7 fun & catchy “Wash Your Hands” songs for kids


Need some hand washing songs to play for your kids? Washing your hands has never been more important, but explaining the concept to young children can be exhausting! Luckily, there’s lots of fun & catchy songs available on YouTube that do the hard work for you. Take a look at our playlist of ‘Wash Your Hands’ songs, and choose your fav! You’ll find yourself singing it around the house in no time…

1. Lah-Lah: ‘Wash My Hands’

Lah-Lah and the Big Live Band help kids and families in this Coronavirus world to stay safe by encouraging them to wash their hands with the five key hygiene hand-washing steps:

  1. One: wet your hands
  2. Two: grab some soap
  3. Three: rub your hands all around
  4. Four: rinse your hands off
  5. Five: dry your hands

Have fun with the whole family as you sing along and protect yourselves from COVID-19 at home.

2. The Wiggles: UNICEF Handwashing Song

The Wiggles and UNICEF Australia teamed up in 2019 to create a song for Global Handwashing Day 2019. Written and sung by The Wiggles, the song seeks to motivate millions of children around the world to make washing their hands with soap a simple and enjoyable habit before eating food and after touching animals or going to the toilet.

As Ambassadors for UNICEF Australia, The Wiggles want to help raise awareness that handwashing with soap is an easy, effective and affordable way to prevent illness and diseases, and save lives. Every day, around 800 children under the age of five die from preventable diseases caused by poor water, and lack of sanitation and hygiene. Washing hands with soap before eating and after using the toilet can help reduce the incidence of diarrhoeal diseases, which are a major killer of children in developing countries, by almost 50 per cent.

3. Miss Nina: ‘Hand Washing Song for Kids’

Learn how to wash your hands with Miss Nina. This is a Song for Toddlers, preschool kids and children to learn how to wash hands! This song is the perfect length of time to be sure kids wash their hands long enough, and Miss Nina shows them exactly how to get their hands clean! This is a Miss Nina original Hand Washing Song. Scroll down for lyrics!

Before we eat, Before we take a seat, We always wash our hands But not our feet. We wash the front And we wash the back We wash all of our fingers And then that is that. I say before we eat, Before we take a seat, We always wash our hands But not our feet. Because everyone who grows Already knows That we eat with our fingers And not with our toes!

4. PinkFong: ‘Wash Your Hands’

PinkFong’s “Wash Your Hands“ is a super fun hand washing song for children. Sing along, the lyrics are below:

Oh, no! Dirty Germs! Bubble, bubble, soap bubbles. Wash like this, rub like me. Right hand, left hand, up the wrists. Here, there and everywhere.

Right palm, left palm together. Greet like this, rub like me. Flip your hand and scrub the back. Here, there and everywhere.

Fingers, fingers between fingers. Fold them all, rub like me. Don’t forget under the nails. Here, there and everywhere. Wash your hands. Get away, germs! Dirty little germs go.  Bye, bye!

Bubble, bubble, soap bubbles. Wash like this, rub like me. Right hand, left hand, up the wrists. Here, there and everywhere. Here, there and everywhere.

5. The Learning Station: ‘Wash your hands to Happy Birthday Song’

Find out how to wash your hands properly, like a doctor! We will be washing our hands as we sing, “Happy Birthday” twice. The total time is 20 seconds. So don’t forget to wash you hands kids and adults! This video is ideal for preschoolers, elementary age children and adults.

6. The Singing Walrus: ‘Wash You Hands Song’

The Singing Walrus presents “Wash Your Hands” – a fun, motown inspired song that encourages young children to get in the habit of washing their hands. Teachers will appreciate this during the winter time, when flu season is in full effect! Mother Hen leads the chicks through all the steps to properly wash your hands. This song is perfect for both native English speakers and young learners of ESL/EFL.

7. Billy Gorilly: ‘Hand Washing for Kids’

This fun animated video teaches kids about hand washing. Kids learn Why, When, and How to wash their hands. Kids will also learn how long to wash by singing the SuperStar Hand Washer song.

Need more ideas for things to do with kids at home?


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