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St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School in Pennant Hills has a new principal who is bringing big ideas to the students and the curriculum.

When Michael Hopkinson started as Principal at St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School in July last year, he couldn’t wait to get started.

The teacher of 35 years experience brought with him a keen interest in new technologies and a passion for student-centred learning.

“Every decision that’s made in the school has the student at the centre – I’m really passionate about the social and emotional wellbeing of the student,” he explains.

“I want learning to be engaging and exciting across the curriculum for all students.”

For Mr Hopkinson, this meant bringing in a range of initiatives including new technologies.

St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School: A big idea in tech

What’s one tech initiative example from St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School?

Students using augmented reality to learn, experienced through 3D glasses.

The glasses come with prepared education units (based on the Australian curriculum) as part of STEM.

How does it work?

  • Children studying World War One can experience a kid-friendly version of the trenches
  • In an art lesson, students might walk through the Louvre in Paris
  • If they’re doing a unit on space, they can be in a rocket going to the moon

Speaking about the initiative, “The students will be motivated and inspired,” Mr Hopkinson says.

“It’s a real point of difference. No other primary schools in the area are doing this kind of work.”

Mr Hopkinson said is committed to continuing the student-centred approach.

“We’ve got a lot of bright students in this school and this really gives them a chance to reach their full potential, which looks different for each child.” 

Why St Agatha’s?

Every child is known, valued and nurtured at St Agatha’s.  Small class sizes and teachers who take the time to really understand your child allow them to tailor learning to meet their needs.  Each child’s gifts and talents are magnified, with opportunities for enrichment and extension from K-6.

Their goal is for students to be excited to come to school and fascinated about learning.  And that’s exactly what they see in their classrooms and open outdoor spaces.  St Agatha’s students genuinely enjoy being in the school environment because they get meaningful learning experiences in a faith-filled community of people from all cultures and backgrounds.

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