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Funtastic Kids: The brilliant new indoor play centre at Asquith

Funtastic Kids

If there’s one thing we need on the upper North Shore, it’s a giant kids’ play centre to burn off some energy! The eagerly awaited Funtastic Kids has just opened in Asquith and it’s perfect for all ages from babies to 11 years. With a dedicated babies’ section, slides galore, trampolines and even donut slides, there’s something for everyone – including a cafe for parents to relax! Here’s what you’ll find…

Whether you’re looking to run off some excess energy, or for a fun indoor place to host your next kids’ birthday party, the new Funtastic Kids Play Centre has it all. Our reviewer Felicity Frankish took along her kids Cassie (8) and Elliot (4) and niece Lila (7) and shares what they found.

Exploring the huge indoor play centre at Funtastic Kids

The kids hit the ground running the moment we entered Funtastic Kids, and who can blame them? The moment you walk in, you’re greeted by slides, ball pits, and toys galore. The best part as a parent? It’s all nice and open, so it was easy to keep track of them as they all (naturally) ran off in different directions.

Baby Area

You are greeted with the baby area when you walk in

The play centre has a nice flow to it, starting with the baby section out the front. There’s plenty of soft play kids for the little ones, including a nice and slow merry-go-round for them to take a spin.

Elliot took a spin on the merry-go-round

Kids’ Play Area

All three kids beelined for this section in the middle, with the giant ball pit. There’s so much for them to see, do and play with.

Ball pit

We couldn’t get Elliot away from the shooting balls

Elliot went straight for the ball machine in the middle, which sucks the balls up and shoots them into the air.

Ball maze

He also enjoyed the ball maze on the side, which offers a great fun challenge for the kids.

Funtastic Kids

They all raced down the smaller slides

The girls started by racing down the smaller slides.

Funtastic Kids

Moving on to the thrill of the bigger slides

Before progressing onto the bigger ones.

Lila climbing up the rock climbing wall with an enclosed slide at the top

There’s even a section at the end with a great climbing wall for the older kids and another fun slide for them to race down.

Exploring the softplay space inside

They all explored the section behind, with softplay obstacles to climb through and swings to have fun on.

Donut Slide

Cassie racing down the donut slide

The girls spotted this slide (which was empty) and headed over, where one of the staff was all-too eager to help them test it out. While they said it was a little scary at first, they went about five times, just running their donut back to the top (with help from the friendly staff), before zooming back down again.

Elliot (4) was a little too scared to give it a go. But the slide itself has lots of bumps to slow you down. The girls eventually convinced him to join them and he had a blast.


All three kids loved bouncing on the trampolines

There’s a set of four trampolines in the corner that you actually have to pay for on top to use. This is both for safety reasons and to avoid huge queues. It’s $2 for 15 minutes (which is a generous amount of time).

There are four trampolines, with one kid allowed on each one. Of course, they naturally bounced and swapped around.

There’s a ball wall at the end, where you can try and score points. This kept the three of them entertained for ages. Elliot went back on three times!

The interactive TV screens are lots of fun

They are also the first place in Sydney to have interactive trampoline where the child can see themselves on the TV screen hitting the objects as they jump on the trampoline.

The Cafe at Funtastic Kids

Funtastic cafe

The cafe is well stocked with plenty of snacks

For the parents, there’s an entire section you can escape to, while still being able to keep a watchful eye on the kids as they play. The cafe! And you’ll find plenty of food items there.

Funtastic Kids

Cafe menu

You can then set yourself up at one of the huge windows, where you have almost full view of the kids’ area. It was great to be able to sit down, enjoy a coffee, while they went off and played.

Great viewing windows from the cafe

If there’s no space downstairs, you can head up to a much bigger space and sit down. Again, you’ll find huge viewing windows so you can still see the kids below. It’s the perfect set up.

Parents’ room to feed your little one (or simply escape for some downtime!)

Looking for a little privacy to feed your bub? They also have a dedicated room for parents to sit quietly.

Party Rooms

There’s a few themes you can choose from

Fancy a party that you don’t have to organise much for? This is the perfect place. Head upstairs to the top level of Funtastic Kids (yes, there’s a lift too!) and you’ll find two party rooms that can be opened in the middle to turn them into one big one. Better yet, they even have a disco room!

They have four different party packages to choose from, including one option that gives you the whole centre to yourself! Check out the party packages here.

Entry prices to Funtastic Kids

They have a ‘no sock, no play’ rule and have grip socks available for purchase for $4. Adults accompanying paying kids are free, however more than one adult costs $5 for an hour, or $10 unlimited.

0-1 years

  • One hour $3 (weekdays), $6 (weekends, school holidays and public holidays)
  • Unlimited $5 (weekdays), $12 (weekends, school holidays and public holidays)

1-2 years

  • One hour $11 (weekdays), $14 (weekends, school holidays and public holidays)
  • Two hours $18 (weekdays), $21 (weekends, school holidays and public holidays)
  • Unlimited $22 (weekdays), $29 (weekends, school holidays and public holidays)

2+ years

  • One hour $14 (weekdays), $17 (weekends, school holidays and public holidays)
  • Two hours $25 (weekdays), $31 (weekends, school holidays and public holidays)
  • Unlimited $38 (weekdays), $46 (weekends, school holidays and public holidays)

More details here.

North Shore Mums Special

Book a birthday party for your child before 31 December 2023, and you’ll receive a $100 Café Voucher to spend at the Funtastic Café! Call (02) 8376 4376 to book and mention North Shore Mums.

Essential Details: Funtastic Kids


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