bogs Classic Mid Rosey and Patch Boot Jamboo from Bogs. What we love about these boots is their easy access handles! No more fighting to jam your foot inside a gumboot (or off again). Simply slip on and go. They even have a built-in heel kick for hands-free removal (yes please!). The BOGS Max-Wick technology evaporates sweat to keep your feet nice and dry. From garden to soccer match, this brand will see you through.

Bogs are devoted to making boots that are lighter and more comfortable than any other boot, in any kind of weather. Boots that are 100% waterproof (even the ones that look like they couldn’t possibly be!) and warmer, more comfortable, easier to get on and off, and often cuter, than just about anything you can put on your feet.

The members of the North Shore Mums Facebook group agree that Bogs are amazing gumboots…

“Have you tried Bogs? They are amazing! Have last through five soccer seasons and still going strong. Super warm and very waterproof.” – Sophie

“I have Bogs. So comfy and warm!” – Mel

“Bogs are fantastic gumboots” – Camelia

“Bogs are the best” – Brooke

“Another vote for Bogs. Super comfy, waterproof, warm. And bonus is you can hose them off or throw them in the wash.” – Lucinda


    3. Hunter

    Hunter Refined Tall Wellington Boots $255

    Firmly established as a style classic, Hunter wellington boots were designed over 150 years ago as the first to conquer Britain’s rugged terrain and unpredictable weather. Now, the British label offers a wide selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories for modern men and women, deftly combining modern technology with traditional techniques to create durable yet stylish products.

    Although they don’t have an Australian website (beware of scam sites) you can buy them on reputable sites like The Iconic.

      4. Berlin Chelsea Rain Boot

      Berlin Chelsea Rain Boot

      The rain will feel a little more cheerful with Cougar boots hugging your feet. Keep wet weather at bay in this Chelsea boot made from durable rubber with a lightweight EVA sole with rubber treads for extra grip.

      Rely on their comfortable design ready to get you through that rainy weather and enjoy some of the best women’s gumboots on the market.

      5. NEXT

      Joules Houghton Adjustable Tall Wellies

      Joules Houghton Adjustable Tall Wellies $132

      NEXT have a great range of gumboots (or ‘wellies’ as they say in the UK).

      The Joules Houghton Adjustable Tall Wellies not only look elegant, they have a good grip and very comfortable.

      6. Marks & Spencer

      Another British name that knows what they’re doing when it comes to waterproof boots, you can enjoy the classic boot with a modern twist.

      Get set for showery days and muddy terrain in these stylish ankle-high wellies. A rubberised outer and gusset ensure feet stay dry. They feature a pull-on loop and kick-spur for easy on-off. The Insolia Flex® technology makes walking more comfortable by ensuring your foot sits correctly, while antibacterial padding keeps them smelling fresh

      7. Mountain Warehouse

      Whatever the weather has in store for your day, combat it with these waterproof wellies with 100% rubber outer and cotton lining for comfort inside. You can go for the classic black design, or shop through their fun prints from flowers to birds and even dogs.

        8. ASOS

        If you’re yet to hit up next for clothing then you’re in for a treat. They have the best range and all for great prices – have fun scrolling! Even better, they stock gumboots too. If you’re on a budget, make this brand your go-to. You can shop boots from as little as $50 (often on sale for less), while still enjoying the benefits of a moulded tread and stylish finish. Make a statement with yellow, enjoy the laid-back lilac, or opt for their classic black.

          9. Muck Boot Company

          Muck Boots: Women’s Chore Classic Mid Boots $179.99

          Welcome to the range of boots that you can actually get ‘mucky’ in, no matter your style. There’s the Forager Tall, the Muckster Low and even the Muckster Mid, with its fun veggie design that’s perfect for getting out and about into the garden. For something a little different, you can enjoy the foldover design that combines comfort with style. You can roll them up or down for versatility, with a breathable mesh lining for comfort.

          10. Pip Duck

          If you like to make a statement with your attire, then these are the gumboots for you. From the Erin Demin and the Peta Paisley to the Isle Shine Black and the Bella Rider, you’ll have a tough time picking just one favourite! These quality boots are made from rubber with a cotton lining and will really stand out.

            More rainy weather fun…

            Disclosure: This article features affiliate links, which means that this website will get a small commission if you buy a book after clicking on one of those links. These commissions help North Shore Mums remain a free website for our readers so we don’t need to charge a subscription to view our articles.


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