Beauty and body after baby: Getting your groove back


When it comes to body confidence, only 20 per cent of Australian women have high self esteem*. And almost 90% per cent say they’ve cancelled plans (or even job interviews) due to their dissatisfaction with how they look. So what an be done about feeling more beautiful in our bodies? Here are a few ways to help you love the skin you’re in and love your body after baby.

Self confidence and body positivity is a problem for many women- and worse for recent mums. But talking about post-pregnancy body image honestly as a society might help mums and women feel more comfortable in their own skin and love their body after baby.

What we worry about: Post-baby bodies

  • About 63 per cent of women wish** to return to their pre-pregnancy body only about 2 weeks after giving birth, which we all know is unrealistic!
  • Many women struggle with diastasis recti, commonly known as the ‘mummy tummy’, where the two sides of the abdominal muscles separate. Recent study has demonstrated that the previously recommended workout routines actually might be ineffective, rendering 30% of women who suffer from this solution-less.

body after baby

Getting your body back

There is no easy solution to get your body back (and that’s if you decide you need or want to!). As mentioned, the widely known diastasis recti exercises might not be as effective as we once thought, but healthy exercise is important for physical and mental wellbeing.

Remember, belly muscle and fat are heavily dependent on your diet so a healthy diet will help you feel energetic and confident. Here are some delicious meals that are good for you:

  • Barramundi and vegetables
  • Grilled chicken brown rice (or chickpea) pasta w/ peppers
  • Smoked salmon with leafy green salad and low fat cottage cheese for breakfast
  • Ground turkey mixed with garlic, onions, and veggies with basmati rice

Remember these two simple rules when preparing your meals:

  • White meat and white fish are good sources of vitamins and minerals
  • Choose protein over carbs to help you feel full

If you decide you need more than diet and exercise, you could consider getting mummy liposuction or body-sculpting to give your body the kick it needs to get started, or to help motivate you. This procedure is one to consider carefully, taking into account your mental health, general health and your risk factors. Keep in mind that no solution is permanent but there’s nothing wrong with getting a boost if you decide that’s the right choice for you. Having a procedure done can make you feel your goal is more achievable and give you motivation to continue eating well and looking after your body, as well as boost confidence.

Having a night out

Ask your husband, a friend or relative to take care of the baby regularly  while you go out with your girlfriends or do something you enjoy, like see a movie solo or get decked out and go out dancing. Just being in a place with other people, socialising and enjoying yourself will help you feel more positive. Remind yourself that you have a life even as a mum and you have the right to pursue fun and joy outside being a parent.

body after baby

Re-igniting intimacy

Almost all couples have sex less often after having a baby. Many women are unprepared for this transition, one surveyed saying “There’s not enough said about how your sexuality may be affected.” When energy and emotions are being rocked by parenting a newborn, many parents report a resulting low desire for intimacy due to stress and fatigue.

Once your body heals and you feel ready to have intercourse again, set aside a night to get intimate again. Set the mood – candles, flowers, music, and the whole jazz. It will make you feel wanted, desired, and beautiful. Make sure your partner understands your needs and to communicate frequently with each other.

Finding a new look

Get rid of your maternity clothes and update your closet. Experiment with new looks and different styles to make yourself feel like you can have your own identity again. Taking care of yourself will give you more energy. If you are constantly in your old clothes looking exhausted, that’s how you will feel. Many new mums go through emotional downs or depression due to unexpected bodily changes after giving birth^. So invest in yourself and show yourself some much-deserved love and attention!

Sources: *, **SBS, ^ABC

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