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Spectacular streets for the Best Christmas Lights around Sydney’s North Shore in 2023

Christmas lights in Mosman
Christmas lights in Mosman

It’s Christmas! If you’re keen to take the family for a drive to some amazing local streets with spectacular Christmas lights, our list of best streets for Christmas lights around Sydney features so many brilliant options. Whether you’re wanting to explore the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hills District or further afield, we’ve got your covered. Merry Christmas!

When do Christmas lights in Sydney start?

Of course, it can vary from house to house, and street to street… but generally speaking, Christmas lights in Sydney tend to start the first weekend of December (which would be Saturday 2 December 2023) and usually light up every night (weather permitting) from dusk… although the magic doesn’t truly emerge until it’s dark and the full effect can be seen against the dark night sky. If your kids can last until 8pm, this is when the houses start to look particularly amazing.

The closer to Christmas, the busier it can get!

Is it better to drive or walk around the houses with Christmas lights?

Distracted drivers and distracted pedestrians can be a lethal combination, so we strongly recommend parking your car in a nearby side street, and walking past the dazzling houses. This way, everyone can soak up the festive atmosphere. Some of the more popular areas are very busy with people wandering around (many with small children), so please take care.

Should we take anything with us?

Many houses take donations for local charities, so a few gold coins is a lovely gesture to help them raise much-needed funds for their chosen cause. Take comfortable walking shoes, and a jumper in case it gets chilly.

Other than that, just take your phone so you can take some fabulous photos!

What are the best streets for Christmas lights around Sydney in 2023?

Want to know where to go? Click on the suburb below to go straight to the listing for all the details.

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Christmas lights around Sydney’s Lower North Shore 

Want to find some dazzling Christmas lights around Sydney’s lower North Shore? Willoughby and Mosman are particularly well known for some amazing houses and amazing streets for spectacular Christmas lights. Here are some of the best spots to find them!



The Avenues, Willoughby

The Avenues

First, Second, Third and Fourth Avenue in Willoughby are ideal for festive Christmas walk around this time of year. There are also several houses on Sydney Street that get into the festive spirit! The residents in these streets seem to truly enjoy any celebratory occasion, as their homes are often the best ones for Halloween decorations in October!

Lane Cove

Christmas lights on Austin Street, Lane Cove

Christmas lights on Austin Street, Lane Cove

  • 4 & 27 Sutherland Street, Lane Cove
  • 47 Austin Street, Lane Cove
  • 78 Phoenix Street, Lane Cove
  • 25 Second Avenue, Lane Cove
  • 25 Best Street, Lane Cove
  • 6 Angus Ave Lane Cove
  • Parklands Avenue, Lane Cove
  • 23 Bridge Street, Lane Cove
  • 202 Longueville Road, Lane Cove

Lane Cove North

  • 5 Landers Road Lane Cove North
  • 5 Arding St, Lane Cove North
  • 19 Parklands Ave, Lane Cove North


  • 6, 19 & 48 Hamilton Street, Riverview
  • 9 Barina Road, Riverview
  • 7 Kallaroo Road, Riverview
  • 17 Yallambee Road, Riverview


  • 3 Wisdom Road, Greenwich
  • 129 Greenwich Road, Greenwich
  • 7 Kingslangley Road


  • 2 River Road West, Longueville
  • 27A Arabella Street, Longueville

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Prince Albert Avenue

Spectacular Christmas lights on Prince Albert Avenue in Mosman

Spectacular Christmas lights on Prince Albert Avenue in Mosman. Image: Mosman Council

Prince Albert Avenue is impressive enough during the day with the stunning mansions… but at night during the festive season, the incredible homes are lit up with twinkling lights! There’s a wonderful atmosphere, with the whole street getting into the Christmas spirit. It’s easy to park your car within a few minutes walk of the action (depending what time you get there) and explore on foot. As you wander from home to home, you’ll be more and more dazzled by the extravagant Christmas lights as you go!

2 Magic Grove, Mosman (just down from Prince Albert Street)

Christmas Lights Mosman

You can’t miss the huge Santa at 2 Magic Grove, Mosman

Just down from Prince Albert Street, don’t miss a visit to 2 Magic Grove in Mosman. Their huge Santa and inflatable display is on from 7.30am in the morning, and the lights come on at 7.00pm.

If you love the display, consider make a donation to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation. Every dollar raised goes directly to the frontline of children’s healthcare – from the hospitals wards to the treatment rooms, the research labs to the outreach programs.  

“2 Magic Grove, Mosman is again lit up for the festive season in support of the Children’s Hospital network Randwick and Westmead. Inflatables are on display all day and lights are on from 7pm. Big Santa is on display under 15knots. Come along with the family and enjoy the fun and support a great cause.” – Caroline Manly


Christmas lights around Sydney’s Upper North Shore 


22 Bradfield Road

This house at 22 Bradfield Road in Lindfield is definitely worth a visit for spectacular Christmas lights and fantastic music to go with it using Light-O-Rama software and computer equipment broadcasting music to FM 91.1. Awesome!

East Lindfield 

22 Adelaide Avenue

Christmas lights in East Lindfield on Sydney's North Shore

Christmas lights in East Lindfield

This house in East Lindfield has a beautiful display of Christmas lights around the property.


Richards Close

The most incredible house in Berowra for Christmas lights

The most incredible house in Berowra for Christmas lights

The Christmas lights on the houses on Richards Close in Berowra are absolutely spectacular. Be sure to park your car in a nearby street so you can get out and walk, to fully soak up all the incredible houses. There’s also a playground in the cul-de-sac which is worth a quick play while you’re there!


Lockwood Lights (28 Lockwood Street, Asquith)

Lockwood Christmas Lights, Asquith

Lockwood Christmas Lights, Asquith

Drive past the end of Lockwood St, and you surely won’t miss this Light show. Try and find a parking spot close by, or bring your portable radio for this different approach to the traditional static Christmas Lighting Display.

Tuning into 98.4FM, you will be amazed as you witness the lights in synchronisation to the music you are hearing. One of the most important aspects of the show is that they are collecting donations for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. This amazing foundation proudly educates children in schools on how to keep themselves Safe from Strangers. As the Magic of Christmas to us is driven through the eyes of kids, we felt this to be a truly worthwhile cause to support.

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Hornsby Heights

Sydney Road, Hornsby Heights

Sydney Road in Hornsby Heights is possibly the most mind-blowing area for Christmas Lights on the Upper North Shore, and it’s back for 2023! In a street of more than fifty houses, almost all are decked with twinkling, flashing, running lights and displays from traditional nativity scenes to all-singing, all-dancing Santa and elves for an unbeatable shot of Christmas cheer!

The surrounding streets (such as Brett Avenue, Margaret Avenue, Plateau Close and Ulolo Avenue) also get into the spirit, making this a destination that provides lots of Christmas Cheer.

Park your car further up Sydney Road, and walk down the rows of glittering homes. It’s safer for all the pedestrians and it means you can properly soak up the atmosphere.

18 Ryan Ave, Hornsby Heights

More than 15,000 Christmas lights are now up and running at 18 Ryan Ave, Hornsby Heights!  Take a picture in front of the 4m high Christmas tree and watch the laser show. After losing a loved family member to cancer, they are raising money for Cancer Research this year.


Hall Road, Hornsby

Christmas lights in Hornsby

Hall Street, Hornsby

This fabulous display is in Hornsby (less than 10 minutes from Sydney Road in one direction, or Goodlands Ave & Oakleigh Avenue Thornleigh in the other – in case you are making a trip of it!), It is beautifully lit up, but be prepared to lift the kids up to see over the hedges, as there is lots going on in the yard as well. It’s worth taking a drive along this street as there are a number of other houses with their lights on.

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Christmas lights around Sydney’s Northern Beaches


Borgnis Street, Davidson

Just one of the amazing Christmas Lights house on Borgnis Street, Davidson

Just one of the amazing Christmas Lights house on Borgnis Street, Davidson

Borgnis Street in Davidson is undoubtedly one of best streets in Sydney to see Christmas lights! Each year the residents of Borgnis street deck out their homes in a multitude of Christmas lights in spectacular displays all for the purpose of bringing some of the Christmas cheer and fun to the many visitors to the street. In 2023 the lights will be switched on from Saturday 2 December – Boxing Day, from 6:30pm -10:30pm nightly.

Starting from the display at the Davidson local rural fire brigade thru to the top of the street, you’ll be dazzled at the many displays you will encounter on your walk.

Tips for parents:

  • Walk, don’t drive. The road is not closed off to traffic, so some people choose to drive up and down the street (it’s a cul-de-sac). We strongly advise people park their car on a neighbouring street and walk along Borgnis. Although the cars drive very slowly, the combination of big crowds, kids and distracted drivers is a dangerous combination.
  • Borgnis Street does not have any footpaths, just wide grass verges (with the occasional tree root to trip over). For this reason, taking a pram is really tricky. If you have a baby, you are better to take them in a Baby Carrier. If you have a toddler, you are better to get them to walk (but keep a very close eye on them or use a Toddler Safety Harness or Leash, as there are big crowds)
  • Borgnis Street starts off quite flat at the beginning, but the second half is quite a steep hill.
  • It gets VERY busy on weekends and on the days before Christmas. For a more relaxed experience, go mid-week and at the beginning to mid December.
  • They have ice-cream and coffee vans, glow sticks and other things for sale.

Borgnis Street Christmas Lights raises money for Bear Cottage, a children hospice in Manly where seriously ill children and their families can go for some respite from their treatments. If during your visit you do like what you see, and would like to leave a small donation for Bear Cottage, there are a number of buckets placed at some of the displays and the lovely Rotary personal will also be manning various collection points on the street. If you forgot to donate when you visited, you can donate directly here.

For the latest updates, follow the Borgnis Street Christmas Lights Facebook page.


CSCOOL Lights (36 Childs Circuit, Belrose)

CSCOOL Lights (36 Childs Circuit, Belrose)

CSCOOL Lights (36 Childs Circuit, Belrose)

Want something a little different to see this year? Head on over for an ever-changing light display. The entire front yard is lit up by thousands of individually controlled, computer-animated lights, all sequenced to the accompanying music. Tune in your car radio to 99.5FM to get the full experience or simply push the green button under the new archways to have the garden speakers switch on. These lights are not just a display, they are a full show. With numerous songs, you will be guaranteed to be mesmerised beyond belief, not knowing where to look and what’s coming next.

Donations are also being collected for the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. Your donation will 100% go towards helping children who need it most. Children who are victims of Domestic Violence. Wishing Well is out the front for whatever you can spare.

Know any others? Complete the online form to submit details.

Christmas lights around Sydney’s North


Goodlands Ave, Thornleigh

This amazing home on Goodlands Ave in Thornleigh is well worth visiting. There are so many different lights for you to feast your eyes on from the reindeer hanging out on the ground to the angels flying on the front of the house. Santa features front and centre in his sleigh, which the kids just loved. There are a few other houses lit up in this street (not quite to this level) and just one street away is Oakleigh Ave, which is a must-see.

Christmas lights at Goodlands Ave, Thornleigh

Goodlands Avenue, Thornleigh

Oakleigh Avenue, Thornleigh

Just around the corner from Goodlands Ave in Thornleigh you will find this gem. The entire house is lit up, which so much going on in the front yard for little (and big) eyes to enjoy. The best part it, you can wander through the display and get some great up close photos of snowmen and some of the other amazing features. As you walk past the balcony, you can even stop and listen to Santa sharing a story! It’s so magical.

Christmas lights Thonleigh

Oakleigh Avenue, Thornleigh

North Ryde

Chauvel Street & Cutler Parade, North Ryde

Christmas lights in North Ryde

Christmas lights in North Ryde

Santa would find it hard to miss the North Shore Christmas lights in North Ryde, as many houses in Chauvel Street and Cutler Parade in North Ryde put amazing Christmas light displays. The best way to see them is on foot, so park in the surrounding streets and soak up the atmosphere with all the locals. The display gets bigger and better every year, with more and more houses getting in on the act, and visitors coming in from everywhere to gawk! There’s even an ice cream van.

Other fabulous streets for Christmas lights include

  • Schumack Street
  • Pindari Street
  • Gibb Street (off Kent Road)
  • Farrington Parade

Know any others? Complete the online form to submit details.

    Christmas lights around Sydney’s Hills District 


    Jenner Road

    This festive house on Jenner Road in Dural is definitely worth checking out for amazing Christmas lights! Their display is synchronised to Christmas songs… which makes for a magical experience.

    The family is raising money for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation through Light for Kids. Every dollar raised goes directly to the front line of children’s health care – from the hospitals wards to the treatment rooms, the research labs to the outreach programs. Click here to donate.

    Want more Christmas inspiration? Visit our dedicated Christmas section!


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