COVID-19 Testing Clinics around Sydney’s North Shore

Covid drive thru hornsby
Hornsby Clinical Labs Pathology Drive-through clinic in the carpark of the former Northern Institute of Sydney

Looking for a COVID-19 Testing Clinic around the North Shore? After the overload on the PCR testing system, you can now confirm whether or not you have Covid-19 using a rapid antigen test (RAT) at home. If you do need a PCR test, make sure you meet the criteria before heading off to one of these testing places close to home.

Testing is recommended if you have a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath and meet the current testing criteria. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, even if mild and even if you are fully vaccinated, use a rapid antigen test immediately and self-isolate. Most people don’t need a PCR test if they get a positive rapid antigen test result. More information can be found on Getting tested for COVID-19.

If the RAT test returns a positive result, people should follow this advice.

If you receive a positive PCR result, you should follow this advice.

Getting tested for Covid-19 is easy. There are numerous COVID-19 Clinics as well as free COVID-19 GP Respiratory Clinics up and running around Sydney’s North Shore. As Royal North Shore Hospital states on their Facebook page:

Our COVID-19 testing clinic has reopened between the hours of 8am and 6pm. People presenting to the clinic will be assessed by our friendly nursing staff and may be provided with either a PCR test or Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) as appropriate. If you are given a RAT, you should complete it at home.

Covid-19 Testing Clinics: Drive Through

Don’t want to leave the comfort of your warm car? Drive Through clinics are a quick and easy way to get tested for Covid-19. Here’s the latest drive-through clinics for Covid-19 testing around Sydney’s North Shore:

Covid-19 Clinic Street Suburb
4Cyte Pathology 4 Russell Avenue Frenchs Forest
4Cyte Pathology 1 Lucknow Road North Ryde
Castle Hill Clinical Labs Pathology Showground Road Castle Hill
Carlingford Drive-through Clinic 71 Murray Farm Road Carlingford
Warringah Aquatic Centre Histopath 1 Aquatic Drive Frenchs Forest
Killara Drive Through Clinic 28 Stanhope Road Killara
Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology 95 Epping Road Macquarie Park
Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology Georges Heights Oval, Suakin Drive Mosman
North Ryde Laverty Pathology 60 Waterloo Road North Ryde
Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology St Ives Showground, 450 Mona Vale Road St Ives
Histopath Pathology 55 Coonara Avenue West Pennant Hills
Laverty Willoughby 2 Small Street Willoughby

Covid-19 Testing Clinics

Covid testing at Royal North Shore Hospital

The clinics listed below also test for Covid-19, but you will need to park your car nearby before entering the clinic. Some require booking online or via text beforehand.

Covid-19 Clinic Street Suburb How to book
Beecroft Respiratory Clinic Beecroft Village Arcade, 6-8 Hannah Street Beecroft Turn up
Brookvale Community Health Centre 612-624 Pittwater Road Brookvale Turn up
4Cyte Pathology 4 Russell Ave Frenchs Forest Turn up
Manly Clinical Labs Pathology 19-21 Steyne Manly Turn up
Castle Hill Respiratory Clinic 2/268 Old Northern Road Castle Hill Book online
Dee Why Respiratory Clinic G/5 Mooramba Road Dee Why Book online
Ryde Hospital Clinic Trigg House, Denistone Road Eastwood Turn up
Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Building 8, Derby Road, Gate 5 Hornsby Turn up
Ryde Respiratory Clinic 39 Delhi Road North Ryde Book online
Mona Vale Hospital Coronation St Mona Vale Turn up
Roseville Respiratory Clinic 132A Pacific Highway Roseville Book online
Royal North Shore Hospital Reserve Road St Leonards Turn up
Killara Histopath Pathology 28 Stanhope Road Killara Turn up

Note: Clinics and opening hours are changing frequently. Information correct June 2021. Click here for the latest Covid-19 test clinic information

What North Shore Mums have to say about their COVID-19 tests

Feeling sick, and need to choose a COVID-19 Testing Clinic around the North Shore? Our mums share their experiences.

Royal North Shore Hospital

“Royal North Shore Hospital. No waiting time but we received the result just the following day. It was approx 22 hours to get it.” – Melinda

I went to RNSH Covid clinic. No queue and I got the results the next day.” – Lise

‘Royal North Shore Hospital has a great testing centre and quick results.’ – Carolyn

“I took my 4 year old son to Royal North Shore hospital. They were very gentle and fast. Kids have a thinner swab compare to adults. I was told they’ve changed their process so no where close to an Influenza swab. I was expecting that for me but it was quick and easy.” – Jay

“We went to RNSH on Monday. No referral needed. My 5 year old laughed. They had an awesome nurse on who was great with kids. They did both her throat and nose. If you don’t have a mask, they will supply them. Just be prepared to wait in the cold. We waited about 1 hour before being tested. It is relatively quick once you are inside the clinic. You can then register to receive your negative result via SMS. The Department of Health will call you if your test is positive. Apparently RNSH has quicker result times because the pathology is onsite. We had our results with 28 hours.” – Felicity

Killara Drive Through Clinic

Covid-19 Testing Clinic in Killara

Covid-19 Testing Clinic in Killara

“Tested at 9.45am results back at 2pm. Don’t need to leave your car!” –  Anna

“I went to the drive through in Killara (old dalcross), it only took max 10 min altogether and that was a slightly busier day. Got the results that evening. Though when I’ve been on a quieter day I got results within 2 hours!” – Kathleen

Drive through in Killara is brilliant. So fast and efficient and same day results. Not painful either with the nose swabs.” – Michelle

In at 2.30, results at 5.45. No queue, staff were fantastic.” – Helen

There was a queue of about 20 cars when I went this morning (15 June 2021).” – Cassie

Roseville Respiratory Clinic

Roseville Covid Testing Clinic

Roseville Respiratory Clinic – Covid-19 Testing

I took my 11-year-old daughter to Roseville to be tested for Covid-19. She had heard horror stories from her friends, so was really nervous about it and crying in the car before we got there. But it was so easy! They literally just did a mouth swab for her, and she was very relieved about how easy it was. No pain at all” – Suzy

“Booking is by text message and they reply 3 minutes later to confirm. Once you get there it takes 5 minutes to get tested. It takes longer to find parking though. I recommend booking the appointment between 9:30am and 2:45pm, that way you can park on Pacific Highway. Results take a few hours only, no more than 12.” – Eugenia

“The clinic at Roseville is fantastic – you can book in & the results are within 24 hours. I went to Allambie Heights the other day to the drive through one and waited about half an hour to get the swab done. So much more efficient when you can book in.” – Briannon

“Quick and easy and results in less than 24 hours. It’s behind the medical centre on the Pacific Highway next to Pizza Olla. You need to text for an appointment but it’s quick and easy.’ – Sarah

I went to Roseville Respiratory Clinic and it’s only a throat swab there – not uncomfortable at all and done in 5 minutes. Results are also now coming through the next day.” – Michelle

“Roseville Respiratory Clinic (park outside cinema) – call them to book, fill out a form. In and out in 5/6 minutes, results back in 8 and 10 hours for my two kids two weeks ago.” – Olwyn

Hornsby Hospital

The entry and exit to the Covid Testing Clinic at Hornsby Hospital

“I got tested at Hornsby Hospital. The clinic is located on Burdett Street, opposite Waitara Anglican School, and next to Only About Children. As soon as I arrived, I was given hand sanitiser and a face mask, and ushered inside to register. I then waited in the open air waiting area for about 10 minutes, before being called in for my test. They did both sides of my throat, and both nostrils. It was uncomfortable, but over and done with quickly! I was in and out within 15 minutes in total.” – Rachel, December 2020

Hornsby Clinical Labs Pathology Drive-through Clinic

Covid-19 testing in Hornsby

Drive-thru Covid-19 testing in Hornsby

Been there twice and results are back less than a day.” – Lou

Lovely gentle women great with little ones. Never had a queue. Results 12 hours (afternoon test back in the middle of the night, twice). – Caroline

I went around midday on a weekday in June 2021. We had about 8 cars ahead of us, so had about a 20 minute wait in the car. Got results at 10am the next morning, so around 22 hours for results” – Lucinda

Macquarie Park

“I took my son to Laverty head office in Macquarie Park last week it was drive through and so easy!” – Nicci

“The drive through at Macquarie Park is highly recommended and results received following morning via text.” – Angela

Ryde Hospital

“Ryde Hospital testing was easy… drive in and they had signs where to park and you call a number and they will instruct you. No appointment, took 10 mins and they provided instructions on how to register your phone number to receive results.'”- Zoe

“Ryde did my son and it was a throat swap simple and easy it’s not too bad they didn’t do a nose swab.” – Sherry-Ann

Ryde Douglass Hanley Moir

“I went to the one at 5 Forest Way, Frenchs Forest, they only do one appointment every 20 min & parking on site so you need to book & need a doc referral, can get that consensus a phone doctor appointment though. They don’t all do kids & I can confirm this one does, it’s a Douglas Hanley Moir.” – Eleni

Northern Beaches Hospital

“I had Covid test last week – drive thru at Northern Beaches Hospital. Took ten mins. No bookings needed. Was simple and got results back within a day and a half. All I had was a sniffle and slightly sore throat.” – Amber

“It was very quick and easy for me to get my son tested at the Northern Beaches Hospital – he had a cough, which was his asthma. Drove around the the back of the hospital where they have the testing set up, waiting for a couple of people in front, gave his details, sat in a charge and they swabbed him (I bribed him with marshmallows to let them do it easily). Got the results within 12 hours through the text message system.”

Northern Beaches Hospital is quick & easy, just need to drive round the back, park and go to a big loading dock set up for tests.” – Haras

Willoughby Leisure Centre Drive-through

Willoughby leisure centre, it’s a drive through. I arrived about 15 mins before it opened and was 2nd in line, such a quick process! Results back in about 8 hours.” –  Anusha

The COVID-19 Test: What happens

The Covid-19 test takes less than 30 seconds. The doctor will do one throat swab and two deep nasal swabs. Although slightly uncomfortable, it’s quick and painless.

  • ‘It didn’t hurt just made my eyes water’ – Michelle
  • ‘We were tested at a drive-thru clinic 2 days ago. Swabbed back of my throat and up one nostril only. Exactly the same for my 8 year old. Only about 3 secs each swab for me and maybe 2 secs for him. One nostril only.’ – Charlotte
  • ‘I found it uncomfortable not painful… and it literally lasts less than a min’ – Danielle
  • ‘My four year old had it and it wasn’t anything like I’ve heard about like adults have had. He didn’t even jump. Although he did say after ‘that doctor shouldn’t have put a stick in my nose’ – Kathleen

Getting your COVID-19 results

Results can take up to 72 hours (3 days) to come through. All patients tested for COVID-19 are required to home isolate until test results are provided by medical staff.

Getting tested at the hospital

If you are tested at a NSW Health public hospital fever clinic, COVID-19 clinic or emergency departments, your results can be sent directly to you as an text message (SMS). Your local hospital health team will provide you with details on how to register. Results will typically be available 24 to 72 hours after testing.

If you test positive, you will be called by a healthcare professional.

Getting tested at at GP or Respiratory Clinic

If your test is arranged through a GP practice, including COVID-19 GP respiratory clinics run by the Australian Government, please check with them how you will be informed of your result.


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  1. Gregory Goldstein
    Gregory Goldstein

    I wish to cross the NSW-QLD border on 20 Dec, departing Sydney early on the 19th, and do not understand how I can have my result from RNSH covid testing clinic before departure available at the border

    9 December 2021 at 9:17 am
  2. Francis J Burrows
    Francis J Burrows

    I’ve been trying to find details of the Royal North Shore Hospital Covid 19 testing clinic. Times of opening, location, etc. The access to this critical information is pretty well impossible via the various suggested internet sites. It’s a pretty straightorward enquiry but not for me and I suspect others might have difficulties, RNSH website needs serious attention.

    3 October 2021 at 10:56 am
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    Dear mimi

    patients at The Mosman drive through do not need to call the practice first. they just need to drive up and join the queue. No appointment necessary open 7 days from 8.30am

    5 July 2021 at 1:12 pm
  4. Mimi

    Mosman practice now offers drive thru testing in car park . Call practice first however and you need to remain in your car – You won’t miss where to go as theres a huge yellow box in parking lot .

    2 July 2020 at 1:46 am

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