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What to expect in pregnancy: An Obstetrician’s guide

"What to expect in pregnancy?" is a question all expectant mums find themselves asking at some point in their journey ...
Virtual tour

Welcome! Take North Shore Private Hospital’s virtual maternity tour

North Shore Private Hospital's virtual maternity tour is a great way to see what's on offer at the new parenting ...
The 'fourth trimester' with your newborn baby

The ‘fourth trimester’ with your newborn baby

You're in the 'fourth trimester' if you've just had a baby- and you might be feeling overwhelmed with advice from ...
pregnancy and coronavirus

Pregnant? How to protect yourself & your baby from Coronavirus

If you’re pregnant and expecting a baby in the coming months, you’re probably concerned about the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic ...
Pregnancy Pilates Class Crows Nest

Pregnancy Pilates: 7 ways it can help you

Pregnancy Pilates classes can benefit expectant mums in many ways.  Pilates is a fantastic choice because the workout is flexible ...
Why hire a Doula?

Why hire a Doula?

So, you’ve chosen your health professional to support you during pregnancy and birth- maybe a midwife, a doctor, an obstetrician ...
Help! I had a baby, but I lost my hair

Help! I had a baby, but I lost my hair

It's one of those strange side effects of pregnancy that few people talk about...thanks to surging hormones, many women enjoy ...
5 uncomfortable pregnancy issues (and what to do about them)

5 uncomfortable pregnancy issues (and what to do about them)

Ahhh, pregnancy! It's meant to one of womanhood's great adventures, but growing a whole new human inside you is often ...
Get everything your baby needs... in ONE place!

Get everything your baby needs… in ONE place!

For people so small, babies sure need a lot of 'stuff'! But if you know where to go, shopping for ...
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