Cloth Face Masks: Where to buy them (and what to look for)

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To reduce the spread of Covid-19 since the recent outbreak, wearing a face mask is now mandatory in certain venues in Greater Sydney. Face masks protect ourselves and others from contracting Covid-19 and will reduce community transmission. 

Face masks are now mandatory in certain venues in Greater Sydney

In Greater Sydney (including Wollongong, Central Coast and Blue Mountains) face masks are mandatory from Sunday 3 January in the following indoor settings:

  • shopping (retail, supermarkets and shopping centres)
  • on public/shared transport and waiting areas for public/shared transport
  • indoor entertainment (including cinemas and theatres)
  • places of worship
  • hair and beauty premises
  • visiting an aged care facility.

Face masks will also be mandatory for all staff in hospitality venues, gaming areas in licensed premises (including casinos) and for patrons using gaming services.

Compliance will start from Monday 4 January 2021 with $200 on the spot fines for individuals for non-compliance.

Children under 12 are exempt but are encouraged to wear masks where practicable.

Find out more on NSW Government website.

Why choose a cloth face mask?

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, reusable cloth face masks are an excellent alternative to medical masks. As well as relieving the pressure of supply of medical masks, they are many other advantages – they’re reusable (so better for the environment), can be more comfortable and come in a range of styles!

Cloth masks, if worn correctly, may be useful to help slow spread of pathogens through droplets associated with coughing and sneezing, including those commonly associated with colds, flus and COVID-19. But where to buy cloth face masks? We have the answer!

What to look for when buying a cloth face mask

  • It needs to fit snugly around the face, covering the nose and mouth.
  • It should have at least two or three layers of material in a tight weave. If you can see through, the thread count is too low.
  • The ideal mask has three layers (including a water-resistant outer layer)
  • Cloth masks with mixed threads (e.g. cotton & silk) can offer better filtration
  • Avoid masks with holes or valves, as you can breath out the virus.

How to use the cloth face mask properly

  • Before putting on a mask, clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Cover mouth and nose with mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • When wearing it, avoid touching it. If you do, clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water
  • Swap the mask with a clean one as soon as it is damp.
  • When removing the mask, use the ear loops and don’t touch the mask material or your face.
  • After taking it off, pop it straight in a plastic bag or the washing machine.
  • Sanitise hands after taking off mask
  • Cloth masks should be washed in the washing machine after each use, so you’ll need several on rotation.

Major fashion stores selling face masks

These masks were voted as ‘most comfortable’ and ‘breathable’ in our Facebook group:

Shopping Guide: Where to buy Cloth Face Masks under $10

Imagine for Kids

where to buy cloth face masks

These bright masks are made in new patterns regularly for a little colour in your day!

  • Style: Fun & colourful prints, changing daily
  • Quality: Double layer of cotton. Machine washable
  • Size: Kids & adults
  • Price: $5
  • Buy online

Natasha Gan

Natasha Can face covering for kids is just one of the places where you can buy cloth face masks

  • Style: Mixed pull up masks in a range of block colours
  • Quality: Two layers. Every mask is lined with Cotton Bamboo and the outer fabric is either easy fitting Lycra, Fujiette or Cotton Jersey, depending the style
  • Size: Kids & adults
  • Price: $60 for 8 ($7.50 each)
  • Buy online

Paper Wings

Paper Wings has a large range of fun prints for kids and adults

  • Style: A range of quirky prints – cars, owls, koalas in space, sailing ships, flora & fauna & more!
  • Quality: Double Layer Organic Cotton Jersey
  • Size: Kids (2-7 years old), Adults (8+ years)
  • Price: $12.95 for 2
  • Buy online

Bugzy Buns

Bugzy Buns

Created and handcrafted by a Ryde mum with affordability in mind

  • Style: Plains (black, royal blue, white), polka dots, stripes, kids prints (dinosaur, car, mickey), lots of other prints.
  • Quality: Cotton two-ply masks, can be worn reversible as well. Machine washable with soft elastic.
    Comes in – junior kid/kid/teenager/female adult/male adult sizes.
  • Size: Kids & Adults
  • Price: $6.99
  • Buy online

Shopping Guide: Cloth Face Masks $10-20

Monster Threads

Monster Threads have a range of funky designs and are made from comfy fabric

  • Style: A range of funky prints
  • Quality: Three layers (Outer layer – Fine Polycotton, Inner Layer (touching face) – Fine Cotton, Middle Filtering Layer – a Non Woven Microfiber Fabric of polyester, polypropylene, nylon, spandex and acrylic)
  • Size: Kids & Adults
  • Price: $12.95
  • Buy online

She Sews Masks

  • Style: A range of stylish and contemporary prints, mostly from Ninola design. Hand sewn by Katie, a mum & nurse from Turramurra
  • Quality: Two layers of tightly woven cotton. People can upcycle their own filter and place in the filter pocket.
  • Size: Adults
  • Price: $15
  • View & order on Instagram

Gifts at The Quay: Aboriginal Art Fabric Face Masks

These Indigenous-inspired artistic masks have layers of polyester with elastic earloops

  • Style: Aboriginal art print
  • Quality: Two layers of polyester with elastic earloops
  • Size: Adults
  • Price: $19.95
  • Buy online

Anoroc Clothing

Anoroc Clothing

Solid colours, florals, fun designs

  • Style: Solid colours, florals, fun designs
  • Quality: Handmade and reusable with three layers and two elastic ear loops:
    Outer Layer – 100% Cotton Or Polyester/Cotton Blend
    Middle Layer – Filter sheet
    Inner Layer – 100% Cotton
    Sizing: 15.5cm x 19.5 cm (approximately) – One size fits most
  • Size: Adults
  • Price: $12
  • Buy online



Olson-style masks handmade to order for adults and kids

  • Style: Masks comes in a range of colourful animal, geometric, Aussie native and classic unisex prints. Made by a local Turramurra mum.
  • Quality: 3-Layers including an internal filter pocket (filter not included)
    • Bendable and removable nose wire for better fit.
    • 100% high quality cotton outer and inner fabric for comfort and protection.
    • Braided elastic are attached on both sides to secure on your ears. The elastics are adjustable (simply knot to your measurements then tuck in)
  • Size: Adults & kids
  • Price: $17-$18
  • Buy online

La Petite Belle Designs

La Petite Belle Designs

La Petite Belle Designs has a wide range of colourful patterns

  • Style: A wide range of designs, ranging from solid colours to fun prints. New designs are being added all the time.
  • Quality: three layer cotton, poplin or jersey masks with a filter pocket and nose wire for a better fit across the face. The elastic ear loops are soft on the skin and can be adjusted for size. Available in a range of sizes from Kids Small (3-5 years) through to Adults Large.
  • Size: Kids & Adults
  • Price: $18
  • Buy online

Delfina Sport

Featured on Channel 7, Channel 10, Daily Telegraph & GQ as one of Australia’s most stylish face mask

  • Style: black, pink, blue and a range of fun designs, such as smiley and Aussie birds.
  • Quality: Polyester lightweight yet durable double knit fabric compound outer layer.
    Middle Layer filter: Polypropylene non woven washable inner – reusable (not disposable)
    Hypoallergenic and comfortable inner cotton layer with inbuilt pouch for filters to fit
    Adjustable metal nose clip for the perfect moulded fit
    Additional PM2.5 Filter inserts available for purchase
  • Size: Kids & adults
  • Price: $16.50
  • Buy online

Shopping Guide: Cloth Face Masks $20-30

The Mask Life

Stylish triple-layer masks

Stylish triple-layer masks from The Mask Life

  • Style: A range of solid colours and stylish prints.
  • Quality: Triple layer, 100% Polyester material, breathable, moisture wicking properties to draw moisture away from the face, hydrophile coating to help reduce water absorption and material contamination
  • Size: Kids & Adults
  • Price: $20 (discounts on bulk orders)
  • Buy online

Engage Athletic

These are Ethical Clothing Australia accredited masks with a three-layer contouring design

  • Style: Black, white, navy, light blue, olive, blush, light blue
  • Quality: Three-layer contoured face mask with breathable, water repellent outer layer. Ethical Clothing Australia accredited
  • Size: Adults
  • Price: $22.95 (min order 3 per colour)
  • Buy online

Banded Together

The stylish masks come in monochrome prints and wrap around the ear with adjustable elastic

  • Style: Stylish silk masks in a variety of different colours like rose, navy, black, leopard print
  • Quality: Made from two layers of silk satin and a layer of interfacing material. Wrap around the ear with adjustable elastic
  • Size: Adults
  • Price: $24
  • Buy online

Face Masks Oz

  • Quality: Two layers (polyester front, Interfacing sewn in filter fabric middle, 100% cotton back). Nose wire.
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: Adults
  • Price: $25
  • Buy online

Emmies Room

where to buy cloth face masks

Emmies Room cute kids face masks are made by a local North Shore Mum from organic cotton

  • Style: A range of pretty fabrics, fun prints and classic colours (black, charcoal). Made with love by a North Shore Mum, Leanne!
  • Quality: Organic Cotton. Triple layer reversible face mask with adjustable straps and reinforced nose wire which can be moulded over the nose for a snug fit. Three breathable layers: Outer=Cotton, Middle layer=Polycotton and Inner layer= Cotton
  • Size: Child, Adult, Adult XL
  • Price: $22
  • Buy online

twoface LABEL

Two Face masks have three layers (a water resistant polyester, a fine polyester, and cotton blend)

  • Style: Beige, charcoal, lilac, mint, teal, navy and pink
  • Quality: 3 layers (outer layer water resistant polyester, middle layer fine polyester, inner layer cotton blend). Adjustable elastic with toggle to fit a variety of sizes. Inner pocket to insert optional filter. Made by two North Shore Mums!
  • Size: Small or large
  • Price: $29
  • Buy online

Saxon + Souki

Saxon + souki

Saxon and Souki on the Northern Beaches.

  • Style: Black, navy, red and grey
  • Quality: PM2.5 x 4 layered breathable cotton face masks, washable & re-usable, replaceable 5 layered charcoal filters, adjustable elastic & nose wire
  • Size: Adults
  • Price: $20 per mask (plus free shipping), or $100 for 6 pack (plus free shipping)
  • Buy online

MS Merchandising

All designs are reversible with a unique design on one side and unicolour on the other

  • Style: plenty of fun, quirky styles. All designs are reversible with a unique design on one side and unicolour (Skin, Black, Teal, Blue, Rose, Red) on the other.
  • Quality:  All masks feature:
    • 3 layers with fused lining that ensures high protection
    • Advanced shaped design with elastic ear strap for prolonged wearing comfort
    • 100% soft cotton ensures gentleness on your skin and high breathability
    • High quality material and craftsmanship
    • Machine washable & recyclable – safes you, your money & the environment
  • Size: Adults & kids
  • Price: $25
  • Buy online

The Ekologi Store

100% cotton reusable and washable cloth face mask.

  • Style: Black, Denim and various patterns
  • Quality: 100% cotton reusable and washable cloth face mask. Three layers with internal pocket if you wish to add a fourth layer of material. Adjustable nose wire and adjustable ear elastics. Made in Sydney, Australia.
  • Size: Adults
  • Price: $22
  • Buy online

Shopping Guide: Cloth Face Masks over $30

Clear Collective

Clear Collective face masks come in plain, block pastels but also brighter shades and animal print

  • Style: Black, animal prints, pastels, bright colours
  • Quality: Valve or no valve options. Australian made. Each mask comes with 2 filter inserts (to be replaced every 7 days)
  • Size: Adults (22cm x 18cm)
  • Price: $49.95-$69.95
  • Buy online

Voyager Masks

voyager masks

Voyager masks are made with the highest quality materials for protection

  • Style: Navy blue with contrasting light blue stitching, plus a new style featuring navy blue, olive green, lavender and grey.
  • Quality: nylon/lycra treated with Japanese Photocatalyst Technology (makes the material water repellent, while still being breathable).
    Middle layer: Unwoven PP filtrating layer
    Inner layer: an innovative material made from cotton and chitosan (pronounced kai-tuh-san), which is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
  • Size: Adults
  • Price: $65 for two masks ($32.50 each)
  • Buy online

Add your face masks!

If you’re a local mum who is making face masks and would like to be listed in this guide, please complete the form below. We’ll do our best to add yours!


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