Best trampolines for kids: We review the Vuly Thunder Trampoline

Vuly Thunder Trampoline
We have looked into the best trampolines for kids, including the Vuly Thunder Trampoline

The best trampolines for kids can be a wonderful addition to any family home, outlasting toys and encouraging outdoor, physical play! Bianka Ford thrilled her kids with a Vuly Thunder Trampoline and found it gave her kids a fun way to work off extra energy and kept them occupied when so many options are limited due to Covid-19.

My children are five and 11 so I was delighted to find that both love our Vuly Thunder Trampoline and use it daily (weather permitting). I know that we will be using the trampoline for years to come so it is comforting to know that the warranty (up to 10 years) will have our back! As well as jumping, both kids love to use the trampoline for reading, playing games, and we’ve started using it as the place to have our ‘you can tell me anything’ chats. I work from home, so I’ve even started using it for a timeout bounce when I’ve been staring at the screen for too long!


Christmas will be a memorable one with a trampoline to play on! Bianka’s kids playing on the Vuly Thunder Trampoline

Vuly Thunder Trampoline: Our review!

Firstly, it looks great! The colours and the netting made the unpleasant part of our backyard look amazing, but there are three extra standout features I loved:

  • The entry to the trampoline is a flap design so it’s easy to access for kids, but it’s securely attached so no remembering to close it up
  • It doesn’t have a zipper! When my daughter has used a zip enclosure part of her braids were caught in the zip and she was unable to get loose
  • Playtime is extended by the clever designs on the mat that provide excellent game starters

Vuly trampolines are made by the expert team in Queensland so it has been tested to last even in the harsh Australian climate.

Safety: Confidence and physical play

Vuly Trampolines and the unique rebound system is outside the direct bouncing area for safer bouncing

Like most parents, safe play (and avoiding injury!) was my paramount concern, especially with two kids on the tramp! But Vuly Trampolines are tough- they are tested to withstand the impact of a car being dropped on them. The unique rebound system is outside the direct bouncing area, a new development for safer bouncing.

  • There’s no nooks where little fingers can get stuck
  • There is no gap between the mat and the net
  • The enclosure’s height is one of the highest on the market, and the skirt protects little people from getting caught or wedged
  • The leaf spring system eliminates the risk of those spring accidents that we remember from our childhood!

All materials used for the Vuly Thunder Trampoline are of the highest quality and every part of the design, from UV resistance to the shape of the poles, keeps the safety of the kids at the forefront.

Extending play: All-weather options

best trampolines for kids

Materials used for the Vuly Thunder Trampoline are of the highest quality, from UV resistance to the shape of the poles

We got a Shade Cover with our trampoline and haven’t taken it off. As well as giving the kids UV protection while bouncing, the cover has done an excellent job of keeping falling leaves and other debris out of the trampoline. Vuly has an amazing array of extras that you can add to the trampoline to extend playtime. A basketball hoop adds an extra dimension and the tent bundle means that the trampoline is camp-out ready! Although we used the spray hose on a hot day to the increase the laughs on the trampoline, Vuly have a specially designed water mister that can be attached. Other options include trampoline friendly skateboard decks, speakers and lighting.

Delivery and Assembly (especially for Christmas present planning!)

If you’re planning on making a play for Parent of the Year by surprising your kids with their very own trampoline in the backyard like we did, there are a few things you need to know:

Delivery is quick and efficient. Our trampoline turned up within a week (impressive during Covid-19) and communication with Vuly was excellent. I knew exactly when it would arrive and where it would be when it did. It came in 5 tall, slender boxes with the heaviest being 25kg.

I could only get the kids out of the house for 3 hours and this was more than enough time for my husband and a friend to get the trampoline up and bounce ready!

My biggest advice is to watch the extremely helpful video that takes you through each step of the assembly process. It covers everything you need to know including some tips and tricks to make assembling your trampoline a breeze. The most challenging part of the build was the installation of the leaf springs, but using the dedicated tool with the technique suggested in the video simplifies this process. It does say that it can be assembled solo, but we think that inviting a friend over to assist with stretching out the mat and lifting the trampoline to its final location is the way to go.

What are others saying?

You may have stumbled across an online comparison site that compares the Vuly Thunder Trampoline to others, and includes some negative safety feedback. I’d encourage you to read Vuly’s response to the review as it addresses any concerns you might have. Read it here. You can also refer to their Google Review rating of 4.8 with 1663 reviews.

Vuly Thunder Trampoline: The verdict

As well as jumping, both kids love to use the trampoline for reading, playing games, and ‘you can tell me anything’ chats

The only question we’re left with is, ‘Why did we not get this sooner?!’ The Vuly Thunder trampoline has exceeded expectations with its sturdiness, its bounce and for that sweet sound of the kids asking to jump rather than for more screentime!

Vuly Play is a leading outdoor play equipment designer.
From kid’s swing set frames and playsets to quality trampolines, Vuly promotes active, safe fun around Australia.

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