Where to find Spoonvilles on the North Shore


There’s something spreading across the North Shore at the moment (and no, we’re not talking about COVID-19). It’s a sense of community spirit as Spoonvilles are popping up on every corner. We give you a rundown on where to find Spoonville on the North Shore, so you can get creative with the kids and enjoy getting out and about.

No doubt, if you’ve taken a walk around your neighbourhood lately (which we are definitely doing a lot of in lockdown!) you would have come across a ‘Spoonville’ in your travels. They are cropping up everywhere at the moment, becoming the latest lockdown craze for both adults and children alike. Yes parents, you can have some fun decorating as well!

Use these quicklinks to find your area:

What is Spoonville?

The idea is simple. Grab a spoon (many Spoonsvilles even have a collection of spare spoons for you to grab) and get decorating. Now’s the chance to use your imagination and make it as wild as you like. Replicate your family, make your favourite character, create monsters, animals, or even celebrities. It’s all about having fun.

Once you’re done, head off on a walk and set your spoon up with all the other friends in Spoonville. A growing community for everyone to enjoy when they head off on a walk.

Some people are even setting them outside their own home!

The Origins of Spoonville

Believe it or not, the idea actually originated in the English village of Winnersh. From there, it has simply spiralled and spread, reaching the North Shore in a time when we could all do with a little bit of extra community spirit.

Where to find Spoonvilles on the North Shore

Ready to go on the hunt and find a Spoonville (or two) that you can add to? Here’s a growing list of all the places you can go visit on the North Shore. Search via suburb, and try and find ones that within walking distance from your home, so you can get in your daily exercise at the same time.


  • Shadforth St, Mosman

Neutral Bay

  • Corner of Yeo Street and Laycock Street

 Neutral Bay


  • Chisholm Street

Spoonvilles North Shore Chisholm


  • Willoughby Uniting Church: 10-12 Clanwilliam Street

Spoonvilles North Shore Willoughby

Lane Cove

  • Yethonga Ave, Lane Cove West
Lane Cove West Spoonvilles North Shore

Lane Cove West Spoonville


  • Pacific Highway end of Eric Road
Spoonvilles North Shore Artarmon

Artarmon Spoonville


  • Hathorn Ave, Chatswood West


  • KU Bradfield Road, West Lindfield
Spoonvilles North Shore KU

KU Lindfield Spoonville


  • Linden Avenue
Linden Ave Spoonville

Linden Ave Spoonville

  • Kamilaroy Road, West Pymble
  • Victoria Ave, West Pymble
  • Hillary Street, West Pymble

Hillary Street

  • Lofberg Road, West Pymble
  • Merrivale Road (outside Pymble Playgroup)
  • Frogmore Park, West Pymble
Spoonvilles North Shore Frogmore

Frogmore Park Spoonville

    St Ives

    • Rosedale Road St Ives (corner or Rosedale and Puttari)
    Spoonvilles North Shore Rosedale

    Rosedale Road Spoonville

    • Memorial Avenue (just outside Pencil Park)

      Memorial Ave Spoonville


    • Corner of Mona Vale and Cowan Road St Ives (out the front of Christ Church Anglican Church)
    • Bryce Oval St Ives
    • 120 Warimoo Avenue, St Ives Chase

    120 Warimoo Avenue, St Ives Chase

    • 75 Ayres Rd, next door to Sir Eric Woodward School
    Bryce Oval

    Bryce Oval Spoonville


      • Thomas Mitchell Drive, Davidson


      • Gordon East Public School
      • Darnley Street, Gordon East
      Spoonvilles North Shore Darnley

      Darnley Street Spoonville


      • Turramurra Ave
      • Bobbin Head Road, opposite Samuel King Oval, North Turramurra
      North Turramurra

      Bobbin Head Road Spoonville

      • Cove Street, South Turramurra
      Spoonvilles North Shore Cove Street

      Cove Street Spoonville

      • 2nd Scout Hall Turramurra
      2nd Scout Hall

      2nd Scout hall Spoonville


      • Tanderra Street
      • KU Wahroonga, Millewa Avenue
      • Amaroo Avenue (all the way down towards The Glade)

      Amaroo Avenue Spoonville

      • Corner of Grosvenor Street and Curtin Ave


      • Somerville Road, Hornsby Heights

      Somerville Road Spoonville

      • James Park, Hornsby
      Spoonvilles North Shore

      James Park Spoonville

      • Corner of Northcote and Sharon Close, Hornsby

      Corner of Northcote and Sharon Close


      • Philippa Oleary Park
      Spoonvilles North Shore

      Philippa Oleary Park Spoonville


      • Wilson Street, North Ryde

      Wilson Street


      • Yallambee Road Playground


      • Anzac Avenue (beach end)

      Spoonville Locations on the North Shore

      North Shore Mum Anna McFarlane has created a Google Map that shows all the Spoonvilles! You can add them directly here.

      Know any other Spoonvilles on the North Shore?

      We’d love to feature them! Simply complete the form below, to let us know…


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