Hornsby development: Largest ever buildings ‘Twin Towers’ approved

Hornsby Development
An imaging of the twin towers proposed for in Hornsby. Picture: Sydney North Planning Panel website

Hornsby development plans are now bigger than ever- literally- with the approval of the biggest ever tower blocks approved for Hornsby’s west side, with a second development proposed for the east side. 

The Hornsby skyline will look radically different following the approval of a new double block of 249 apartments, and the possible second development in the pipeline.

The west side’s ‘twin towers’ have been given the green light, with works to begin on residential blocks topping out at 12 storeys for the shorter block and 20 storeys for the larger.

The build at 187-203 Peats Ferry Rd and 2-6 Dural St was met with criticism when announced as it meant demolition and moving the heritage building called ‘Norwood cottage’, plus ongoing works necessary to build a retail space with a supermarket and shops.

Hornsby development approved: West Side

The Lyon group website lists the project details, saying:

“Stage 1 development due to commence comprises approximately 270 high quality apartments plus a range of retail shops. It is adjacent to Hornsby Park and shopping centre and four minutes’ walk from the railway station.”

Hornsby Development Twin Towers

The precinct’s two buildings will reach 20 storeys and 12 storeys. Image: Turner Studio

Hornsby development proposed: East Side

This location in the centre of Hornsby CBD offers strong potential for high rise, creating a new status symbol for the region. Lyon Group Australia has so far consolidated five parcels of land adjoining the Westfield Centre. This project will initiate the rejuvenation of the area over the next two to three years.” 

Hornsby Development

This proposed development is in the centre of Hornsby CBD. Picture: Lyons Group website

Hornsby Shire councillor Emma Heyde told the Hornsby Advocate she was disappointed with the outcome. 

“I feel really sad that Hornsby west side will be dominated by two enormous towers that will really dominate the skyline of Berowra Valley,” Cr Heyde said. “It’s very premature to be saying yes to easily the largest buildings in Hornsby ever built.”

Development plan

The development site at Peats Ferry Rd and Dural St. Picture: Sydney North Planning Panel

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