How to create an Instagram-worthy house


We’re all guilty of scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and eyeing off beautiful homes, wishing our own interiors looked as gorgeous as the ones we see online. Well, there are simple (and inexpensive!) ways to give your home a quick makeover and achieve a look that’s totally Insta-worthy…no filter!  Here are some tips and way to find out more about making an instagram-worthy house, thanks to HomeHQ Artarmon.

1. Go green

Freshen up a tired space with some gorgeous green plant life. A simple indoor plant in a complementary pot can be a breath of fresh air- and for extra easy upkeep, you can even opt for a fake plant and reap the ‘likes’ with less hard work. It’s one of the easiest ways to create an instagram-worthy house.

Add a natural burst of greenery Shack’s artificial plants, pots, stands and baskets to mix & match

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

A cleverly placed mirror can expand your space, or even make it seem to double in size! Be sure to choose a frame that suits your space, whether ornate or a modern streamline, and keep it streak-free for maximum impact. Pro tip: Check your pics before you post to make sure you haven’t snapped your reflection in the mirror! In the example below, you can see how mirrors are a great decorative element that can fit with any décor style and multiply a room’s best features.

Get the look from Freedom Australia! Image: Three Birds Renovations

3. Take it away

The quickest way to make your space seem more modern and find that instagram-worthy house is to Marie Kondo a few things! Taking away that extra painting, the unnecessary vase or the bulky side table immediately gives your room more space to ‘breathe’.

instagram-worthy house

An uncluttered look using a limited palette with minimal accessories is always classic

4. Keep it clean

By simply moving your cushions into a manageable pile, colour-coding the spines of your books on the shelf or straightening the rug, you can lift the look of your room without having to spend a cent.

instagram-worthy house

A simple tidy can improve your home’s look by letting the floors, decor and colour schemes shine




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