NSM review: F45 Artarmon “Prodigy” program for teens


Setting up healthy habits early in life means your teenagers benefit for years to come. And sometimes, joining a gym is about more than simply breaking a sweat. Exercise classes can help facilitate positive social interactions, promote healthy bone and muscle development, enhance motor skills and improve coordination. The F45 at Artarmon offers classes designed to do all this, but specifically for young people. We sent along a NSM family to find out how it works.

What is F45?

F45 Training is the new training technique that the centre describes as ‘leaving competition and clients gasping for air,’ saying F45 is the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world.

The journey begins! F45 offers a large, clean space that’s welcoming and bright

The F45 logo beckons you to the workout room where you’ll enjoy your session

Review from Lucy, aged 16:

I had the opportunity to attend a Prodigy class at F45 Artarmon, designed specifically for 11-17 year olds. And right from the start, I was made to feel welcome. On arrival, we were welcomed by the very friendly owner, Marcela and her assistant trainer, Morgan, who kindly loaned me a towel and provided water as I hadn’t brought my own!

And once inside the gym, the vibe was just as welcoming. Classes are held in a very large well-lit open plan room, which was clean and tidy, and the class size was just five people (a mix of guys and girls). This meant the trainers could give us individual attention and support.

F45 Prodigy classes offer a range of exercises to help improve fitness

Lucy in action! The rope section builds cardiovascular fitness

The trainers:  The trainers were friendly and very helpful. Their explanations for each exercise were easy to understand, and they offered continuous encouragement and pushed us to do our best. They were adaptable, making changes based on personal preferences and what each individual was looking to achieve, plus offered advice and corrected our form.

The class: The session  was 45 minutes, but with friendly trainers on hand and thanks to the fast pace, it went very quickly! It didn’t feel like a 45 minute workout at all, and the upbeat music helped the time fly by. The workout itself was a mix of different cardio exercises which worked lots of different body parts and muscles.

The verdict: I would recommend this class to teens wanting to challenge themselves, and to improve their fitness. The class was able to push me to try harder but it went so fast and really was fun! I  would definitely do it again.


Review from Lucy’s mum:

This is a large, clean and well organised gym. The staff clearly love what they do. Owner, Marcela welcomed the regular teens by name and knew their mums too. There was a genuine sincerity in the way she communicated with everyone. The bathroom was clean (by “mothers’ standards!”), with plenty of locker space to keep mobile phone/belongings and separate change room if coming straight from school.

I was surprised and impressed to see a well-designed glass enclosed kids play room. Very handy if bringing younger children with you to a class.

Lucy enjoyed the class and clearly pushed herself for the full 45 minutes – she was rather red faced at the end!

Happy smiles reflect the positive impact exercise can have on health and wellbeing

F45 offers over thirty different workouts to try, for all levels

Within F45’s thirty different workout options, you never repeat the same workout combination

More about F45:

F45 offers over thirty different workouts, and within those you never repeat an exact same workout!

On the review date, Lucy tried:

Triple Double

  • Consists of 9 stations (exercises)
  • 3 sets x 30 seconds at each station (with a 10 second rest period in between each set)
  • 2 laps of the full circuit

All programming is done centrally by a dedicated Athletics department, and is refreshed each day. The number one reason people stop going to the gym is lack of motivation, so with F45 you never get bored!

All programming is done by an athletics department

Fitness can be fun -with the right program!

Working out can improve mental health, wellbeing and fitness – and is a great mood lifter!

Essential Details:

  • Where: Suite 2/448 Pacific Hwy, Lane Cove North NSW 2066
  • Website: F45 Artarmon
  • Parking: There’s street parking on Burley Street, only a short walk from the gym.
  • Schedule: Classes for young people 4:30pm weekdays. This works well with end of school, so you can still head home for shower, dinner and have plenty of time for homework or study.



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