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There are plenty of community events around the North Shore where you can build your own gingerbread house, but during the hugely busy Christmas season the idea of finding time (or a parking spot) is pretty scary. That’s why this idea from Gingerbread Folk is so genius! It’s a gingerbread building kit that comes directly to your door for an at-home experience you’ll love. NSM Discoverer Kirsten Kane tries her hand at lolly decoration!

Christmas comes with so many heartwarming traditions, but there’s one that makes for a particularly sweet memory! Building a gingerbread house is a gorgeous way to bring your family together while getting creative – and the end result can be a stunning Christmas table centrepiece, a special gift, or simply a sweet treat as a reward for all that hard work!

We were thrilled to bring together a huge group to try the at-home Gingerbread Folk kit, which was made up of six children aged seven to 10, plus the parents who were on hand to taste test (just in case!).

The Gingerbread Folk kits arrived in tempting boxes with a Christmas vibe

We laid out the boxes before starting and settled in for a fun afternoon

Here’s the group getting construction underway!

The Kit

If you don’t plan on doing the build the same day the boxes arrive, make sure you hide them! After seeing the beautifully presented gingerbread house kits had arrived, the kids wanted to get started straight away!

The kit we ordered came in a lovely box and included:

  • A foil baseboard
  • Four gingerbread walls, a roof and chimney
  • An instruction card (with helpful tips and decorating tricks on the other side)
  • Ready made royal icing (which is egg-free) because we were a group event. Individual kits purchased at the online shop come with simple-to-mix royal icing mix and a piping bag
  • Group event orders also include cellophane and ribbon in the kit, which was a gorgeous finishing touch and made them easy to transport

Note: You do need to hit the shops to stock up on your own lollies and chocolates for decoration, but that’s a super fun trip in its own way as you decide on the look you’re going for with your house.


Starting Construction

The bag gives off a gorgeous aroma of gingerbread, which puts you in the Christmas spirit straight away! We even starting chanting Merry Christmas, which was how potent the fragrance was!

The instructions included in the kit were easy to follow and the instructional pictures were ideal for the kids. The only adult help needed was when it came to the icing of the walls – and then the kids were off. The icing was easy to use, quick drying and it stuck!

After construction, they were left with a very sturdy gingerbread house. The panels joined perfectly. All 6 houses stayed together which was impressive. I was expecting at least a couple of parts to slide off but not these ones. And this meant that the kids were happy and didn’t get frustrated. Happy parents too!

A look inside the Gingerbread Folk Christmas Kit

The instructions included with the kit are simple and easy-to-follow

Plus, there’s a helpful section on how to make your house stand out!

There was an atmosphere of quiet concentration as we got started

The Royal icing was the perfect sweet cement to get the houses standing strong

OK, the house is ready! Bring on the decorations for the next stage!

The sweetest part

Once the houses were standing and the construction complete, it was the most exciting part-  a shower of lollies and chocolate!  The kids were wearing big smiles, there was the ring of laughter, and the taste testing of the decorations…it was lovely to see all the kids having such a good time!

The icing was super easy for the kids to stick the decorations on or apply snow, and there was plenty. The lollies didn’t move- in fact the only issue we had was running out of lollies (I think the kids ate too many!). Apparently, you can never have enough. Try telling your kids that less is more when it comes to sweets!

These gorgeous creations were a pleasure to make…and even sweeter to eat!

Making the big decisions…sour worms or freckles for the roof?!

Piping snow was made surprisingly easy with the bags and ready-made icing

Carefully applying just the right amount of snow for this look

Every available surface on the house was soon covered in lollies


The taste-test

I’ll admit, we’ve eaten a fair share of gingerbread in our time, so our standards are high! I’ll be honest and say even with our standards in gingerbread-eating, these ones top the lot! For us, taste has been an issue with other gingerbread houses and we usually don’t end up eating them. I can tell you, 24 hours after making these ones, there’s not much left! I’ve even had requests to “please put it in my lunchbox tomorrow”.

The flavour has the perfect amount of spice and sweetness and complements the icing very well. The texture is not too hard, or too soft. Even my son, who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, couldn’t get enough. So, it’s a 10 out of 10 for taste and that makes a huge difference for us when purchasing a gingerbread house.

The master at work! Applying the finishing touches

Lined up just like pretty houses in a snowy neighbourhood on Christmas Eve.

Cellophane and ribbon was included in the kit which was a gorgeous finishing touch

The Verdict

Our advice? We LOVED the whole experience, and we especially enjoyed getting together to enjoy a Christmas tradition. It would be a great activity for a Christmas party, birthday party, mother’s group get together, play date with friends, family weekend activity…any occasion really. This was our first time doing it as a group and we definitely found it more fun and Christmassy.

We’ve already had a request from the kids to do it again and that means it was a success. The only thing I would change next time is to get one for myself! Thanks Gingerbread Folk. The best gingerbread house making experience we’ve had so far and much more fun doing it as a group.

Special Offer

Get $5 off your Gingerbread House kit! Head to the online shop and enter coupon code NSM1812 at checkout.


How to purchase

  1. Online: Get $5 off your Gingerbread House kit! Head to the online shop and enter coupon code NSM1812 at checkout.
  2. Warehouse Door Sale: Monday 3 December- Friday 14 December at Unit 3, 2 Pullman Place, Emu Plains.
  3. Stockists: Myer, David Jones

Gingerbread Folk products are:

  • Dairy, egg and nut free
  • Palm-oil free
  • Vegan
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Made in the Blue Mountains
  • There’s a gluten free option
  • Environmental packaging

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