Want to join me, and register for Dry July?

Dry July is a fundraiser that encourages you to go alcohol-free in July to raise funds for people affected by cancer. North Shore Mums Founder and Publisher, Rachel Chappell, is participating in the fundraiser for the second year running, and she wants to see more of her fellow mums join her in the challenge!

Last year I signed up to Dry July for the first time, and I have to admit, I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to see the whole month through. I really enjoy a glass of wine – whether it’s the odd glass in the evening, or a few more at a weekend BBQ or party – it’s something that I use to help relax and  tend to associate drinking with socialising. So, how would I cope?

Well, I did cope… and by the end of July, I felt amazing! I had more energy, I didn’t have to deal with any nasty hangovers, and I even lost a few kilos! And to be honest, it was a lot easier than I feared.

As I’d done a post on Facebook announcing that I was doing it and had asked for donations from friends and family, I knew I’d have to see it through. And to be honest, I really wanted to see it through! I wanted to know that I could manage. Hmmmm, does it sound like I enjoy wine a little too much?!

It was actually really great having a proper, concrete reason, for resisting alcohol. I could do it throughout my three pregnancies, so I could do it for one month, surely?

It’s a win-win!

So if you’ve seen other people do Dry July, and wondered if it’s something you can do, I would strongly encourage you to just give it a go! A month off the booze not only benefits you personally, but it’s also for a great cause; raising funds for people affected by cancer.

The funds raised provide invaluable services to cancer patients, their families and carers – whether it’s a lift to a life-saving appointment, guidance from a specialist nurse, connection to an informative voice, access to therapy programs or a bed close to treatment.

Having a month off alcohol also has great health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy and of course, no hangovers!

So you’re not only helping others, you’re helping yourself too! Go on…


Think you can’t do Dry July because you have a big event? You can!

My husband’s birthday is in the middle of July, and I would feel sad to not be able to share a nice bottle of wine with him at dinner. So thank goodness for the genius Golden Ticket, which entitles you to a night off! So if you do have a special occasion where you’d really love a cheeky glass of something sparkly, you can ask a friend to sponsor you a Golden Ticket.

And yes, last year I took advantage of this Golden Ticket concept! It’s such a great concept. You not only get the night off, but it’s also another way to encourage more donations. It’s a win-win!

Raise money for people affected by cancer

Dry July is all about raising funds for cancer. The Dry July Foundation aims to make a difficult time, a little easier for those affected by cancer. Whether that’s a comfier chair, a brighter waiting room, a lift to an appointment, or a complimentary massage; these are just some of the ways your fundraising will help cancer patients and their families. Find out more.

When you decide to register for Dry July, you can choose your funds to directly benefit the Dry July Foundation, or you can choose from a range of other cancer-related organisations.

I’m raising money for Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network at Royal North Shore Hospital

As a North Shore Mum, this year I decided to choose the Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network (which covers Royal North Shore, Hornsby, Ryde and Mona Vale Hospitals) as my beneficiary. Through the North Shore Mums Facebook group, we see way too many posts from members who are touched by cancer, so it feels right to be able to channel my fundraising back to my community.

In 2019, the Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network hopes to continue its “Patient Wellbeing Program” which supports patients and their loved ones affected by cancer across the Northern Sydney region. This essential program supports wellbeing before, during and after cancer treatment.

The program includes:

  • Help to manage the side effects of cancer treatment, such as hair loss, through a Wig Library
  • Quick access to financial assistance to help with the costs of treatment
  • Relaxation and meditation classes
  • Supportive care with the treating team that they know and trust.


So join me!

C’mon… I need some more North Shore Mums to join me in doing Dry July! To help us get through it, I’ve even created a ‘pop up’ North Shore Mums Dry July Facebook group, so we can support each other. Join here.

And if you really can’t commit to Dry July, then of course I would very much welcome any donations you can make towards Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network at Royal North Shore Hospital. Donate here.



Rachel Chappell lives on the upper north shore with her husband and three daughters. She started North Shore Mums Facebook group in June 2012, when she moved to the area with lots of questions, but not many local friends to ask. A year later, she decided to take the Facebook group to the next level by launching the North Shore Mums website. Before children, she worked as a Marketing Manager in women's magazines.

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