Our daytrip to Jenolan Caves, Jenolan NSW

Jenolan Caves

If you’re searching for something a little bit different to do with the kids, then a daytrip to Jenolan Caves might be just what you’re looking for.

Located in the Blue Mountains National Park, Jenolan Caves is an amazing experience for young and old alike. There are a range of cave walks, graded for difficulty, as well as bushwalks and, of course, incredible scenery.

We left Wahroonga at about 8am for the drive through the scenic Blue Mountains, arriving in time for morning tea and to sort out which walk we would do. My first preference was the Imperial Cave, but it was booked out, so we went with choice number two, the Chifley Cave tour. It’s graded at Level 2, which is medium, but my youngest, aged almost four, managed it with ease. There are some truly amazing things to see and the lights used in the caves really add to the experience. We happily wandered up and down, in and out for about an hour and the time really flew. Our guide was informative and friendly, and was great with all the kids on the tour – about 10 in total.

Inside the Chifley Cave

Inside the Chifley Cave

We had lunch in the beautiful national park and then headed back to Katoomba for a quick stop to see The Three Sisters and then on to Sydney.

As a daytrip, it was busy but worth it. The kids loved it, which made everything easier, and not once did we hear a complaint about the day. Both children are keen to return to do more walks and see the beautiful cave formations.

The important details

Travel time: 2 hours 40 minutes from Wahroonga (with one toilet stop)

Price: $75 family ticket for the Imperial, Chifley or Lucas caves. $85 family ticket for other caves. Family is two adults and three kids of school age. Adults are $32 each. When you buy your tickets, you also get vouchers for future visits.

Suitability for kids: Chifley and Imperial caves are suitable for kids who are good walkers and can manage stairs. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have to carry a child.

Some stairs in the Chifley Cave

Some stairs in the Chifley Cave

How long: The tours are one hour in length

Online booking: I’d recommend that for school holidays. Our first choice of tour was booked out.

Driving: Head towards Katooomba, through Hartley and then turn left at Jenolan Caves road and follow that. Be warned, the last 8km is very bendy and very narrow. Take care.

Climate: It was seven degrees in April, so pack your jacket and beanie. It was warmer in the caves and only a jumper was needed.

Food: Food is available in the cafe, but it’s very expensive. Best to pack your own, but it’s worth noting there’s no eating allowed inside the caves.

Have you been to Jenolan Caves with the kids before? And if you have, how did you find it? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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