New rules for selling cats and dogs- don’t get fined!


Buying and selling cats and dogs can be fraught with difficulty. Advertising an animals might attract the wrong kind of buyer, or perhaps you go to a breeder witout knowing what to ask about. Or you’re selling your pet but you don’t know the rules, so you end up with an unexpected fine! Here are the new guidelines to make sure everyone is happy (especially the fur babies who are looking for a forever home)

If you’re looking to sell or give away a pet, make sure you brush up on the NSW Government’s new rules for advertising pets. There are new rules for selling cats and dogs that you need to take into account.

The new rules for selling cats and dogs will come into effect on 1 July and apply to anyone in New South Wales who is selling or giving away a pet dog or cat.

1. Advertising online or in newspapers

Advertising in newspapers or on social media must carry the following information:

  • If the dog or cat is aged 12 weeks or older, the microchip number, or
  • The breeder’s identification number, or 
  • The rehoming identification number

2. Required info about the pet:

A microchip number search provides information about what the owner has recorded as:

  • The breed
  • The sex and age of the cat or dog
  • Whether it is desexed 
  • Whether or not it is already registered

A breeder identification number search will display any recorded business names to help make informed purchasing decisions and support good animal welfare outcomes.

A rehoming organisation number search will display the name and address of the relevant rehoming organisation.

According to the government, those selling cats or dogs, or giving away a pet without including this information can be fined up to $5,500.

For more information about the new rules you can visit the NSW Government website


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