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Mox, possibly the world’s most comfortable shoes!

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Mox in Emerald
Mox in Emerald

Looking for the ultimate pair of flats? Let us introduce you to Mox! They’re not only incredibly comfortable, but they’re also super stylish and look great with any outfit. From weekdays to weekends, whether at the playground or office, Mox Shoes are the lightweight, versatile ballet flats you can wear for pretty much any occasion…

Mox shoes have become increasingly popular amongst the mummy crowd over the last few years… and with good reason. They’re super easy to just slip on, go with just about any outfit, and look great too! And at just $39.99, they’re easy on the budget too. What’s not to love?

7 reasons to love Mox shoes

  1. Versatile! Can take you from the playground to the beach to work and then out to dinner!
  2. Comfortable! Slip them on, and wear them all day.
  3. Colour choice! Mox has a huge choice of colours – 17 in fact! View the colour choice.
  4. Affordable! At only $39.99 a pair, they’re easy on the fashion budget.
  5. Lightweight! Just 300 grams a pair, making it super easy to chuck a few pairs in your suitcase.
  6. Local! 100% Australian owned, run & spirited business.
  7. Environmentally aware! Mox shoes are packaged in 100% cotton, biodegradable, reusable string bags.

But don’t just take our word for it! Mox sent a pair of shoes to three North Shore Mums, so they could share their honest opinions of the shoes. Did they love them too? Read on to find out…

Laura Loveridge, St Ives

Laura lives in St Ives with her husband and three children under 4 years old. Laura is a trained nurse and midwife, but has been a stay at home mum since the birth of her second child. She moved to Sydney from the UK with her family last year. She’d never tried Mox before receiving her review pair! 

Laura wearing her raspberry mox (and her beautiful baby!)

Mox promotes these shoes as the most comfortable shoes that you will ever wear and I whole heartedly agree! If you need to know more than that, then read on…

I have to confess, at first, I wasn’t sold on the look of them (I am more of a flip flop wearer), but as soon as I put them on, I could tell I was going to wear them a lot. I have worn them to the beach, the park, whilst driving and even a day at the zoo and you almost forget you are wearing shoes they are so comfortable!

I chose the raspberry colour as I wear a lot of pink clothing and whilst they are more purple/pink than I thought, they still go with a lot of my clothes and I am not disappointed.

I have already been approached twice whilst wearing them and I have told them the same as above. I think they are excellent value for money and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. They would fit very neatly into a weekend bag for a trip away but I think I would more likely be wearing them anyway so that wouldn’t matter. I will definitely be investing in another colour to cover all my options!

Julie Attwood, Mt Colah

Julie lives in Mt Colah with her husband and two teenage boys. She’s a self-employed Accountant who spends her days either working from home or visiting clients around the North Shore. Julie first fell in love with Mox shoes over three years ago, and now owns every single colour in the range!

Julie with her entire personal collection of Mox!

I first discovered Mox over three years ago. I was dubious about them being rubber as I was instantly reminded of the old jelly shoes from the 80s – but they are nothing like those, thankfully!

My first colours I bought were platinum and ruby, but before long I increased my colour range. Now I have every colour of Mox, all of them.

There’s only a couple of months of the year when I don’t wear them. I don’t find them hot in the summer nor cold in the between seasons. I love their versatility and comfort. I can go from the beach with my feet and Mox covered in sand and mud, rinse them off and then pop them back on to head out to dinner or to see a client. You can wear them with pretty much anything too, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses. Plus I can wear them all day and still be comfortable at the end of it. I travel frequently and generally these are the only shoes I take. I’ve worn my Mox to the beach, in mud, walking all day, restaurants, even funerals.

My favourite colour is probably the latte – it just goes with everything.

I’ve recommended Mox to family and friends and there really is no age limit so long as they fit.

My young nieces love them too and it’s cost effective as they’re only $39.99 a pair, so easy to get bigger sizes as their feet grow.


Issy Stalley, Pymble

Issy is 10 years old and in Year 5 at school. She loves dancing and diving!

Issy sporting her Emerald mox

At first I wasn’t that keen on them as they looked like something older girls would wear but once I tried them on I found that they were really comfy. They are also so convenient to slip on and off so I have been wearing them everywhere! I thought they might give me blisters but actually I haven’t got any so far. I have worn plastic crocs before and these always tended to give me blisters.

I love my new Mox shoes and I think that I will be wearing them a lot during the summer. I usually wear crocs but they’re so ugly. Mox flats are so much more stylish and just so easy to put on. Mum says they look like they are giving a lot more support than my flip flops which I tend to wear a lot.

I go back and forth from home to all my activities like dance and diving and it’s so easy to wear my Mox, because it’s so easy to slip them on and off.

I had so much trouble deciding on which colour I wanted as I could have chosen any of the colours but I chose the emerald as it’s one of my favourites colours and thought I could wear it with all my clothes.

Want to buy a pair (or three)?

Mox are priced at just $39.99. Click here to view the range of Mox.


Disclaimer: Our reviewers were provided with a free pair of Mox in return for their honest reviews. All thoughts and opinions expressed are their own and not influenced by the company or its affiliates in any way.

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