Playtime idea! Make your own shadow theatre (with a phone torch!)

Playtime ideas
This shadow theatre is a fun project that will be used again and again

A good playtime idea keeps everyone entertained for hours, and this easy-to-build shadow theatre is guaranteed to keep little ones (and big ones!) enthralled by the magical, dancing shadows it creates as they act out their favourite dramas!

You don’t need endless amounts of spaces or places to make your children’s playtime magical. You can connect with your kids in simple ways like this week’s playtime idea…building your own creations in your own home, and capturing their imaginations!

Children are captivated by building and invention and as many of us know, they especially love creating tiny worlds where they can spend hours play-acting and role-playing, immersed in a private universe of their own creation.

Lego DUplo

Kids will love playing with their cast members and audiences and acting out different scenes

Playtime idea! Making a shadow theatre (with a torch!)

If you’re looking for a way to help your children’s creativity soar, try today’s play inspiration and make your own awesome LEGO DUPLO shadow theatre! The instructions below can help you build together so you create a stage, lit by a phone torch, where you and your kids can act out everything from a musical to a rock concert to a scene from their favourite show, all the way to a scene from a classic play.

WATCH: Make your own LEGO DUPLO shadow theatre

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Build a LEGO DUPLO frame
  2. Add paper and fix in place
  3. Add a stage and phone holder (the phone’s torch will light the shadows)
  4. Decorate the theatre
  5. Prepare the cast members
  6. And….showtime
playtime ideas

Build together! This LEGO DUPLO shadow theatre will enthrall kids with its phone torch light

playing with kids

For more playtime inspiration, think about activities that tap into dual play, like using LEGO bricks in the real world but also bringing them to life in a virtual game, or combine a technology element with a traditional play time game like putting puzzles together, colouring or baking.

More playtime fun!


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