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Parents Guide: Everything you need to know about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour


Have you been lucky enough to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Sydney this weekend? We want to help make your night as memorable as possible, so are sharing all the top tips from people who saw her in Melbourne last weekend. Know what to expect with our tips for The Eras Tour!

The 14-time GRAMMY® award winner Taylor Swift is bringing her iconic show The Eras Tour to Sydney’s Accor Stadium for FOUR successive nights this weekend! We’ve scoured the internet and Facebook groups like Taylor Swift Eras Tour Australia to get all the top tips.

If you’re attending one of her shows at Accor Stadium in Sydney, we want to share lots of insider tips about what to expect to help you have a smooth night.

What to know before you take kids to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Protect your tickets. Change your Ticketek password. Now!

We’ve heard first-hand stories of people logging into their Ticketek account to find that their tickets have been ‘shared’ with others… when they haven’t ever shared them!

Disappointingly, Ticketek do not offer two-factor authentication on accounts as an extra layer of security, so it is imperative that your password is super strong to reduce the risk of hackers getting into your account.

A strong password would be 12-16 characters and a mix of lowercase (abc), uppercase (ABC), numbers (123) and randomised symbols (!#$).

If you login to find that your account has been compromised and your tickets have been shared, contact Ticketek immediately.

Get your tickets ready on your phone

To ensure a smooth entry into Accor Stadium, do these things before you arrive:

In case of mobile reception issues, take a screenshot of your tickets just before you arrive.

Before you pass through the ticket gates at the stadium ensure your screen brightness is turned on maximum.

Friendship Bracelets

Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Make them! Swap them! And not just at the concert. Swiftie fever is in Sydney right now, so wear your friendship bracelets to school, to uni, on the bus, at the park… and swap them with fellow Swifties.

‘Bring triple the amount of friendship bracelets you’ll think you’ll trade. It’s fun!’

Take lots to the concert… but only enough that you can carry in your bag or on your wrists.

When does Taylor Swift come on stage?

The gates to Accor Stadium open at 4:30pm each day.

Sabrina Carpenter (the support act) is on from 6:20pm until 7:10pm. If you don’t know all her music, listen to her on Spotify beforehand!

At all three Melbourne concerts, Taylor Swift came on stage punctually at 7:30pm and performed for 3.5 hours – finishing at 11:00pm sharp.

‘The break between Sabrina and Taylor was short, make sure you are in your seat before the end of the song Applause, as the clock countdown starts straight after that. If you need to go to the bathroom, my advice is to go before Sabrina finishes her set, the lines are long!’ – Vicki

Want to familiarise yourself with the show before you go? Listen to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour set list here.

When is a good time to go to the toilet?

  • Before the show – head to the toilet BEFORE Sabrina Carpenter finishes her set. It gets super busy as soon as she finishes!
  • During the show – there are plenty of costume changes and the toilets are generally quiet during the show. So pop out to the loo when Taylor finishes each Era!

Obstructed view

If you paid hundreds of dollars for your ticket (and did NOT buy an obstructed view seat) – yet a large tower or overbearing tent blocks your view, it’s worth speaking to a staff member to see if you can be moved. Asking for a discount after the show is unlikely to yield results.

Don’t block other people’s view!

You might want to be standing and dancing all night, and that’s certainly awesome!

But please be considerate of people behind you. Everyone wants to see the stage, so please don’t stand on chairs or wear huge cowboy hats that get in the way of other people seeing the stage. Yes, we get it, the cowboy hats are part of the ‘outfit’… but get your photos in them before the show starts, then take them off when Taylor comes on stage!

If your child is really short and standing on a chair makes them the size of a ‘normal’ adult, no problem. But if your child is almost ‘full sized’ and you are obstructing the view behind, they need to stand on the ground.

‘Honestly, if a child is standing on a chair and is the same height as an adult, I have no problem with it. But if they are 9-10 years old and blocking everyone, I just blame the parents. Who is that clueless and self-important that they’d allow their child to ruin the experience of those around them?! It blows my mind.’ – Erin


‘The little girl in front of us slipped and one leg fell in between the seat which automatically flipped up. They had a lot of trouble freeing her leg and there were lots of tears. Those seats are not meant to be used that way.’ – Elizabeth


‘I knew my daughter wouldn’t be able to see with everyone in front of her standing so before the concert started I asked the people behind her if it was okay if she stood on her chair. I also said that for the times she did, I’d stand in front of her so that they had a clear view through my empty seat (also to protect her from potentially slipping). They were lovely & very accommodating. I would’ve hated to ruin someone else’s experience.’ – Kerena


‘When I saw Robbie Williams this year at Allianz Stadium, a lady was trying to climb over the grandstand chairs, fell and died. Standing on chairs isn’t safe and I’m sure Accor wouldn’t endorse it. – Kris

If people behind you politely ask you to stand down because they can’t see, please don’t fire abuse at them.

Be kind to others

Everyone wants to have a good time! Don’t let tensions get high and be rude to others. If things get heated and you are getting verbal abuse, talk to security immediately.

‘Reminder to Sydney Swifties to talk to security if anyone acts appallingly! Nothing would shut those entitled women up faster than the risk of being removed from the concert!’ – Kristie

Get photos with randoms

Isaac Smith

There will be plenty of people dressed up in AMAZING costumes… so don’t be shy, and ask to get a photo with anyone in the crowd who has made a big effort.

We’ve heard that Isaac Smith will be at two Sydney concerts this weekend. So keep an eye out for him!

“My daughter LOVED getting a photo with you (Isaac Smith)! She was devo that I didn’t take one on her phone she’s seen you all over TikTok (my bad! I had no idea🙈). It’s my little Swiftie dude’s turn this time we will keep an eye out if you’re around N3” – Sharmayne

What to pack in your bag

Take a SMALL bag. Bags will be inspected upon entry and must be smaller than A4 size (30cm wide x 35cm tall x 20cm deep). If it’s bigger, there will be nowhere to store it.

  • Mobile phone with your concert tickets.
  • A poncho in case it rains! Umbrellas are not permitted.
  • A light-weight cardi in case it gets chilly at night (or tie it around your waist).
  • Small personal cameras (i.e. without detachable lenses) and camera phones are permitted.
  • Water bottle – a sealed clear soft plastic water bottle no larger than 600ml. You can refill at water stations inside the venue.
  • Little snacks & lollies! Although the Accor website specifies ‘no outside food’, you could try sneaking in a muesli bar or some lollies. Melbourne concert-goers were allowed to bring in food. There are plenty of food vendors inside Accor Stadium (and outside too!)… but you might want to save some queue time (and money) and pack a few snacks to keep your energy levels high.
  • Friendship bracelets are allowed to be brought into the Stadium in your single allowed bag (but not in a separate bag on carabiners, d-rings, shower curtain rings, or other (for safety reasons).

Wear comfy shoes

Yep, the cowboy boots look awesome… but let’s be serious. You’re going to be on your feet for 3-4 hours, so you don’t want to be in pain or uncomfortable! Wear some cool trainers or flats with your outfit to keep you dancing all night long.

‘Wear shoes you can stand and walk in. I know you want to look cute, but make sure that you can move in them. I saw a lot of younger fans carrying their shoes in to the concert because they didn’t plan for the walk.’ – indicatprincess, via Reddit

Eat a decent meal before you arrive

Have a big lunch or buy a meal around Accor Stadium when you arrive. It’s a long concert, so you don’t want a rumbling tummy! And pack some little snacks too.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Drink lots of water the day before and the day of the concert. You can take a 600ml bottle into the stadium, and there are plenty of water refill stations inside the venue too.

Pack earplugs to protect your hearing

The concert is loud. Very loud! Little kids (and even big kids) might find this overwhelming, so come prepared with earplugs to dampen the sound. Loop earplugs are often recommended!

Be aware of germs

The tickets were so hard to come by… that sick ticket holders will be unlikely to stay home with covid, the flu or other illnesses! Many Melbourne concert goers have reported getting covid after the concert.

Get vaccinated if you’re not already. Take a face mask when walking around the stadium. Take hand sanitiser.

And if you’re the sick one but not staying home, please wear a mask at all times!

Just a word of warning for anyone going to Sydney. Melbourne was a germ factory 😮‍💨 Me and others I know have now got colds, flus or covid. Thankfully mine is just a head cold but I’m still in bed today exhausted. I don’t know how long the flu shot takes to kick in, but perhaps look at getting one if you haven’t. I’ve had flu vax and didn’t catch the flu thankfully. Also maybe wearing a mask around the stadium and taking it off in your seat could help, and carry sanitiser (which I didn’t, oops). It’s up to you what you do of course and I don’t want to put anyone off having a great night but just thought I’d give a heads up that there’s a few things doing the rounds.’ – Crystal

Celebrate outside Accor stadium

Natalie Haynes & Sarah Lee wait in hope for tickets at the Melbourne Concert!

If you weren’t lucky enough to buy tickets, you can still absorb some of the Swiftie Spirit outside Accor Stadium.

‘I cannot speak highly enough of the Taylorgating experience! Everyone was in good spirits, we had hundreds of people have photos with our props and trade bracelets with people of all walks of life. The Victoria Police just made sure people were behaving and staying off the concourse. The Police were awesome & trading bracelets, taking photos etc. They got into the spirit too! There were THOUSANDS outside, estimated 30,000′ – Nat

Ticketek Marketplace is open for the resale of tickets. Ticketek Marketplace is the only authorised reselling platform for Taylor Swift. These tickets are extremely scarce and availability is subject to other fans listing their tickets for resale.

We’ve heard that some tickets even come up for sale on the night of the concert when people are unable to attend at the last minute. So if you’re there, you might just get lucky!

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