10 funny memes about supermarket shopping in lockdown


With many, many, many weeks of lockdown behind us, the supermarket has definitely become the essential ‘outing of the week’! Who knew there were so many relatable memes to give us a good old belly laugh right now about these essential trips? Check out these 10 funny memes about supermarket shopping in lockdown.

Does anyone else look forward to their supermarket trips? For me, it’s a chance to leave the kids at home (with their dad) and enjoy a little peace and quiet to break up the week. These memes are all too relatable when it comes to supermarket shopping. It’s time to have a little laugh about it with the rest of Sydney.

Since we don’t have anything else to dress up for, why not!


supermarket cough

I’ve had to stifle a few coughs…


Just head straight to the chocolate aisle…


The awkward moment where you go in for the hug hello and then pull back


Definitely a way to keep people from you

When you finally have something new to chat about!


And let’s not forget the empty toilet paper shelves…


supermarket shopping lockdown memes

So conscious of this one!


supermarket shopping lockdown memes

Haha, for us it would be the toddler who runs the house…


supermarket shopping lockdown memes

Every time a lockdown is announced…

Need more laughs? Here are some more funny lockdown memes:


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