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Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

I know this statement is true, but when it came to my iPhone I thought that the number of hours I spent making calls, answering emails, browsing the web, using apps, and keeping my diary meant I had a reasonable grasp of the phone’s features, admits NSM Naomi Tim. But this wasn’t really the case.

Enter Reece Creighton from Setup Sync & Learn for our TechAware Party.

For the uninitiated, a TechAware Party involves inviting your chosen friends and family over for a drink and treats while benefiting from a group coaching session to fast track your technology learning.

You can only imagine how Apple-smart the guy who used to train Apple’s Genius’s is about all things Apple. However, while being a passionate follower and user of Apple products he is well rounded and knows about people, cooking and good coffee, so we quickly realised we all had a lot in common and had a great couple of hours together learning a number of time-saving and efficient tricks for our iPhones.

Reece speaks plain English (not over-the-head IT talk), doesn’t over complicate things and is skilled at moving things along at a pace that maximises your time with him while also facilitating all the people in the group picking up the new skills taught. This was not easy with a diverse group of women in their 30s, 40s and 60s who all have different levels of technological skills.

Prior to the party Reece had suggested that I ask my guests what topics they were interested in learning about and we provided a list that he used as a focus to guide us through our 90 minutes of Apple power.

I have often tried to teach my somewhat technologically challenged parents how to use their iPhones or other technology and I was surprised at how easily Reece guided my mother through the skills we were learning.

I was thinking of the saying ‘time is money’ as Reece guided us through a whole new way of working between devices. With a professional background in organisational design and efficiency I was immediately excited by the possibility of how much time could be saved by working on the run knowing the tips Reece was teaching us to more effectively work between devices.

Traditionally in our house configuring of our technological devices has been my husband’s domain, though that evening with my new-found discoveries of Apple device capabilities I impressed my husband with my dinnertime conversation as I shared with him better ways to configure our devices for efficiency including using a number of features in iCloud. Through one tip alone we will actually be saving money in the future by having the capability to more efficiently share our iTunes and App purchases across our devices.

My friends were pretty impressed, too!

Here is what they had to say after my TechAware Party.

Reece was the absolute professional. He somehow managed to find a way to teach us all new skills and tricks in spite of us all having different levels of experience with Apple products. I came away with so many new ways to streamline working with my iPhone, iPad and Mac. I feel I am now able to use their features more.‘ ~ Cath

Reece was fantastic. He engaged easily with the group and communicated clearly (no IT lingo) when showing us the different tips and tricks. He took the time to understand our knowledge (or lack thereof for the iPhone/iPad) and adjusted what he said clearly so that we didn’t feel silly. He is approachable and I would highly recommend him for anyone who is wanting to learn about how to get the most out of their Apple products. Personally, I plan on organising a session for my father (currently I am Dad’s go-to person)! The Party is suitable for all levels of use – either the novice who is trying to work out different functions or those even more experienced who have numerous devices they want to use more efficiently.‘ ~ Vic

I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new iPhone due out in September and will definitely be arranging a one-on-one coaching session with Reece to ensure I make use of all its features. After all, time is money, particularly when you work a lot on the run.

For those in business Reece and his team also offer business consultations and advice. So jump on over to Setup Sync & Learn’s Facebook page to find out more. Even if you aren’t quite ready to confirm your date now, just by liking the page you get instant access to daily tips.

Do you know your way around your Apple devices? And would you consider a party like this? Tell us in the comments section below.

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