How to talk to kids about racism

How to talk to kids about racism
George Floyd in his mother's arms

8 minutes and 46 seconds… That’s how long George Floyd was pinned to the ground leading to his death on 25 May. While his death has sparked protests and a social movement for #BlackLivesMatter, he isn’t the first – there have been so many more before him. It is also happening right here on our shores. Since 1991, 432 Aboriginals have died in police custody in Australia. With horrifying images now taking over our screens, it is hard to shelter our kids from what is going on. Here is a great round-up of resources for parents and kids to help you discover how to talk to kids about racism.

Here at North Shore Mums, we are both heartbroken and horrified by the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Eric Garner and many others. This image of George Floyd as a child sleeping on his mother’s lap is enough to pull at anyone’s heartstrings. Her’s was the name he called out with his final breaths. This is an image we can all relate to: just a mother and her child. The colour of their skin is irrelevant.

It is so hard to comprehend that this level of racism still exists today. While we can’t shield our children from the protests happening in the US, we can talk to them about it and educate them. Now is the perfect time to start a conversation with your kids about racism.

Positive Parenting Solutions has put together an amazing list of resources to help families talk to kids about racism and the disturbing footage that is currently circulating. Check them out below.

Resources for talking to your kids about racism:

Books for parents:

Books for kids:

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