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Crazy shakes! The best kids’ milkshakes around the North Shore

kids milkshakes North Shore
Delicious milkshakes from The Missing Piece in Macquarie Centre

Every child makes the transition in their life when they move on from babycinos and discover the wonders of delicious, overflowing, topped-with-treats milkshakes. There are some amazing creations right here on the North Shore, so next time you are looking to spoil the kids (or yourself), put these cafes on your list in your hunt for the best kids’ milkshakes on the North Shore.

If you’re watching your waistline, look away. I promise that once you catch your eye on some of these incredible Crazy Shakes, you aren’t going to be able to resist temptation!

Use our quick links to jump through the cafes, or perhaps you want to visit them all for a bit of market research? Here are our picks for the best kids milkshakes on the North Shore:

Best Kids Milkshakes on the Lower North Shore

1. The Incinerator, Willoughby

The Incinerator

The Incinerator is a great, kid-friendly cafe that has plenty of space for kids to run around. The cafe itself is housed in an iconic incinerator building in Willoughby, with plenty of delicious food. Hallstrom Park is just a minute away, so you can stop in for a milkshake (and a coffee) before or after a play. Their milkshakes are delicious! They may not look as fancy as some of the other options out there, but they are stuffed full of Tim Tam goodness. Yum! The adults’ ones are huge, so definitely go for the kid’s option.

    2. The Wilkes, Artarmon

    The Wilkes kids milkshakes North Shore

    Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, salted caramel slice, giant mugs and lolly snakes… does it get much better than this? The Wilkes certainly know how to deliver when it comes to their famous milkshakes. Your kids will be delighted! Choose from this amazing Tim Tam Milo shake or check out their Nutella shake, and make sure you save room for some of their homemade treats.

    • Address: 7 Wilkes Avenue, Artarmon
    • Website: Facebook

      Best Kids Milkshakes on the Upper North Shore

        3. The Missing Piece, Macquarie Centre

        Missing PIece kids milkshakes North Shore

        As you can see, Macquarie Shopping Centre is clearly a great place to stop and grab a milkshake. Jaws will drop when this amazing creation comes out, topped with M&Ms, biscuits and chocolate. As you can see from the photo evidence above, there is plenty of choice, and each one is just as delicious and incredible as the next. Good luck choosing!

        4. Pottery Green Bakery, Turramurra

        Pottery green

        Teddy bear cups, lots of topping dripped throughout and sprinkles – how can you go wrong. These are the perfect kid-sized milkshakes that are a little more understated than some of the others out there, just in case you were after a smaller sugar rush. They are conveniently located in the row of shops at Turramurra, where you can park right out front. You can even grab one to go and take it to one of the nearby parks.

        5. C9 Chocolate & Gelato, Wahroonga

        While C9 Chocolate & Gelato isn’t new, their cafe in Wahroonga certainly is! And it’s well worth a visit. You will discover a range of treats, from their gelato sandwiches, croffle sticks and croffle pizzas, to epic sundaes with all the toppings you can image. Of course, the milkshakes are amazing as well!

        Treat the kids to a cronut shake that comes (literally) with a syringe of chocolate, the donutela shake with an entire ice-cream on top, or the lava shake with chocolate oozing from the sides. Yum!

        6. Magpies Waitara

        If you head to Peggy’s cafe in Magpies Waitara, you can enjoy a light meal along with a cup of coffee or tea, while your kids enjoy their very own crazy shake. Topped with marshmallows, chocolate and cream, with chocolate down the side, what more could a child want. Better yet, Magpies has one of the best indoor play centres, so after they gulp down the sugar, they can go run it off, while you enjoy a little peace and quiet.

        Best Kids Milkshakes further afield!

        7. Frankies, Terry Hills

        After a cafe where the kids can play while you sit back & enjoy a coffee in peace? Check out the new Frankie’s Food Factory in Terrey Hills. Kids will love testing out the delicious menu with pancake sliders, donut fries, milkshake surprise and plenty more…

        8. Wild Pear Cafe, Dural

        Wild Pear Cafe

        If you are after something a bit different from the chocolately overload varieties on offer at some of the other cafes, then treat yourself (and the kids, of course) to a trip to Wild Pear Cafe. These Rosewater Milkshakes not only look pretty, but taste amazing, topped with fairy floss just to complete that all-pink look. They have more to choose from on the menu and their food is just as spectacular, so make sure you visit them on an empty stomach.

        9. The Shoppe at Cowan

        Driving north to the central coast? Take the Berowra exit on the M1 and enjoy the scenic routing, with a pitt stop at The Shoppe at Cowan! It offers delicious meals, quality coffee, convenience items… and the most amazing crazy shakes!

        Need a lactose-free crazy shake? You’re in luck!

         The Shoppe at Cowan made one on oat milk for our youngest and used a gluten-free dairy-free nut-free sorbet, then added some lollies but only after checking the ingredients lists. So inclusive, welcoming and caring.

        • Address: 2 Fraser Road Cowan, NSW, Australia 2081
        • Facebook

          10. Warnies Railway Cafe, Central Coast

          The Skittle Pop Crazy Shake $12

          It’s worth the drive to the Central Coast to visit this incredible cafe in Warnervale. Be sure to try their the Gaytime Crazy Shake, by far the most popular of all their crazy shakes. It’s a Caramel Milkshake, an entire Gaytime Ice-cream, Cream, Biscuit Crumb edge, Crushed Honeycomb and Caramel Syrup. Decadence at the next level!

          While you’re there, take the kids for a play (to burn off all that sugest) at the incredible playground at Leagues Club Park Gosford.

          Pictured: The Skittle Pop features the Blueheaven Shake, Giant Lollipop, Skittles, Bubblegum Icecream, Fairyfloss, Cream & SKITTLES.

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