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Whether you’re an active participant in sport, a weekend warrior, a casual stroller or you have concerns about your children’s feet, you’re likely to need the services of a podiatrist at some point – and you’ll want someone who can assess your feet and give you sound professional advice. Wahroonga Village Podiatry specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions associated with the lower limbs, and NSM Katey Fulmer went along to try it out. Here’s her verdict!

podiatryFor some time, our eight-year-old son had been complaining of sore ankles. Plus, he had strange big toes growing in weird directions and he toe-walked! So we were in need of a podiatrist, and we went along to see Piers at Wahroonga Village Podiatry.

A few years ago, we took him to a podiatrist who did a few tests and said we should wait and see, which is what we did. Now, two years later, our son’s big toes were still the same and he occasionally complained of sore ankles. Plus, he was still toe walking of course.

The first appointment

We went along to our first appointment, and from the outset, the whole team were warm, caring and accommodating. I had to postpone the initial appointment due to illness in the family and this reschedule was accommodated easily and was done without a fuss. The initial emails back and forth between myself and Piers were professional and very informative and we were looking forward to starting the treatment.

Our first appointment with Piers was way more than I was expecting! He is just amazing! His manner is very professional but still warm, and Piers made us feel very comfortable from the get-go. When talking through the options, he spoke to me as well as my eight-year-old son, which made us both feel very at ease. He included us both when asking questions regarding the history of my son’s conditions.

Initial assessment

During the initial assessment, Piers explained thoroughly what he was doing and why, so we weren’t left wondering about any procedure or feeling uncomfortable. Piers performed quite a few tests on our son and it was a very thorough assessment. He tested his feet, legs, the way he walked and muscle flexibility. He even used a groovy tool which created a 3D model of our son’s feet on the computer! From this result, Piers explained that extremely tight hamstrings and calves were not helping with the toe walking, and walking on his toes was creating the big toe issue. It all made sense.

The treatment

Next, the combination of the history and all the test results were used to create customised orthotics. The orthotics arrived to the practice in a very short time so we were not left waiting for very long at all! And an appointment was made available that very day for us to pick them up. When we got there, Piers explained all about the orthotics. He told us  the heels were built up in order to combat the toe walking, and a few other things. He gave our son a plan over the following few days to build up to wearing them all the time. Our son doesn’t even notice they are in his shoes. They must be very well made! He wears them all the time, apart from when he plays soccer, and has not complained once. The toe walking already seems to have improved when he is wearing shoes, and is lessening when barefoot.

The follow up

Two weeks later we had a follow up appointment. Piers was just as friendly and lovely as the other times we saw him. He asked about the orthotics and how they were going. He reminded our son how to do his stretches properly and checked the orthotics to make sure they were doing their job.Everything was perfect and so he sent us on our merry way, with the openness of being available if we should ever need to see him again.

Overall, I would highly recommend Piers Graham at Wahroonga Village Podiatry. He and his staff are professional, friendly, happy and he’s great at his job. My child and I never felt uncomfortable or left in the dark regarding the process or the future plans.

About Wahroonga Village Podiatry and Piers Graham

Piers Graham began his Podiatry journey in 2003. Originally from the country in Southern NSW, Piers has built up experience in all areas of Podiatry.

He has a strong community connection through his position as a Vice President and coach for local winter and summer sporting teams. His special interests in Paediatric and Sports podiatry ties in well with his two young boys playing sport for local teams and attending school in Wahroonga.

With strong knowledge of gait assessments and biomechanics of the lower limb, combined with 3D scanning software and a 15 year long relationship with his orthotists, Piers prides himself on being able to provide the best products and care for your individual needs.

During Piers’ professional career he has worked in and alongside local footwear stores to gain an intimate knowledge of footwear. He has also tutored biomechanics for the University of Newcastle Podiatry Department in both the Ourimbah and Callaghan campuses.

Wahroonga Village Podiatry

  • Address: Shop 5, 2 Redleaf Avenue, Wahroonga, NSW 2076
  • Services: A range of services including, diabetic assessments, footwear advice, ingrown nail therapy, paediatric and adult orthotic therapy.
  • Contact: Phone 8457 9073 or go to the website here

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